How to Change Your Phone Number on Lyft?

People need to change their phone number for many reasons. Maybe you switched to a new phone carrier. Or perhaps you want to change your phone number for some other reason.

If you use Lyft, you should consider how to update your account accordingly. Then, you can continue to use the service with your new number.

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How Do You Change Your Phone Number on Lyft?

You’ll need to log into your Lyft app and click on Settings and then select your current number. This will let you change the number on your account, and you can click Save to confirm the action. If you can’t get into your account, you can contact customer service for help.

When contacting customer service, be sure to include your name, email address, and your new and old phone numbers. That will make it easier for Lyft to find your account and update the information.

How to Change Your Phone Number as a Rider

If you’re a Lyft rider, you will need to open your app and log into your account. Next, you can go to the main menu and look for “Settings.”

Look for the phone number you’ve already connected to your account. Tapping on that will allow you to edit the field and add your new phone number.

Next, tap on the Save button to complete the change. Lyft will send a text message to your new phone number, and you’ll need to enter the verification code to confirm your new number.

How to Change Your Phone Number as a Driver

Will You Change Your Phone Number on Lyft

When using the Lyft Driver app, the process for changing your phone number is very similar. But there’s a small difference you should know.

Unlike for riders, “Settings” isn’t part of the main menu. You’ll need to tap on “Account” before continuing to change your number. After that, the steps are the same for drivers as they are for passengers.

Be sure to receive the verification code and input it in your Lyft Driver app. Then, you can ensure Lyft has the correct number to contact you.

Why Change Your Phone Number With Lyft

Whether you’re a passenger or driver, you may wonder why you should change your phone number. There are a few reasons why you should update your phone number if you ever need to change it.

Maybe you used a work phone number and have left that job. No matter what, here are a few reasons why you should update your number as soon as possible.

Account Access

If you ever forget your password or have trouble logging in, you’ll need access to the phone number associated with your account. Lyft will send you a verification code via text message.

So you’ll need access to that phone number to receive a code. Even if you think you’ll remember your password, things happen.

Connecting the right phone number to your Lyft account can help you access your account. You won’t have to lose important data or start a whole new account with your new number.

Protect Your Information

Maybe you changed phone numbers and no longer have access to the old number. That’s an especially important reason to update your Lyft account.

The person who gets your old phone number may figure out you have an account with Lyft. If they want to try and get something for free, they may try to hack your account.

And since Lyft recognizes that number as belonging to you, it will send a verification code to the other person. They could change your password and lock you out of your account. The odds of this may be low, but they can still happen, so don’t take any chances.

How to Change Your Phone Number on Lyft

Receive Notifications

Lyft will send updates on your account or a specific trip. The app might do this via in-app notifications, but it can also send text alerts.

If you want to get those alerts in the form of text messages, you’ll need a working phone number. That way, you won’t have to constantly check your app to learn about any updates.

Will You Change Your Phone Number on Lyft?

Any time you switch phone numbers you should update your accounts. Lyft is an essential account to update because it can affect your control of your account. Be sure to go into your settings and confirm the change with the verification code. That way, you can continue to drive or ride.

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