DoorDash Guaranteed Earnings?

DoorDash hires drivers as contractors, so it can be hard to predict your income. But with DoorDash guaranteed earnings, is that always the case?

Before you start or keep driving for DoorDash, consider what the app’s guaranteed earnings mean. Then, you can determine if it may be a more stable side hustle than you thought.

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What Are DoorDash Guaranteed Earnings?

DoorDash guaranteed earnings refers to a specific amount of money you will earn. To get that amount, you must complete certain tasks, usually at least a particular number of deliveries. It’s available to new and existing dashers, but it’s not available in all areas.

Existing dashers will receive an email if they’re eligible. New dashers who can sign up will receive a special link when they join to access the guaranteed earnings.

How Guaranteed Earnings Work

DoorDash guaranteed earnings require you to complete a certain number of deliveries in a specific period. You have to live in a specific area that’s eligible for the program, so you might not qualify.

DoorDash Guaranteed Earnings

Assuming you do qualify, you will earn a set amount as long as you complete enough orders. For example, you may need to deliver 50 orders in one week to earn at least $500.

If those deliveries add up to less than $500, DoorDash will pay you the difference. That way, you’ll make that amount regardless of the size of the orders or other factors.

Do You Get Guaranteed Earnings on Top of Regular Pay?

Unfortunately, guaranteed earnings aren’t separate from your regular pay. So you won’t earn an extra $500 for completing 50 deliveries, for example.

However, as the name suggests, you’ll make at least that set amount. Maybe you complete 50 deliveries, but you only earn $450 total. DoorDash will add an extra $50 to your account balance after the guaranteed earnings period ends.

The app will calculate all of your deliveries and all of the qualified earnings. Then, it will determine how much to pay you so that you get all of your guaranteed pay.

Can You Earn More Than Your Guaranteed Earnings Amount?

You can earn as much as you want during a guaranteed earnings period. However, DoorDash won’t give you any extra pay if you exceed the guaranteed earnings threshold on your own.

So if the threshold is $500 but you earn $600, you’ll earn $600 for that week. Don’t let that keep you from working as much as you want. If anything, guaranteed earnings can incentivize you to take on more, smaller orders. Then, you won’t have to worry as much about how much each order will pay.

What Earnings Count Toward Your Guaranteed Earnings Total?

DoorDash counts all of your base pay, Peak Pay, and pay for canceled orders. Keep that in mind if you want to calculate your progress throughout the week.

However, the app won’t consider tips, dasher challenges, or the money you make for referring other drivers. This is nice because you could easily make way more than the guaranteed earnings total.

For example, you may choose to take easier orders that may not pay well. But if you do a good job, the customers may leave you a nice tip. However, you also don’t have to worry about not getting tips, assuming the guaranteed earnings will result in enough money for you.

What Deliveries Count Toward Guaranteed Earnings?

Not only do certain earnings count, but so do specific deliveries. To reach the minimum delivery count, you need to complete all orders. DoorDash won’t count any deliveries that are canceled, regardless of the reason.

Also, you can’t count any deliveries that the customers mark as undelivered. For better or worse, the earnings for those orders may still count toward the pay threshold.

That means you may not get as much extra cash from DoorDash. But you will at least get paid for any time you spent on the orders that don’t go through.

How Do Guaranteed Earnings Compare to Challenges?

Challenges encourage dashers to make a certain number of deliveries in a specific time. But unlike guaranteed earnings, challenge earnings are on top of your regular pay.

The pay for completing a challenge may also be relatively small. While some guaranteed earnings amounts are in the hundreds of dollars, challenges may only pay about $20.

Challenges also have to do with your location and your status as a dasher. So even if you aren’t eligible for guaranteed pay, you may find a challenge or two that you can complete.

What Are Guaranteed Earnings From DoorDash?

The guaranteed earnings program for DoorDash offers a bit more income stability. As long as you complete a certain number of orders, you can earn a pre-set amount that week. If you qualify for the program, you’ll find out via email or when you sign up. When you qualify, you can take on more orders that may not pay as well since you know you’ll make more.

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