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You ordered from DoorDash and when your order finally arrived you checked it and noticed that some of your food was missing. Today, we are going to discuss missing food, why it happens and what to do about your missing food.

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Missing My Food on Doordash

If you ordered some food and not everything has arrived then you may be a little concerned. Where is the rest of your food? That is a really good question and you are definitely owed some food and an explanation.

You could be missing food because the driver ate it. Yes, this can happen because it happens all the time. DoorDash drivers are really known for eating customer’s food.

This is wrong on so many levels and DoorDash does nothing to put a stop to it. So you will continue to deal with missing food as long as you order from DoorDash. DoorDash is horrible and has horrible drivers who fit right in with this delivery service and their company.

They do not value their customers and will allow their drivers to get away with eating your food.

Will They Bring Back the Missing Food?

No, DoorDash likely will not bring back the missing food. For one thing, there is nothing to bring back if the driver actually ate it. You may get the missing food item if maybe it just fell out of the bag and they may or may not be willing to bring it back.

It really depends on the situation of the missing food. To some people, missing food is not a big deal but to others it is very much a big deal. You want what you ordered and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

DoorDash Missing Food

If the driver has your food and hasn’t made it far from your neighborhood, you may be able to contact him and get him to bring your food back. Nine times out of ten he is going to say he doesn’t have your food.

It is also possible that your food got left at the restaurant because they didn’t put it in the bag.

Should I Order Missing Items Again?

One thing you could do to get the food that you are missing is to simply order the food again. I know what you are probably thinking, it is not all that simple. Maybe you just spent your last on the order that you placed and you don’t have enough money to buy anything extra.

The fact that DoorDash didn’t deliver your food like they should have probably makes you frustrated. It has put you in a serious bind to not have all of your food. Food is a very serious matter and it is nothing to be played around with.

You could order the missing items again but then you would have to pay DoorDash expensive fees again. There are delivery fees as well as service fees for each order. Even though it is DoorDashs’ fault, they will not want to take the blame and replace your food.

So what should you do?

What Should I Do If DoorDash Won’t Replace My Food?

DoorDash Missing Food_

DoorDash will not want to replace your food. That is no secret because DoorDash sucks big time and nothing is ever their fault. So don’t expect them to want to replace your food.

You could message your DoorDash driver and complain about missing food but this may not get you anywhere. Then you could file a complaint with DoorDash or you could call DoorDash and complain about your order being messed up. Let them know that not getting all of the food that you paid for is unacceptable and that you need something to be done about it immediately.

I can’t say for sure what DoorDash is going to say or do but you probably won’t like the answer. They could tell you that it is not their fault and there is nothing they can do about the issue. On the other hand, they may offer you some kind of app credit in the same amount of your order or less.

If DoorDash refuses to replace your food you could leave a review. I have learned that reviews are very important to a business and leaving them can make or break a business. It can also get things moving when businesses refuse to cater to their customers.

Should I Contact Corporate?

It can never hurt to contact corporate about any incidents that have yet to be resolved. You may initially think that it is not serious enough to reach out to corporate. However, missing food is a big deal and if DoorDash won’t treat it as such you need to contact the corporate office.

There is no telling what corporate will do but it can’t hurt to try.

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