Driving Preferences on Uber Eats are Blank

There is a section on the Uber Eats app for Driving Preferences. So why would it be taking you to a blank screen and what should you do about it?

Thankfully, there are answers to these questions, which we will explore further in the article below.

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Why are Driving Preferences on Uber Eats Blank?

It’s important to know why the Driving Preferences is blank on your Uber Eats app. It’s blank because Uber uses essentially the same app for food drivers as it does for passenger drivers. For food drivers (Uber Eats), however, there are not actually any options for driving preferences.

Setting Driving Preferences on Uber App

On the Uber driver app, there is a section for “Driving Preferences.” Uber passenger drivers have the option of selecting certain preferences within this section, such as the type of trip requests they would like to receive.

Uber passenger drivers also have the option of accepting food delivery requests, as well. Some Uber passenger drivers use this option when passenger trips are slow, or as a more socially-distanced option during COVID surges.

If you are an Uber driver who is only signed up to do Uber Eats, or food delivery, however, these driving preferences will not be applicable. Therefore, the Driving Preferences link will simply take these drivers to a blank screen.

What is Uber Driving Preferences?

Driving Preferences on Uber Eats are Blank

Uber Driving Preferences are different options for Uber passenger drivers. They are not applicable to Uber Eats food delivery drivers.

The options that Uber passenger drivers might see may include toggling to accept food delivery trips.

They also can include trip type preferences. They also have options for Uber passenger drivers to choose whether or not they want to use default pricing rates.

Where Do I Find Uber Driving Preferences?

Uber drivers can find the Driving Preferences link by first opening the Uber driver app and then tapping on the three horizontal lines found at the bottom right corner of the screen. Another option is to tap the icon with the two slider buttons at the bottom right corner of the screen.

After this, Uber passenger drivers can simply follow the prompts to choose the driving preference options they would like. Make sure to save your selections by pressing the “Save” button before you close out of this section.

For Uber passenger drivers, if you change your mind, you can go back anytime to change these driving preferences. You could also click “Reset” at the bottom of the page to put all the options back to their default selection.

Again, the driving preferences only apply to Uber passenger drivers. If a driver is an Uber Eats driver only, no options will appear for Driving Preferences as they are not applicable for food delivery.

Driving Preferences on Uber Eats are Blank – What Do I Do?

For Uber Eats drivers, if the Driving Preferences on the app are blank, there is actually nothing wrong at all and therefore nothing to worry about. As described, this is the normal response for Uber food delivery drivers to see when they select the Driving Preferences section.

There is nothing to do or change if an Uber Eats driver sees a blank screen or no options after selecting Driving Preferences on the Uber Eats app.

If an Uber driver who drives passengers, however, sees a blank screen after selecting Driving Preferences, then they can troubleshoot to fix the problem. The first step in troubleshooting this situation would be to force quit the app, wait 15 minutes or more, and then reopen it.

If that does not work, another option to troubleshoot the issue is to delete the app and then reinstall it. This will ensure that the app is fully updated to the most current version.

If that still doesn’t work, you can contact Uber here to let them know that the driving preferences on your app are not working, and to ask them for help.

Remember, the Driving Preferences options only apply to Uber passenger drivers. If you are an Uber Eats food delivery driver only, it is normal for the Driving Preferences options to not be visible.

Why Does Uber Eats Driving Preferences Lead to a Blank Screen?

Driving Preferences on Uber Eats are Blank_

It is confusing to many people to see a blank screen after they click on the Driving Preferences section of the Uber Eats delivery app. Asking why the Driving Preferences are blank on the Uber Eats app is a very frequent question in many online forums and on search engines.

Many people have wondered if it is a bug, something wrong with their account, or a glitch in their app.

In reality, it is just how Uber set up the app. They saved time and money by having just one app for both their passenger drivers and their food delivery drivers.

Perhaps it would be less confusing if, for the drivers who only drive for Uber Eats, instead of leaving the heading “Driving Preferences” and then leading to a blank screen, Uber simply hid this option altogether for these drivers.

As an alternative, if the driver is registered as only an Uber Eats driver, then this page could simply explain, “Not applicable for Uber Eats. This page applies to Uber passenger drivers only,” or something along these lines.

This would be a sensible solution that would collectively save their food delivery drivers hours of worry and frustration.

In the meantime, we’re glad to be able to answer the question for you here.

Why Driving Preferences on Uber Eats are Blank

If you are doing Uber Eats and your Driving Preferences are blank, this is because Uber uses basically the same app for food drivers as it does for passenger drivers. If you are only signed up for food delivery (Uber Eats) then there are not any driving preference options available.

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