DoorDash Not Accepting Orders

DoorDash Not Accepting Orders

You went to place a DoorDash order and came to learn that DoorDash is not accepting orders. Now, you are bothered and want to know what’s going on.

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Why Is DoorDash Not Accepting Orders?

DoorDash could not be accepting orders for a number of reasons that are out of the customers and dashers control. One big reason DoorDash may not be accepting orders is because of a system outage. It is nothing out of the ordinary for DoorDash to crash and be down.

DoorDash could not be accepting orders because they don’t have any dashers working the area and therefore can’t take on any deliveries.

Why Is DoorDash Not Working Today?

DoorDash may not be working today for whatever reason. When you go to place an order you probably receive some sort of error message or just find that your order cannot be placed. This could be for several reasons.

One reason DoorDash may not be working today is because they are experiencing a system outage on the platform. This is not unheard of when it comes to DoorDash. You probably have experienced something similar to this several times before.

You just don’t know why it keeps doing what it does. Another reason DoorDash is probably not working today is because they have completely turned off orders. This could likely happen in a smaller town or city because they have less drivers.

If there is no one to accept the orders then it would only make sense for DoorDash to turn the ordering feature off. I’ve never heard of them doing this but it could happen this way.

DoorDash may also not be working because of an issue with your phone. Again, this has never been heard of but there could be some kind of compatibility issue with your device. Or there could be an issue with your account.

If you have placed orders before with DoorDash and now they aren’t going through, double check that everything looks right. Go to your settings and make sure everything is as it should be.

Why Am I Not Getting Any DoorDash Orders?

You are a DoorDasher and are trying to go to work but you’ve been waiting for hours and not one single order has come through. First, make sure you are signed in because your phone could have signed you out and this may be the reason you are not getting orders. Also, make sure your order notification system is not paused.

If you are paused this means that no orders will come through to you. And while that is okay if you didn’t do it or simply forgot to unpause it you may be in for a surprise when no orders come in.

You also may not be getting any DoorDash orders if your account has been blocked or terminated by DoorDash. If you violated any kind of policies or did anything fraudulent they are not going to send you any more orders. This could also be the case if you get too many complaints from customers about things that DoorDash deems unacceptable.

What To Do When DoorDash Is Not Accepting Orders?

When DoorDash is not accepting orders you should check to make sure everything is good on your end. Update your system or phone if you need to and check all settings.

Another thing you can do is try to uninstall the DoorDash app and install it again. You may find out that there was an actual glitch in the system rather than a system outage.

Or you may find out that it is a system outage. DoorDash may put a notification up alerting everyone that they are aware of the issue and are working hard to fix the issue at hand. If this is the case, you should patiently wait on DoorDash.

I understand that you may be very hungry and all out of patience. This can happen to anyone. In this case, you should try to place an order on another platform.

This platform is probably not down. If you want to I would also report the issue to DoorDash they may be able to help or at least provide you with a reasonable explanation for the down system.

If you don’t want to order from another delivery platform and you are around other people you could try to order from another device just in case it is a compatibility issue with your device. You won’t know unless you try.

Why Can’t I Place a DoorDash Order?

You likely can’t place a DoorDash order because the system is experiencing an outage that DoorDash likely already knows about. They’re probably working to fix it as we speak. Or they may not have any DoorDashers in the area to accept orders.

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