Doordash Order Not Delivered

What beats a lazy night in with your favorite food delivered straight to your doorstep? We’d say not too much. Too bad undelivered Doordash orders can easily ruin this perfect night.

Unfortunately, with 1.5 million customers, there are bound to be problems with deliveries. The good news? DoorDash has added fail-safes and policies to avoid undelivered orders.

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Why Wasn’t My Doordash Order Delivered?

Unfortunately, accidents happen. Your Doordash order may not have been delivered due to errors at the restaurant, errors with the app, or problems on your delivery driver’s end. Luckily, Doordash customer support takes undelivered orders very seriously, and they’ve even added some countermeasures in place.

Errors at The Restaurant

One of the causes as to why your order hasn’t been delivered could be errors at the restaurant. Occasionally restaurants can run out of items, causing slow-downs and complications. Restaurants can also run into high-volume and peak hours, causing long waits.

Errors with the App

Another potential cause for why your food hasn’t shown up could be the Doordash app itself. The Doordash app is far from perfect, and many users have experienced issues and complications. Your Doordash app may be slow to update, causing confusion. Additionally, entering the wrong address or wrong information during the ordering process causes complications as well.

Errors with Delivery Driver

Delivery driving is still man-operated, resulting in occasional issues. Your order may not have been delivered due to the delivery driver themselves. Some drivers have a hard time navigating, canceling orders, or running into other issues. Fortunately, you can always text or call your Doordash delivery driver in the case of an emergency or problem.

Possible Solutions

Doordash Order Not Delivered

If your order was never delivered, are you fresh out of luck? Fortunately, Doordash has created solutions and fail safes for whether you’re ordering from the mobile or desktop app.

Solutions For Mobile Users

  1. Select the order in question from the “Orders” tab.
  2. Select the “Help” text in the top right-hand corner
  3. View under “Delivery Issues,” select and choose “Order never arrived”
  4. Follow the guided prompts on your screen to either choose a resolution or speak with a customer support agent.

Solutions For Desktop Users

  1. Choose the button with three lines near the top left-hand corner
  2. Choose “Orders” and select your corresponding order
  3. Choose the “Help” option on the left-hand side of your screen
  4. View under “Delivery issues,” then choose “Order never arrived”
  5. Follow the guided prompts on your screen to either choose a resolution or speak with a customer support agent.

Will I Get a Refund?

Unfortunately, you may not receive a refund if your order hasn’t been delivered. Doordash states they’re under no obligation to give out refunds, whether they’re full or partial credit. However, there are some instances where Doordash will give out refunds.

Missing Food Refunds

If your delivery order is missing items, you may qualify for a partial refund. Doordash offers partial refunds on non-delivered orders and orders with missing items. Simply visit their customer support page or follow the instructions above to speak with a representative. Keep in mind this may be a credit refund as opposed to cash.

Incorrect Address Refunds

If you suspect your delivery order was dropped off at the wrong address, you may qualify for a partial or full refund. As mentioned earlier, just follow the steps above or visit the Doordash customer support page to speak with an agent. Keep in mind this type of refund may be in the form of Doordash credit.

Spoiled Food Refunds

Say you received your order, but your driver took an exuberant amount of time, resulting in cold, soggy food. If this scenario happens to you, you may qualify for a refund. However, with this type of refund, you may need to add photos and descriptions of your order. These extra steps are in order to ensure everyone who needs a refund gets one. Keep in mind this type of refund may be in the form of Doordash credit as opposed to cash.

How Long Do Refunds Take?

The time frame varies on refunds. After you go through the initial refund process, you may have to wait an additional 3-5 days for your payment to be processed. In the meantime, your payment may read as “pending.” Your mileage will vary when it comes to refunds depending on the refund type when you processed it, and your bank type.

Why Didn’t I Receive My Doordash Order?

Your Doordash order may not have been delivered for a variety of reasons. Problems at the restaurant, issues with the app, delivery driver issues, and more can cause your order to go undelivered. Luckily, you can report this issue with Doordash customer support and receive a full or partial refund.

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