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If you have placed an order through Fanatics, you may be wondering what kind of return policy it has. This is a very good question to ask as you want to make sure you understand what your options are.

It is too easy to place an order through a website only to later need to make a return. If this happens to you, you want to know what the return policy is like and what you can expect once you start this process.

Every store has the ability to have its own kind of return policy, so you want to make sure you understand what is and isn’t allowed. Keep reading to find out what kind of return policy Fanatics has and how you can make a return easily.

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What Is the Return Policy at Fanatics?

Fanatics has a very lenient return policy that allows you to make a return whenever you want if you decide you aren’t happy with your purchase. You can easily request the return and be given a return label so that you can ship it back quickly.

This allows you to have a lot of control over your return so that you can get your refund as quickly as possible. As far as return policies go, Fanatics has a very good one that allows you to make most kinds of returns.

It also allows you to get a full refund to your original payment method so that you have the freedom to spend that money as you wish. This way, you’re not limited to having to spend it on Fanatics to buy more items at this company.

In order for Fanatics to accept a return, it must be:

Fanatics will inspect all returning items to make sure that they follow these rules. If Fanatics sees that the item is not eligible for a return, you will not be able to get your refund back, as the item is now returned correctly.

How Long Do I Have to Make a Return to Fanatics?

Fanatics is a very unique company as it does not offer the usual amount of time to make a return. Most stores allow for 30 to 60 days to make a return after you have purchased an item.

What Is the Return Policy at Fanatics

Fanatics allows you to return an item up to 365 days after having made the purchase. This is quite unheard of and gives you way more than enough time to organize your return.

Though you will need to keep in mind that you cannot use the item for this period of time, then return it. Fanatics does have standards that these items must meet in order to get your refund for this item.

If it arrives at Fanatics in a condition that is not new, you will not get your refund. Fanatics most likely won’t send the item back to you to keep either, as this will result in it having to pay the shipping to do so.

That is why many Fanatics customers do end up making their returns long before the 365-day mark. This allows you to quickly get your refund back so that you can have that money to do with as you please.

How Do I Return Something to Fanatics?

The return policy for Fanatics is very easy to understand and equally easy to execute, this makes it very user-friendly. This is a huge benefit as some websites make it very hard to start a return.

Fanatics Return Policy

With Fanatics, you can go to your account and locate your orders to see your order history. This allows you easy access to everything that you have ordered so that you can organize your return.

You will need to visit the return center and log into it within your order number and shipping address zip code. If you do not have either of these, you can also choose to do this with an email address or by continuing with Google.

You will need to click the Start A Return button and follow the steps the website takes you through. Once you do this and have chosen the item to return, a shipping label will be created for you.

If you are making a return and you live outside of the US or Canada, you will need to follow the international return policy for Fanatics. This allows you to make the return from where you live without any extra hassle.

From there, you can print out your return label and get the package ready to go. The sooner you ship it, the sooner you can get your refund, so don’t take too long.

Does Fanatics Have a Return Fee?

If you are making a return to Fanatics, you may want to know if it has a return fee. This is a reasonable concern since some websites do require a small fee if you are making an online return.

Fanatics does have a small return fee for shopping as this helps it to cover the cost of shipping and making the label. This comes to $9.99 per return, which is why, you should try to lump your returns together.

If you order a large number of items, try to decide if you need to make any returns at once. This can help you to save money by avoiding making multiple returns and having to pay multiple fees for those returns.

Fanatics has also created a way for you to avoid having to do this, as you have the option of getting an E-gift card instead of a refund. This will eliminate the fee and allow you to get your full refund back just in the form of an E-gift card.

This means that you won’t get your refund to your original payment method. Though it is still a great option as you can bypass that shipping fee.

This is an option that you can easily choose when you are in the process of submitting your return. It will be listed as an option in the final step of organizing your return to Fanatics.

What Kind of Return Policy Does Fanatics Have?

Fanatics has a great return policy that allows you to make your return within 365 days after making the purchase. This gives you more than enough time to consider your purchase and decide if you want to keep it or not.

Fanatics has also designed its return instructions so that they are easy to follow and easy to submit to start the return. It does include a small shipping fee, but there is a way to avoid this by getting your refund in the form of an E-gift card.

Just keep in mind that once you choose this option, it is final. You cannot later go back to get a full refund to your payment method and pay the $9.99 fee for shipping, you are stuck with the E-gift card.

Once you submit the return, you will immediately get this gift card emailed to you so that you can use it online or print it off. This allows you to get an immediate refund without having to wait for the return to get to Fanatics.

Overall, Fanatics has a great return policy that gives you a lot of freedom when submitting your return to it.

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