GameStop Console, Headset, and Controller Return Policy

If you have recently bought a console, headset, or controller from GameStop, you may be wondering what the return policy is for these things. If you can return any of these purchases to GameStop for a refund.

This can be good to know if you regularly buy from GameStop and occasionally need to return certain items. To find out if you can return consoles, headsets, or controllers to GameStop, keep reading.

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What is GameStop’s Console, Headset, and Controller return Policy?

You can return consoles, headsets, and controllers to GameStop as long as they are returned in 30 days. They must also be returned with your receipt or order number as confirmation that you made the purchase from a GameStop store or online.

Generally, you should return items to GameStop unopened, but there are some exceptions to this. As long as the item is not an electronic or game, you may be able to still return it opened.

Every GameStop location will be slightly different, so some may be more lenient than others. Though it is best to not open items until you are 100% sure you want to keep it.

Make sure you hang onto any of your receipts in case you want to make a return. There are some instances where returns made within 30 days may still show up on the GameStop system.

If this is the case, you may be able to get away with not having an order code or receipt, but it is a rare instance.

Does GameStop Give Full Refunds?

GameStop does give out full refunds as long as you qualify for it. You will want to have your receipt or order code as proof that you made the purchase from GameStop.

You will also be given the opportunity to make an exchange instead of getting a refund. A full refund can take three to five days, whereas you can get a new item right there in the GameStop store.

This allows you to pick out a similarly priced item instead of having to wait for a full refund to hit your bank.

If the item you are returning is defective, you can exchange it for the exact same item as well. You can either get a full refund or exchange it for the same item that is in working condition.

These are great options that GameStop offers its customers when they are making returns.

Can You Return Online Purchases to GameStop Store?

GameStop Console, Headset, and Controller Return Policy

You can return most online purchases to a GameStop store as long as you have your order number. This would be easy to find on your account where you placed the order.

Orders made to the GameStop website that are over $500 cannot be returned in-store. These orders will need to be returned via the GameStop website instead.

You can return any online order online, though many customers find it easier to simply place the return at a GameStop location instead.

What is the GameStop Return Policy for Consoles, Headsets, and Controllers?

The GameStop policy for consoles, headsets, and controllers is much like its general return policy. As long as you return the item in 30 days and have a receipt, you should be able to get a full return.

Keep in mind that pre-owned items must be returned within seven days to get a full refund. Though you can return them in 30 days and exchange them for something else instead of getting a refund.

GameStop generally does not accept refunds that have already been opened. This goes especially for games and electronic items.

You may be able to get away with returning an open console, headset, or controller, though every location will be different. If you are not sure, you can always call your local GameStop store to ask.

This way, you can know whether or not you can return your purchase even after it has been opened.

If you can return your item, you can expect to get a refund in three to five business days. That, or you can exchange your return for something else in the store that you are interested in trying.

If your item is defective from no fault of your own, you can return it unopened with a receipt and get a full refund. Or you can exchange it for the same item, only one that is working.

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