GameStop Price Match Policy

If you are new to buying from GameStop, you may not know much about its price match policy. This is a good thing to know about as it just might be able to save you some money if you buy a GameStop product.

Price matching is a common way of attracting customers that companies use to level the price point for a product. Not every company does this, but it is rather common all the same.

Keep reading to find out whether or not GameStop has a price match policy, and if it does, how you can take advantage of it.

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Does GameStop Do Price Match Adjustments?

GameStop did not have a price match policy like many other companies until just recently. Now it offers a price matching policy that only excludes certain products that it will not change the price on. It will also occasionally adjust the price of certain items.

One area where price adjusting this is applicable is with pre-ordered items, as Gamestop will adjust this price for you.

If you pay for a pre-ordered item and the price goes down as it is released or shortly after being released, GameStop will match that price. It will lower the price that you originally paid to reflect the lower price of the product, saving you money.

This is really the only set instance where GameStop will adjust the price of a product. Though it has only recently started to offer a better price matching policy to customers.

Now it will price match with other stores for the most part. This is still a very new change to the company, so it may not be available storewide or for all products just yet.

How Long After a Purchase Can You Price Match?

There are no set times as of yet when it comes to price matching with GameStop products. Generally, it has allowed pricing adjustment if the price changes during the ordering process.

One example of this is when a pre-ordered item changes its price after being released. You can then get charged that cheaper price as you are getting your pre-ordered item.

With GameStop’s price matching policy still being so new, some of the details are not yet known. So it is a good idea to call your local GameStop location to ask them yourself.

You can simply ask if you can get a small refund if something that you ordered went down in price recently. Generally, it is best to do this if the price changes in no more than 30 days.

Any longer period of time and a price match probably won’t be possible.

How Can I Save Money at GameStop?

What is The Price Match Policy at GameStop

GameStop has a system where it awards GameStop points to customers as they buy items. This can also happen if they trade-in items, take surveys, or become members.

These points may not seem like much, but they can eventually add up to real cash. If you have 5,500 points, this is the equivalent of $5. While 11,000 points equal $10, that can be used to buy more items from GameStop.

This may not seem like a lot of money, but it can help you to save a dollar or two with each purchase. And the more you buy from GameStop, the more points you accumulate.

GameStop also has a system where it buys items from people who no longer want them. This ranges from games, equipment, electronics, and gift cards, plus so much more.

It then turns and resells these items at a discount since they are pre-owned. Plus, it makes sure that they work correctly and can be enjoyed for a few more years.

This is a great way to save money as these pre-owned items are usually half the price of the new ones. You can save some money while still getting what you originally wanted.

Is GameStop Considered Expensive?

As far as gaming stores go, GameStop is one of the more expensive options. This mostly comes down to the fact that it is a much more popular store than many of its competitors.

This gives GameStop a leg up and allows it to sell items at a higher retail price than many other stores. This is because you are paying for the brand as well as GameStop’s many useful policies and reputation.

One huge benefit of GameStop is that it has a wide range of return policies as well as the option to exchange items. This gives you wiggle room where you can change your mind about a purchase.

GameStop also offers warranty programs that can help to protect more pricey purchases that are at risk of becoming damaged. This can help you to save money later on down the road.

This, along with the fact that GameStop sells some of the highest quality gear and gaming equipment on the market. This is why it is able to hike up its prices while still flourishing and swimming in profit.

If you want top products, GameStop is one way to guarantee that you are getting some of the best. Even if that guarantee does come at a higher price.

GameStop Price Match Policy

What is The Price Match Policy at GameStop?

GameStop only recently created its own price match policy that is like other companies’ policies. This allows customers to get a price match on items that are lower in price elsewhere.

The details are not yet clear but it is supposed to be very similar to other price match policies. Allowing you to get a small discount if a product is cheaper somewhere else.

This is great as it gives customers the ability to haggle a bit with GameStop, getting the best price available to them.

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