GameStop Trade In Policy

If you are thinking of trading something into GameStop, you may be wondering just how GameStop’s trade policy works. You will want to understand this a bit more before you actually try to sell something to GameStop.

GameStop has a policy that allows it to buy items from people looking for extra cash. These items are usually the kinds of things that GameStop already sells, such as games, electronics, controls, and so on.

To find out how GameStop’s trade policy works, keep reading to learn more.

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What is GameStop’s Trade-In Policy?

GameStop allows anyone to bring in their items into one of the stores to have them appraised by an employee. The employee will give you a quote for the item according to the condition and the demand for it. You can either take the quote or decline it.

This is the general way that trading in items to GameStop works. You can bring in your gear and see if GameStop thinks any of it is worth reselling.

You cannot haggle with the GameStop employee, or they will not buy your items. The GameStop employees only buy according to how the company buys items, so they won’t change their quotes.

You will often receive a different quote depending on the value of the item, how available it is, and how many people are buying it. These are what determine the real value of what you are trying to trade-in.

In many instances, GameStop will also give you the option to exchange your items for something else in the store. This will be determined by deciding what the value is and what would be the right kind of exchange for it.

You can either take what the employee is offering or leave the store. You can always try to sell your items elsewhere if you are not happy with the GameStop quote.

What is GameStop’s Exchange Policy?

GameStop has a great exchange policy that allows you to bring in a purchase to return it. This must be done within 30 days, and you will need to have an order code or receipt.

You can exchange an item if you tried to use it and found that it was defective through no fault of yours. You can either get a full refund or choose to exchange it with the same item, only one that works.

This also applies if you just want to return an item after you have changed your mind. You can return it as long as it has a receipt and is returned in 30 days. Ideally, it shouldn’t be opened as some items cannot be returned.

With any valid return, you can choose to get a full refund or exchange it with something else in the store. This allows you the option of buying something that day instead of having to wait three to five days for a refund.

Just make sure you hang onto your receipt since items need a receipt to be considered as valid return option.

Can GameStop Deny Trade-Ins?

GameStop Trade Policy

GameStop has every right to deny any kind of trade-in that it doesn’t see value in. This could be because the item is too old or too damaged to resell.

Some items also just don’t fit in with what GameStop is marketing and wouldn’t resell for a good price. It can also be determined by what is popular right now.

You won’t have luck trading a headset if everyone is looking to buy air pods. It goes along with what is in demand and what has the best chance at turning a profit for GameStop.

Try to not take it too personally as it just comes down to the bare facts. You can always try to sell your item somewhere else.

Will GameStop Buy My Broken Items?

Generally, GameStop only wants to purchase items that are still in good condition. This gives it a much better chance at turning a profit when it goes to resell that item.

There are certain circumstances where GameStop might be willing to buy something that is damaged or broken, however. These can often be sold for cash or the option to exchange it for something of equal value in the store.

If the damage is extensive, GameStop will deduct refurbishing costs from the amount that it will pay you. So you may not end up getting much money back after trading the item into GameStop.

This will also only apply to newer items or items that are in high demand at the moment. These are what will make it worth the purchase for GameStop, even if the item is damaged or broken.

How Does GameStop’s Trade Policy Work?

GameStop’s trade policy allows you to go to a store and try to trade in your old or unused items. These would include things that GameStop typically sells, such as consoles, headsets, and electronics or games.

How Does GameStop’s Trade Policy Work

GameStop will typically appraise the items and give a quote considering the value, condition, and current demand. You can either choose to accept or decline the quote depending on what you are wanting for it.

GameStop might even decline to buy the items at all if it does not think that they have any value or the ability to turn a profit. This is right as it only invests in items that could be resold for a profit.

If GameStop does give you a quote, you also have the option to do an exchange instead of getting cash. This allows you to pick an item in the store that is of a similar value to exchange.

This is great as you can choose to buy something in the store that you may be wanting or needed without having to pay anything. Keep in mind that certain GameStops may be pickier than others with what they buy.

It is best to only try to trade items that are in good condition and that aren’t too old to still be of value. You can also look online to see what is popular right now to get an idea of how valuable your item may be.

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