How Does DoorDash Work for Drivers?

By now, you have probably heard of being a gig work and driving for a company such as DoorDash. But what does being a driver for DoorDash really entail, and how does it work?

We’ll give you the most important details in this article.

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How Does Being a DoorDash Driver Work?

After you get signed up and approved to be a driver for DoorDash, you will be notified about available deliveries through the DoorDash app. Next, you accept deliveries, follow the instructions to pick up and deliver the food, and then get paid. Make sure to follow rules, and track miles.

Getting Started with DoorDash

Getting started with DoorDash is relatively easy. The first step is to fill out their online application, which you can find here.

You can expect to create a profile, fill out some basic information about yourself, your transportation, and your location. You’ll also need to consent to a background check and motor vehicle check if using a car or motorcycle.

You’ll also add in your bank account information so that DoorDash can pay you.

Next, you’ll sign in to the Dasher app and can accept your first delivery. After that, you can order the DoorDash Welcome Kit, which includes an insulated delivery bag and a Red Card.

Make sure to confirm your delivery address for the Welcome Kit, and also be sure to look for any confirmation or other emails from DoorDash and follow their instructions.

After you have completed all of these steps, you should see the “Dash Now” or “Schedule” options in your Dasher app.

If you are having any trouble with the sign-up process, contact DoorDash Support.

Accepting Orders

How Does DoorDash Work for Drivers

When a food order gets placed by a customer through the DoorDash app, DoorDash’s algorithm will ping the driver that it determines is most likely to do the best job delivering that order.

This is most likely based on factors such as how physically close a driver is to the pick-up location, as well as how often the driver accepts versus declines orders, and the driver’s overall ratings.

Once a driver is pinged, then that driver has an option to accept or decline the order. The DoorDash driver will be provided some basic information with which to decide whether or not to accept that order.

DoorDash only gives each driver 45 seconds to decide and then accept an order. (Rarely, in some circumstances, 90 seconds are offered).

Be sure to click “accept” if you want to accept the order.

If the driver does not accept during the provided time, or if he or she declines the order, then DoorDash’s system will ping the next available driver to give that person an opportunity to accept or not.

Occasionally, during peak hours, drivers might even be offered more than one order at a time.

Declining an Order

Of course, not all DoorDash delivery drivers will want to accept every single order that is offered to them. There will likely be some times when a driver will choose to decline an order, instead.

Sometimes, orders are viewed as undesirable either because of a low payout, or perhaps it is too long of a drive, or for other reasons. In these cases, an order might get sent from one potential driver to another until it finally finds a driver willing to take it. In rare cases, orders such as these may even eventually get cancelled.

Keep in mind, however, that DoorDash’s algorithm most likely keeps track of your accept/decline ratio.

Delivering Orders

After you have accepted an order, then the best route to the pick-up location will appear in your app. You can then open your map app and go to the restaurant or store to pick up the order. Make sure to see if any pickup instructions are listed, and if so what they are.

Once you arrive at the restaurant, swipe right on the lower part of the screen in your Dasher app to let everyone know that you have arrived. Usually, you will just pick up the food and be on your way, but some orders require using the Red Card to pay.

Always make sure you have the right order! After you have verified that you have all of the items that were ordered, swipe right in the app again.

After you have picked up the order, click on “Navigate” in your app for directions to the drop-off location. Be sure to read the delivery instructions.

Now, just drive to the customer’s drop-off location, and then deliver the order per their instructions. Once you have successfully delivered the food, again, swipe right to confirm.

The app will then start looking for another delivery opportunity for you.

How Does DoorDash Work for Drivers_

Getting Paid as a DoorDash Driver

DoorDash typically pays its drivers weekly. They offer direct deposit to drivers’ bank accounts.

Another option for DoorDash drivers in the U.S. is called DasherDirect, which gives U.S. DoorDash drivers their deposits daily, without any fees.

There is also an option for Fast Pay in the U.S., which does cost $1.99 per transfer and can be used once per day, as well.

In addition to getting paid, you will want to keep as much of your money as possible. An important step in that process is properly keeping track of your work miles and any work-related expenses.

To do this, some people use a spreadsheet and keep receipts, while many others use a mileage tracker app such as Everlance or Stride.

However you choose to keep track of your miles, make sure it’s compliant with reporting to the IRS so that you can maximize your tax deductions (and keep as much of your hard-earned money as possible) without getting yourself in potential legal trouble.

How Much Do You Make a Day on DoorDash?

Many people report making about $15 per hour, or somewhere in a range of $12-$24 per hour, Of course, you will need to take into account your own expenses and deductions as well. After expenses, many drivers report making closer to $8 to $12 per hour.

If you are on the higher end of this range, not taking into account expenses, $24 per hour for eight hours would be $192 per day on the higher end.

At the very low end, after expenses, however, it could be as low as $64 per day for an eight-hour day at $8 per hour net.

DoorDash Driver Risks

Being a DoorDash delivery driver does carry some risks. You would be on the driving for much of your day, which puts you at greater risk of being in a car accident.

Also, although many deliveries are contactless, there is a very small risk that a person with bad intentions could be trying to lure you into a trap to attack you.

If you ever feel unsafe or unsure about a delivery, you can contact DoorDash right away. In an immediate emergency, however, call 911 right away.

How Does it Work Being a DoorDash Driver?

Once you’ve signed up and been approved to be a driver for DoorDash, DoorDash will ping you with available deliveries through their app. Then, you simply accept deliveries, follow instructions for picking up and delivering the food, and get paid. Be sure to track your miles and follow rules.

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