What is DoorDash No Rush Delivery?

You may have recently noticed a new option on your DoorDash delivery app, which is DoorDash No Rush Delivery. So what is it, exactly?

We’ll answer all of the questions you may have about DoorDash No Rush Delivery in the article below.

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DoorDash No Rush Delivery

DoorDash’s new No Rush Delivery option gives some DoorDash customers a $2.00 discount in exchange for a potentially slower delivery time. While there is currently no information on the DoorDash website about it, DoorDash drivers report that No Rush deliveries are still due within 30 minutes of the order time.

How Does the DoorDash “No Rush” Delivery Work?

Essentially, DoorDash customers can now choose to potentially have their order delivered a bit slower in exchange for a small discount.

Strangely, DoorDash itself does not have any information published on their websites, nor any press releases about the program.

DoorDash delivery drivers and customers, however, have been piecing together the information and sharing it amongst themselves.

DoorDash No Rush Delivery Discount

What is DoorDash No Rush Delivery

The discount for accepting a No Rush Delivery by DoorDash is currently set at $2.00. Of course, as with all programs, DoorDash could choose to change this at any time by either increasing it or decreasing it based on feedback and evaluation of how well the program is doing.

Does DoorDash No Rush Delivery Take Longer?

Although nothing seems to be published publicly by DoorDash about it, DoorDash delivery drivers have reported in online forums that their No Rush deliveries are still due within 30 minutes of the order time.

Many customers noted that their normal DoorDash deliveries often take longer than this anyway, in which case, the No Rush delivery would not actually take longer than a normal order, assuming the order is delivered within that 30-minute timeframe.

Some DoorDash drivers reported, however, that the No Rush delivery option is usually accepted by “multi-app” delivery drivers (drivers who accept and delivery orders from multiple delivery company’s apps) or that your order may be grouped together with other deliveries.

In either of those cases, there is likely a few, or even many, extra minutes added to what the delivery time could have been if the driver was only picking up and delivering your food exclusively.

Does DoorDash No Rush Delivery Give Cold Food?

While a No Rush DoorDash order will not necessarily take a lot longer than it normally would, your order will be more likely to be grouped together with other orders and so might take at least several minutes longer than it would otherwise have taken to get to you.

During this time, it is possible that hot food could get cooled off, or cold food could get less cold. Food might become a bit more mushy or wilted.

These are all just possibilities, however, and so far, customers have not publicly complained about these being issues for them with this delivery method.

What is DoorDash No Rush Delivery_

No Rush Delivery, or Not?

If you are ordering meals that are definitely best served very fresh, it might be a bit risky to do the No Rush Delivery option just to save a couple of dollars. It might make more sense to try the No Rush Delivery option on food that you are pretty sure will stand up to some extra travel time, just in case.

For example, if you love your french fries perfectly hot and crispy and know that reheating them just won’t be the same, it’s probably best to go with the traditional delivery option for this meal to ensure that you get your food as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, if you are ordering a noodle dish that will be perfectly fine in the event that you do need to reheat it, then great. Go ahead and save the money if you want to give the No Rush Delivery option a try. (And if you find that the order was delivered quickly anyway, then you can keep this in mind for future orders, as well.)

DoorDash No Rush Delivery, What is It?

The new No Rush Delivery option by DoorDash offers some customers a $2.00 discount in exchange for a possibly longer delivery time. Although DoorDash’s website currently has no information about the program, DoorDash drivers report that these deliveries are still due by 30 minutes after the order time.

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