How Far Does Uber Eats Deliver

If you are thinking of ordering from Uber eats, distance is an important factor to first consider. This is because Uber Eats has certain distance restrictions to help out its drivers and make delivery costs reasonable.

This article should tell you everything that you need to know about Uber Eats distance zones and delivery.

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How Far Will Uber Eats Deliver?

Uber Eats generally tries to keep food deliveries within a 5-mile radius. But this can change quite a lot as this is not a set distance and can vary according to each order.

Many restaurants set their own ranges, so each restaurant will be different.

This basically means that you can try to order from just about any distance from the restaurant that you want. It will depend on that restaurant’s distance zone, as well as whether or not any drivers will take on your order.

You also want to keep in mind that the longer the distance, the longer your food is going to be sitting in the driver’s car. This can result in soggy and cold food if you have chosen a location over 15 minutes away.

You will also need to be fully prepared to tip a higher amount if the distance is longer. Any drive over 10 minutes requires a very generous tip to really tempt the delivery drivers. Many prefer to make shorter trips to save time.

If you want to order from a restaurant that is a considerable distance from you, be prepared to pay for it. The tip will also go towards covering the delivery drivers’ gas costs, as Uber Eats does not reimburse them for this.

These are just a few things to keep in mind if you want to order a long-distance Uber Eats order. It can be possible, but it may not always be the best option.

How Far is Too Far for Uber Eats?

How Far Does Uber Eats Deliver

Uber Eats generally likes to keep their deliveries within 5 miles of the restaurant and delivery destination. This can change, however, especially when different restaurants have different delivery distances.

Generally, Uber Eats tries to not go over 8 miles as this will result in a longer car ride and lesser quality of food. The farther away, the longer your food will have to get cold and unappealing.

This is a big reason why Uber Eats tries to keep the distance small as it impacts the quality of the food. It does not want you to be dissatisfied after getting a cold and mushy food delivery.

You will also want to carefully consider what you are ordering, even if the distance isn’t that far. Anything crunchy, hot, or meltable is a bad idea as their quality will go down during the delivery time.

You may have to be choosy with what you order in order to make sure you get it still tasting good. Some things just don’t travel well, and you will want to avoid them.

Can You Pick Up Your Own Uber Eats Order?

One little-known fact about Uber Eats is that you can actually choose the option to pick up your own order. This is not highly popular, of course, as it kind of defeats the purpose of using Uber Eats.

You can choose to pick up your own Uber Eats order by going onto the delivery app and to your recent orders. From there, you can adjust the settings from delivery to pickup. The delivery fee will be taken away, and you can go to pick up your order whenever you like.

This can be a very handy option if you have placed the order but no one has accepted it. This can be very common for longer distance orders, as many drivers avoid driving those kinds of distances.

This can also be a good way to avoid having to tip a delivery person, as tipping can also become quite expensive.

Picking up your Uber Eats order yourself is also a good option if there are no drivers available to do so. This can sometimes happen during busier times of the day when more orders are coming in.

What Happens if No Driver Picks Up Your Uber Eats Order?

If no one picks up your Uber Eats order, that order will eventually be canceled by Uber Eats. After that, you will be given a full refund and a notification of why it was canceled.

You can expect to get a common notification stating that no courier was nearby. This usually just means that either no driver was free or none chose to take your order to deliver.

You can always try to place the order again a little later to see if any drivers become available. If you decide to do that, it would also be a good idea to raise the tip, just in case, it was not accepted by choice.

If you encounter the same issue, you could take matters into your own hands and choose to pick up your order yourself. This is not ideal but is still an option that you have to avoid having your order canceled again.

How Do I Know What Restaurants Are Close Enough for Uber Eats?

To find out whether or not a certain restaurant will deliver through Uber Eats to your area, you can look on the app. The Uber Eats app has a list of available restaurants that all users can look at.

This list will be edited according to the addresses that you have listed in your account information. It also has a new map feature that allows you to visually see the available restaurants and their distance.

This makes it incredibly easy to find a restaurant that will deliver to your area through Uber Eats. This is especially handy as all restaurants can set their own distance zones, making it confusing when ordering.

This option on the Uber Eats app makes it easy to locate restaurants that you can order from. While being able to see how far away they are and how long the delivery time would be.

How Far is Uber Eats Delivery Zone?

Uber Eats generally likes to keep its orders within a 5-mile radius between the restaurants and delivery locations. This ensures that all deliveries will be fast and high-quality.

This is not a strict distance range, however, as restaurants have the option of setting their own distances. This means that every restaurant may be a little different and some may deliver farther than others.

This means that you just might be able to order from a restaurant much farther away even though it is over 5 miles. This gives you more options and makes it easier to pick your favorite food places to order from.

It is important to keep in mind that this will lengthen your delivery time, making it more likely that your food may get mushy or cold. Some delivery drives avoid these kinds of orders as well.

You will need to be ready to tip generously in order to convince an Uber Eats driver to take on your longer order. This tip will be used to also cover their gas expenses for the drive so try to take that into consideration.

So, if you want to order an Uber Eats order over 5 miles away, you definitely can do that. Just keep these few things in mind if you plan to do so.

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