Uber Eats Plus Card

If you are new to working for Uber Eats, you may be curious about the Uber Eats plus card that is sometimes available. This is a mysterious card that you may not completely understand what it is or how to use it.

An Uber Eats plus card is a special tool used by drivers to complete specific orders, if you are an Uber Eats driver, you may need one eventually. Here is everything that you need to know about Uber Eats plus cars.

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What is an Uber Eats Plus Card

The Uber Eats plus card is a special card used by Uber Eats when the customer requests the driver to order and pay for their food. Only drivers signed up to include pay and shop orders qualify for an Uber Eats plus card.

Drivers will be able to get an Uber Eats plus card once they sign up and turn on their option to accept pay and shop orders. Once you get your plus card, you will need to activate the card through the Uber Eats app.

You will also want to make sure that you are using the latest version of Uber Eats to get all of the orders and to activate your card. It’s important to regularly get the latest Uber Eats app to ensure that you get all of the available orders.

The Uber Eats plus card is not like most regular credit cards, you will not have any money available on it, unless you get a pay and shop order. Once you receive a qualifying order, the customer’s money will be added to the card.

You can only ever use the plus card when you have accepted an order that qualifies, and you cannot use the money for personal uses. The card will only hold the money needed to finish the customer’s order, no extra, no less.

That is why you cannot use the card for personal purposes, as the only time it has money on it is when it is meant for an order.

Do You Get Paid More With an Uber Eats Plus Card?

Uber Eats Plus Card

One huge perk to using the Uber Eats plus card as a deliverer is that you can earn up to 33% more per pay and shop order. These orders are held higher than other ordinary deliveries, making them more profitable.

This is ideal for drivers looking to make more money without having to work too much harder. Pay and order customers are easier to take on as the orders are generally faster and there are more available.

This makes getting an Uber eats plus card well worth the time for most serious Uber Eats delivery drivers.

Is an Uber Eats Plus Card Worth It?

For most Uber Eats drivers, getting the plus card is very much worth it. It can be a bold and profitable career move to help you earn more money.

This is because any pay and shop orders requiring a plus card can earn you up to 33% more money than other kinds of deliveries. This can add up fast and put a considerable bonus on your paycheck.

Taking on pay and shop orders is also great for slower days when regular deliveries are coming in slow. This gives you a second option to make money and still have a profitable day.

These kinds of orders are also generally faster and require less driving time. This is ideal for making more money working for Uber Eats, as time is money. The faster you can complete your orders, the better that day’s earnings will be.

One big downside that you should consider, however, is that these orders can quickly become complicated.

This can happen if something the customer ordered isn’t available, and you have to call them. This can result in the card having too much or not enough money or the customer being dissatisfied.

Another common complaint is that the plus cards can regularly have issues with working at locations. This can be frustrating and slow you down significantly.

How Do You Use an Uber Eats Plus Card?

The Uber eats plus card goes along with pay and shop or pay and order orders. Once you accept one of these orders, the order amount will be added to the plus card.

Then you will go to the restaurant or store to pick up the customer’s order and pay directly with the plus card. It is a very simple process that can help you to get more work and earn a bit more each day.

One issue you may run into with this process is that you have to wait for each order to be complete. This means that a slow order could significantly slow down your day and end up wasting your time.

You get paid for these wait times, but sometimes it still doesn’t break even and can be an order where you end up losing money.

Why is My Uber Eats Plus Card Not Working?

The most common complaint that my Uber Eats drivers have is that the plus card doesn’t always work reliably. One common occurrence is it gives an error when you try to use it to pay for a customer’s order.

This can be frustrating as it slows you down and can irritate the customer as they are waiting for their order to be delivered.

Some cards simply glitch and stop working for no reason, but the most common issue is the GPS tracker. All plus cards have a tracker so that you can only use them when at the right location.

Sometimes this tracker malfunctions and cannot tell that you are at the right location. This can cause it to give you an error and not work.

The best way to fix this issue is to turn off the GPS settings, if that doesn’t work, you will need to contact Uber Eats support for help.

What is the Uber Eats Plus Card

An Uber Eats plus card is a special card designed for shop and pay or order and pay orders. It puts the customer’s money on the card and allows you to pick it up and pay for it.

These kinds of orders often turn out to be more profitable for the driver and can help you to make more each week. They are also generally faster, allowing you to earn more money while still working fast and keeping up with orders coming in.

It is a great way for Uber Eats delivery drivers to get access to more jobs, helping them to raise their wages.

The downside is that these cards can often malfunction and be frustrating to use. They have their glitches sometimes that can not only slow you down but frustrated the customer.

You also cannot use the card unless you are getting an order, they do not have any money on them otherwise. They are not for personal use, and you will get into a lot of trouble if you try to use them for yourself.

Without an order, the cards are useless as they have no money on them until you are getting a customer’s order ready for them.

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