How Long Does a Walmart Background Check Take?

If you want to get hired by Walmart, you may be wondering how long the background check for Walmart will take. This is a commonly asked question as many people want to know how long this process will take for them to get hired.

Like any kind of company, Walmart requires all potential employees to go through a background check before being hired. This is necessary to make sure that there is nothing in your past that violates Walmarts policy.

This is a pretty straightforward process where you have to wait until your background check is approved by Walmart. This can hold up your application process, which is why many people want to know how long this will take.

Every company has a different policy for how it handles background checks, so there is no time period to expect from all companies. Keep reading to find out how long a Walmart background check will take and what to expect in this process.

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How Long Will My Walmart Background Check Take?

If you were going through the background check process at Walmart, you shouldn’t have to wait very long. The time that people have to wait does vary, but people usually hear back within seven business days of their background check.

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There is no set time that Walmart has to complete your background check and let you know if you have passed. Walmart uses different background check companies, and some may take longer to complete a background check than others.

This will also depend on the person getting the background check as the complexity will vary person by person. If there is a lot to check, this process is going to take longer than if you don’t have much to check.

For instance, if you have any arrests for felonies in your past, this is going to slow down the process. If you do not have anything like this that will have to be background checked, the process should be faster in your situation.

Walmart can usually complete this process within seven business days, letting you know if you passed the background check or not. Though many people have said that they receive confirmation within the same day of submitting their background check.

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How Does a Walmart Background Check Work?

Now that you know how long your Walmart background check should take, you may be wondering how this process works. This is something that many people may worry about, as this can prevent you from getting a job at Walmart.

The good thing is that this is a relatively stress-free and simple process that Walmart has for you. All you really need to do is give your consent for Walmart to process a background check for you.

Nothing is really required on your part except to give your consent and wait to hear back from Walmart. This is typically one of the last things that you will have to do before Walmart decides that you are a good fit for the job.

This is why many people may start to get a bit antsy during this process as they are eager to know whether or not they got the job. But you must pass the background check for Walmart to hire you.

The background check will consist of looking at different things in your past, such as:

Any of these charges typically have to have been many years ago for you to be able to work at Walmart. Though Walmart has the right to make exceptions and hire or reject certain people depending on the situation.

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How Long Does It Take to Get Hired at Walmart?

How long it takes to get hired at Walmart is going to really depend on the situation and the person. This can also depend on the Walmart location that you are applying for, as each location may have a different system.

Some Walmarts may be busier than others or require fewer employees. This can result in a longer hiring process depending on the situation for that particular Walmart location.

Generally, most Walmart employees have said that they were hired within a two-week period of applying for the job. This is a very reasonable timeline and is similar to many other companies that you might apply for.

Though this may not always be the case, so you should be prepared for any length of time that you have to wait. If you are very concerned about this, you can always ask during the hiring process as long as you do it respectfully.

It is best to not contact Walmart to know when certain stages of the hiring process will be complete, such as calling to see if you have passed the background check. This is generally considered to be rude, and you should simply try to be patient and wait for a response.

Does Walmart Do Drug Tests?

Many people may wonder if Walmart does drug tests on its employees either before or after they are hired. Walmart does drug tests employees during the hiring process just to make sure that you are eligible for the job.

This is typically not something that Walmart is going to do for all employees on a regular basis. You really just have to pass that initial drug test in order to be hired for the position you are applying for.

Once you are hired, drug tests will only be mandatory for those in certain positions in the store. This includes positions, such as deli workers, managers, pharmacy workers, etc.

These are the only positions where you will be required to do regular drug tests for safety purposes within the store. Any other normal job position is not going to be required to do this unless Walmart specifically thinks that you need to.

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Is It Hard to Get Hired by Walmart?

Many people looking to work at Walmart may worry that this is a hard company to get into. There have been plenty of complaints from people about the struggle of getting hired by this grocery store giant.

The reality is that Walmart is a very popular place that employs a large number of people. Because of this, there are always going to be a large number of applicants trying to get into different job positions within the store.

This means that it isn’t necessarily difficult to get a job at Walmart, you are just up against so many other applicants. This will be better or worse at different Walmart locations depending on how badly people want those jobs.

This is something to keep in mind, as certain locations may be very easy to break into. It just depends on how many employees that Walmart needs and whether or not people are eager to get those positions.

How Long Should a Walmart Background Check Take?

It typically does not take longer than seven business days to receive confirmation from Walmart about your background check. Within this time period, you should know whether or not your background check passed and if you are hired.

This may be a little bit longer or shorter a time period depending on the situation and how extensive your background check is. This is going to be different for everyone as everyone has a different kind of background that has to be checked out by Walmart.

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