Does Ace Hardware Price Match?

Ace Hardware has some amazing products and deals. If you prefer them to other stores, you may even be an Ace Rewards member.

But before you abandon Ace for the competition, consider if they’ll price match. Then, you can save money and still support your favorite store.

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Will Ace Hardware Price Match?

Some Ace Hardware locations offer price matching and price adjustments. However, the locations have independent owners, so not all stores will price match. Be sure to check with the employees at your local Ace Hardware to learn their policy.

If your nearest Ace Hardware won’t price match, call other locations. It never hurts to at least ask if they’ll price match.

What Ace Hardware Will Price Match

Not all Ace Hardware stores will price match. However, if yours does, the item you want has to meet some requirements.

Will Ace Hardware Price Match

You have to find an identical item available at a lower price from a competitor. The items have to be the same regarding the stock, color, and other unique features.

Also, the item must be in stock, so you can’t take a rain check on a price match. Qualifying items can’t be damaged or have a lower price due to a special offer.

If your item meets these qualifications, you can still track the price. If you see Ace lowers the price on it, you can take the item and your receipt to the store to request a small refund for the price adjustment.

What Ace Hardware Won’t Price Match

Even if your local Ace store will price match, they don’t do so for everything. You can’t get a price match on used items, clearance or liquidation items, or labor fees. Closeouts and other discounts also don’t qualify for a price match.

The store won’t match any holiday deals or similar price changes. All of these restrictions also apply to the price adjustment policy.

However, you should consult your local store. They might have more exclusions that you should know about before buying something.

How to Get a Price Match at Ace Hardware

You can request a price match at Ace Hardware, but you have to take a few steps. First, you’ll need to figure out if the location has such a policy.

Does Ace Hardware Price Match

Ask an employee or look for the manager. They can tell you if they offer price matching and what the rules are to qualify.

Assuming your store does price match, you can show them the lower price from a competitor. Pull up the competitor’s website or bring a print ad that you have. Then, the cashier can process your purchase at the lower price.

Other Methods to Save Money at Ace

If your local Ace Hardware won’t price match, you have options. That way, you can still shop there and save money on the things you need.

Here are a few options to consider before you leave Ace for a competitor.

Join the Rewards Program

If you shop at Ace Hardware often, you should join the Ace Rewards program. The program is free, and you can earn points on most purchases. Every dollar equates to 10 points, and you’ll earn $5 when you hit 2,500 points (spend $250).

You can also get free delivery on online orders that are more than $50. And Ace will send you exclusive deals.

If you manage to spend more than $750 in 12 months, you’ll qualify for the Premier tier. That has all of the same benefits, but you can get 10% off a purchase you choose. You’ll also get to choose when to apply triple the points to a purchase.

New members earn 1,000 points when they sign up. You’ll also get a special birthday reward to help save money.

Search for Coupons

Whether or not you join Ace Rewards, you may want to look out for coupons. Keep an eye on your email and your physical mailbox.

How to Get a Price Match at Ace Hardware

Whenever you get a coupon, put it somewhere safe. It may not be for something you think you need, but you never know.

Of course, you should also check for the coupon expiration date. That way, you won’t miss out on the deal.

Wait for Sales

Another option is to simply wait for Ace Hardware to run sales. They usually run sales for Thanksgiving and Black Friday, so keep that in mind before shopping earlier in November.

You can also ask about other sales the store runs throughout the year. Since locations have independent owners, they may operate different sales.

Either way, waiting for a sale can help you save money if you can wait. Sometimes, you may need to buy something right away.

Can You Price Match at Ace Hardware?

You can price match at some Ace Hardware locations. The stores all have different owners who can decide whether or not to match lower prices at competitors. Be sure to ask your local Ace Hardware if they’ll price match before you go shopping there.

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