How Long Does Ulta Take to Ship?

If you want to buy good makeup, Ulta is probably on your list of stores to visit. But maybe you don’t have time to shop in the store.

Ordering online can help you get what you want, but Ulta isn’t Amazon. You should know how long it will take to receive your order.

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How Long Does It Take for Ulta to Ship an Order?

Ulta can ship something as fast as the same day the order is placed. They offer same-day delivery through DoorDash in select areas. Otherwise, it can take one to eight business days to receive an order.

Ulta has some free shipping promotions, but the standard rates range from $6.95 to $19.95. Keep that in mind when selecting your shipping option.

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Ulta Shipping Times and Costs

When you order online from Ulta, you should consider the cost and timeline. Then, you can make sure to order early enough to refill your makeup before you run out.

Here are the different shipping options that Ulta offers.


Standard shipping from Ulta costs $6.95, and it can take three to eight business days for them to deliver your order. Since business days don’t include weekends, that means it could take more time.

For example, consider placing an order on a Friday. Monday would be one business day, so you could get your items the Wednesday after you order. Or it could take until the Monday 10 days after you bought your stuff.


If you don’t want to wait as long, you can purchase expedited shipping. This option costs $12.95, and delivery happens within three or four business days. Ordering on Friday means you can expect your item the following Wednesday or Thursday.

Of course, you also have to consider holidays. So if there’s a Monday holiday in there, you might not get your order until a week after you place it.

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For anyone who really can’t wait, there’s the premium shipping tier. You’ll need to pay $19.95 for shipping, and it can still take two to three business days to get your order.

However, this is a nice option if you order something and need it soon. Or maybe you forgot to buy makeup and are about to run out. You may want or need to pay for premium shipping to get your items on time.

Ulta Same-Day Delivery

If you live in a participating city, you may qualify for Ulta Same-Day Delivery. The store has partnered with DoorDash to get your items to you the day you order them or the following day.

You’ll place your order online and select “Pickup in Store” before seeing the option for delivery. As of this writing, Ulta offers same-day delivery in:

  • New York City
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Atlanta
  • Boise
  • Boston
  • Detroit
  • Philadelphia
  • Seattle

They may add more cities in the future, so check back often to see if you qualify. You can add your address in the checkout section to see if you can get delivery. Otherwise, you can choose to pick up the item yourself or have Ulta ship it using one of the other methods.

Assuming you qualify, same-day delivery will cost $9.95, so it’s a better deal than some of the slower shipping methods. You can order for delivery whenever, but if you order after the delivery cutoff, you’ll get your item the next day.

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Ulta Processing Times

Regardless of the delivery tier you select, Ulta can take up to one to two business days to process your order. This gives the store time to find the items you want and package them for you.

Depending on the processing time, that could delay the shipment. Also, you have to consider weekends and holidays, which can also slow things down.

Shipping Restrictions

Before you order from Ulta, consider that they only ship domestically. Also, not all addresses qualify for all shipping methods. The biggest restriction is the same-day delivery option, which is only in a few cities.

However, you can’t use expedited or premium shipping for hazardous materials. Ulta considers aerosols and anything that has to be under pressure to be hazardous. They’ll only ship those items via ground transportation, so they can ship via standard or same-day delivery.

Because of that, Ulta can’t ship those things to addresses in Alaska or Hawaii. They also won’t ship hazardous materials to United States territories. PO Boxes and APO/FPO addresses also can’t get hazardous materials delivered.

How Long Does Ulta Shipping Take?

Ulta shipping can take as few as one day or as many as eight business days. It depends on the shipping tier you select when you place the order. Be sure to account for weekend days and holidays. If you’re ordering aerosols or something similar, the shipping can also take longer since they can’t ship those through the air.

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