How Many MPG Does a U-haul Get?

If you are planning on renting a u-haul truck, you may want to know how many miles per gallon a u-haul gets. This is an important detail as this will be a part of your expenses when renting from U-Haul.

This is something that is going to make your U-Haul rental more expensive, so it is a good detail to get information on. Especially if you are going to be using your u-haul truck for a long-distance trip.

To find out how many miles per gallon a u-haul gets, keep reading for more information.

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How Many Miles to The Gallon Does a U-haul Truck Get?

The typical u-haul truck gets an average of 10 miles per gallon, though this will differ with each truck size. The larger the u-haul truck, the more gas it will go through per mile, so the mileage will get worse, the larger the u-haul.

This is an important detail to factor in when renting a u-haul as you will have to foot the gas bill. Not only will you be paying to rent the u-haul and any necessary equipment, but you will also be paying for gas as well.

You will want to try to figure out just how much this could all come to so that you are prepared. This is an important expense and will be a large part of your final bill when renting from U-Haul.

This is why you will also want to consider the size of the u-haul that you rent carefully. Try to only go with the size that just fits your needs instead of an option for a bigger option.

The bigger the u-haul, the more gas you will end up blowing through, which will end up costing much more. So it is best to only rent the size of truck that you need and nothing larger.

How Much Gas Will You Spend on a U-haul Truck?

How much gas ends up costing you when renting a u-haul truck will vary quite a lot. This will depend on several factors, such as the size of u-haul, distance you are driving, and the price of gas.

These are all factors that can have a dramatic effect on how much you end up spending on gas. Generally, it is a good idea to plan to spend at least $212.50 on gas for an 850-mile trip.

Though this will vary depending on the current gas process and which u-haul you choose to rent. If you are able to, it is best to go with one of the u-haul trucks that gets 10 miles per gallon as this will cost you less.

You can use an online gas calculator to try to get an estimate of how much your gas is going to cost for the trip. This is the best way to figure out how much extra money you need to set aside for gas expenses.

Keep in mind that you must also return your u-haul with a certain amount of fuel in it or pay a $30 fueling fee.

How Do You Check Mileage on U-haul Trucks?

How Many MPG Does a U-haul Get

To check the mileage on your U-Haul rental, find the odometer, which is usually above the steering column. This will usually be under the speedometer, and you should clearly see the odometer reading.

Make sure that you make a note somewhere of the mileage and fuel level. It is even better if you can do this on your contract paperwork as proof.

You should be able to calculate the mileage by reading the odometer reading as you go through gas.

Make sure you return the rental with the same amount of gas that it originally had. It is also a good idea to check the rental for any damage before you ever start your trip.

Make sure the damage is already listed on the paperwork so that you don’t end up getting blamed for it when you return the truck.

Will U-Haul Refund You If You Use Less Miles Than Estimated?

U-Haul has a system where it will estimate the number of miles that you are going to go through and will charge you for them. This estimate will be added to your final bill.

There are some instances where you may use fewer miles, however, so do you get a refund for those miles?

If you are using an in-town rental, you can get a refund for miles that you didn’t use. In-town rentals only charge you for the miles that you actually drive, even if they are less than what was estimated.

If your rental is a one-way rental, you will not be refunded for miles that were not used. This means that if you drive 10 miles less than was originally estimated, you still have to pay for those 10 miles.

This type of rental charges you for the estimated miles, whether they are incorrect or not.

How Big is The Tank on a U-haul?

Most u-haul trucks are going to have a gas tank according to how big the u-haul itself is. A 20-foot u-haul has a 40-gallon tank as well as a 17 foot and 15-foot u-haul.

Generally, most u-haul trucks have a gas tank capacity of 40 gallons. It is only the pickup trucks and vans that tend to have smaller gas tanks.

If this is something that you want to know before your trip, you can always call U-Haul support before finalizing your rental. The support team should be able to tell you how large the gas tanks are for all U-Haul vehicles.

This can help you to better estimate how much gas you will be getting and how many stops you will have to make.

What is The MPG of a U-haul Truck?

What is The MPG of a U-haul Truck

Most u-hauls can generally get 10 miles per gallon, though the much larger u-hauls will go through more gas faster. This can result in a much more expensive gas bill for your overall trip.

As far as moving trucks go, U-Haul’s vehicles are not the worst, though their mileage isn’t great either. When driving vehicles f this size, you can’t expect to get a lot out of your gas as moving trucks go through it quickly.

This is why it is important to carefully consider the size of the u-haul that you need for your trip. If you want to save money, make sure to only rent the size that you need and nothing larger.

The larger the u-haul, the more gas you will go through, and the more money gas will cost. So it is best to stick with only what you need and not get anything larger in size.

Though the price of gas for a trip like this can vary quite a lot, you can estimate the cost by using a gas calculator. This will help you to estimate how much gas is going to cost you on your trip.

This can help you to be better prepared and have the money already set aside for your move. Keep in mind, that you will also need to return the rental with some gas in the tank. If you don’t, you could be charged a $30 fuel fee once returned.

If you are still worried about the MPG of your u-haul truck, you can always ask the U-Haul employees any questions that you have. They are there to help.

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