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If you are a new customer to DoorDash, you may be curious if you can get any promo codes as a new customer. This is a great question as many companies offer this kind of discount to those who are new customers.

DoorDash has a variety of different promo codes that it gives out for different reasons, so it makes sense that it might do this for new customers as well.

To find out whether or not you get access to a DoorDash promo code as a new customer, keep reading.

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Are There Promo Codes for New DoorDash Customers?

New DoorDash customers have two promo code options when first using DoorDash to order their food. This includes the option for a 20% discount code from their entire order or the option to get free delivery for that first order.

You will not get both promos codes as a new customer, and you usually cannot choose the one you want either. One of these two options will be sent to you once you create a DoorDash account as a customer.

You can then use this promo code on your very first DoorDash order to get a deal. Either promo code is equally valuable since it helps to deduct from the total cost of your order.

This is a great incentive for many new DoorDash customers as it allows you to cash in on a great deal with your first order. This gives you the opportunity to test DoorDash out without having to make too big of an investment.

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Can I Use More Than One Promo Code at Once?

DoorDash gives out many different promo codes depending on the customer, time period, and other factors. These promo codes are very common, and many DoorDash customers love to take advantage of them.

These are great deals and usually help you to get a nice discount on your DoorDash orders. Especially if you frequently order through the DoorDash app.

Because of this, it is not uncommon for a customer to have more than one promo code at once. So you may be wondering if you can use two codes at once for a bigger discount on your order.

You are not actually allowed to use more than one promo code when checking out your DoorDash order. Though you may have two codes or several, you cannot use more than one at once.

This is DoorDash’s way of encouraging more orders as you do not want to let your discount just sit there and go to waste. Having available promo codes encourages customers to order more frequently through DoorDash as you are getting a discount.

This can be very useful to those who frequently order through DoorDash, whether they have a code or not. But it can become pricey if you are only wanting to order food because there is a promo code available.

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Do New DoorDash Customers Get Promo Codes?

DoorDash New Customer Promo

As a new DoorDash customer, you can expect to receive a promo code when you create your account. This will either be a 20% off code for one order or free delivery for one order, you will only get one.

This code is meant to be used on your first DoorDash order so that you can get an initial discount when trying out DoorDash. You can expect to get access to many more kinds of promo codes as you use DoorDash as it gives out several different kinds.

DoorDash generally has a whole new set of promo codes available each month. Some may apply to you while others don’t, but there are always many available. This acts as a great incentive to get customers to place more orders.

This can be especially useful if you already order from DoorDash very frequently as it can save you some money. Though you will want to remember that you cannot use more than one promo code per order.

DoorDash only allows you to use one promo code with each order, you cannot double up to get a better discount. This keeps customers coming back as no one likes to leave a discount just sitting there.

Make sure you understand the kinds of promo codes that you have access to, as some of them have limitations or are available for a limited time only.

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