How Much Does a Day Pass for LA Fitness Cost?

Paying for LA Fitness can be great, but it may not be worth it for the occasional visit. So you may wonder if you can get a day pass.

If so, consider how much it will cost you to use the gym for a day. Then, you can decide if that’s the best choice for your workout needs.

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How Much Does an LA Fitness Day Pass Cost?

An LA Fitness Day Pass varies in price based on your location. In one location, it costs $15, but other gyms may charge more or less. When visiting LA Fitness for the first time, you can go for free and get a free 3-day pass.

If you know an LA Fitness member, ask them to get you a guest pass. Then, you can work out together, and you can save money.

LA Fitness day pass

LA Fitness Day Pass Pricing

If you want to go to LA Fitness for one day, you’ll need to purchase a day pass. According to third-party sources, a pass costs about $15.

However, it could cost more or less depending on your city. To get the most accurate numbers, call the location you want to get the day pass for. They can tell you how much it will cost for that gym.

LA Fitness 3-Day Pass

You may not have to pay to access LA Fitness at all. If you’ve never been there, consider getting a free three-day trial.

During that period, you can do anything that a normal member can do. You won’t have to worry about visiting for just one day. So you could experiment with various times to see when it’s not as busy and you can get the machines you want.

LA Fitness Guest Pass

Another option you have if you know an LA Fitness member is to be their guest. All plans come with two guest privileges, so a member could bring you to their workout.

Members don’t have to bring the same guests every time. So as long as it’s just the two of you or the two of you plus one more guest, you can get into the facility for free.

Of course, you could also offer to pay your friend, especially if you use their guest privileges often. Then, you could both save money on the gym.

LA Fitness with friend

LA Fitness Membership Pricing

If you want to test out LA Fitness, you should consider how much a membership costs. Then, you can determine if a day pass makes more sense or if you’d save by paying monthly.

Let’s assume a day pass costs $15. To join LA Fitness, you can pay a $99 initiation fee and $34.99 per month. Alternatively, you can pay $44.99 a month and no initiation fee.

Over the course of a year, a member would spend $518.88 to $539.88. The lower number assumes you pay the $99 initiation fee, and you would save money after going 35 times. After 36 visits, you’d save money with either plan.

So if you plan on going to the gym at least three times a month, the membership is probably worth it. If you won’t go that much, you can save money with a day pass.

Why Use an LA Fitness Day Pass

As you consider the prices, you may wonder about other reasons to get a day pass. Here are a few scenarios where using a day pass from LA Fitness makes more sense than a membership.

Occasional Gym Use

Of course, if you rarely use the gym, you won’t want to get a membership. But maybe you like to work out at a gym when it’s raining outside. In that case, buying a day pass for LA Fitness could be a good option.

Now, if your gym usage is more seasonal, such as during the winter, you should become a member for those few months. Then, you could go as much as you want. If you join for three months, it could cost as little as $134.97.

During Travel

Perhaps your job requires you to travel a lot, or you like traveling on the weekends. In that case, you might want to get a day pass so that you can work out when you’re out of town.

That’s an especially good idea if you don’t have any LA Fitness locations where you live. If there are gyms back at home, you can get a membership and access any location.

But if you only travel once or twice a month, a day pass is nice. It will cost less over time, and you can still stay fit when you’re traveling.

LA Fitness for travellers

Go With a Friend

Another excellent reason to use a day pass is if you want to go with a friend. If you’re both new to the gym, you could test it out together.

Or maybe you want to go with a few friends, and only one has a membership. Your friend might give guest privileges to two other people. Then, you can pay for a day pass so that all four of you are able to work out together.

Of course, you don’t always need a day pass to go with a friend. But if you want to go in a group, someone will probably need to pay.

Try the Gym

If you’re looking to join a gym, a day pass is a great option. You might have done the free three-day trial, but maybe you didn’t get to go at different times or during the week and on the weekend.

You can get a day pass to extend your trial in a way. Then, you could help determine if LA Fitness is the right gym for you or not. A day pass can be much more cost-effective than paying for a month before you’re sure you’ll use it.

Why Not Use an LA Fitness Day Pass

Unfortunately, the LA Fitness day pass isn’t perfect. Consider the following reasons why you might not want to use it.

It Adds Up

If you go often enough, you could end up spending a lot on a day pass. Even just one visit a week would cost you $780 after a year. Compare that to a membership, and you could waste over $200.

And if you go multiple times a week, the cost will add up even faster. So once you start going more than three times a month, switch to the monthly membership. You’ll save money, and you can go to the gym as much as you want.

There’s a Free Pass

When visiting a new LA Fitness, you can request a free three-day trial. Of course, you don’t want to abuse that and use it at every possible location. However, you can start using the gym for free.

Then, you might learn you don’t like the available machines. Or maybe your nearest location is too busy when you’re free to use the gym. So you’d learn to look at other gyms that are more worth it for you.

How Much Does LA Fitness Charge for a Day Pass?

LA Fitness charges about $15 for a day pass. However, they also offer a three-day trial for free. If you know a member, they can bring you as a guest at no extra charge as well. Then, you can test out the gym to decide if you want to pay for a membership.

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