How to Cancel Order on DSW?

Imagine ordering the perfect pair of shoes online. You go to check your confirmation email only to realize you accidentally selected the wrong size.

Before you freak out too much, consider how to cancel your order. Then, you can buy the shoes in your correct size.

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How Do You Cancel a DSW Order?

To cancel a DSW order, contact DSW customer service by calling 1 (866) 379-7463. You can also email customerservice(at)DSW(dot)com. Make sure you have your order number on hand and any other details related to your order.

Another option is to wait until you receive the shoes. You can try them on to see if they might fit, or you can then return them.

calling DSW customer service

How to Cancel Your Order

As soon as you realize you want to cancel your DSW order, you can contact them. You can call customer service at 1 (866) 379-7463.

If you prefer to email, there’s also the address customerservice(at)DSW(dot)com. Then you can message the company whenever you have a chance, but it can take time to get a response.

You might also want to wait until the shoes get to you. Try them on, and they might work for you, even if you bought a smaller or larger size than normal.

If you have a DSW Gold or Elite account, you can ship the shoes back for free. Alternatively, anyone can take shoes to their local DSW store to return them.

Why Would You Cancel a DSW Order

You might wonder why you’d want to cancel a DSW order. Of course, buying shoes online can be tricky, so you may want to get the shoes to try on before canceling.

But there are a few instances where you’ll know you’ll want to return the shoes. In the following cases, canceling your order might be easier.

DSW wrong shoe size cancel

Wrong Shoe Size

One of the most obvious reasons to cancel your order is if you chose the wrong size. Maybe you accidentally clicked a different size from your normal size.

Or perhaps you ordered from a brand that normally runs small. You selected your usual size but realized later that you should have sized up.

Wrong Style

You might have ordered the correct size, but you could have selected a style or color you don’t love. As with the size issue, it can be easy to select the wrong color.

Especially if your favorite color isn’t the default, you may forget to change it. Then, you could speed through the checkout process. Only after you check your confirmation do you realize you wanted a different color or style.

Wrong Address

If you recently moved, you could have also accidentally ordered the shoes to your old address. Since you no longer have access to the place, canceling is easier than returning.

That way, you can keep the new renters or owners from getting ahold of your shoes. For the other reasons, returns are easy, but you’ll have to act quickly if you use an address you can’t access.

DSW order gift

A Gift Mixup

Maybe you know a friend wants a pair of shoes for their birthday, so you order them. You might want to cancel your order if you learn another friend bought the shoes for the recipient.

Or the birthday guy or gal may have bought the shoes. Instead of waiting to return the shoes, you can cancel your order and avoid accidentally double-gifting.

How Do You Cancel an Order From DSW?

To cancel a DSW order, you can contact customer service by phone or email. Another option, if you still have access to the delivery address, is to wait for the shoes to arrive. Then, you can return them by mail or at a DSW retail location.

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