How Much Does U Haul Hold On Credit Card?

You are thinking about renting from U Haul but would like to know how much they’ll hold on your credit card. That is a good question and we are going to take a look at that right now. Let’s see how much U Haul will hold on a credit card.

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How Much Does U Haul Hold With Credit Cards?

With credit cards, a one way move will allow for you to be charged the full amount during pickup. For an in town move, your credit card is charged for the estimated rental amount. This includes several different things that would contribute to the overall rental amount.

Why Did U Haul Charge Me Twice?

There is no reason why U Haul should have charged you twice. Maybe the person in charge of running your card ran it too many times like one time too many and that is why you are seeing a duplicate charge. In my own experience, I know that sometimes you will see a duplicate charge on your statement but you didn’t necessarily get charged twice.

A glitch in the system could cause you to be charged twice or for it to appear that you were charged twice. If you owe more than what they have held from you, U Haul will charge that amount in a separate transaction. Nine times out of ten, you aren’t seeing duplicate charges.

You may be seeing where U Haul is charging you twice for different amounts. One of those is the withheld amount and the other transaction is simply how much you owe minus the hold amount. So it is probably only right that they charged you twice.

U Haul can’t know your final price for sure until after you check in with the rental.  If you think you have been wrongfully charged twice then read the next part.

What to Do If U Haul Charges Me More Than Once?

How Much Does U Haul Hold On Credit Card

If U Haul charges you more than once, don’t panic. Try to stay calm because I know this can be a very frustrating thing to go through. It may just be a mistake especially if the charges are in the same amounts.

On the other hand, it may not be a mistake and maybe U Haul meant to charge you more than once. Depending on how many charges are there, you may be able to do something about it. First, you would have to be able to prove that those charges are wrong or that you’ve been overcharged by U Haul.

If you have in fact been overcharged by U Haul you can call up to U Haul, ask to speak to a manager or supervisor, and ask for a refund. Explain to the supervisor why you know the charges are wrong and ask for your money back. The supervisor may check the system and believe that the amount is right and you were supposed to be charged that amount.

You could leave it at that or you could push the issue further. Calling the U Haul corporate office may or may not be of some help to you. They may be able to further assist you with this issue.

Is There a Hold for Prepaid Cards?

There is a hold for prepaid cards and I believe the hold is much greater than it is for a credit card. It is $100 for trucks and $75 for towing equipment and $60 for a trailer. The hold for prepaid cards is very similar to credit cards.

You may find that the hold for prepaid cards is slightly higher because they have to make sure they get all of their money. In the eyes of U Haul, prepaid cards are a lot less reliable and much more risky than a credit card. So if you aren’t able to use a credit card, then you can use a prepaid card but you may pay a bigger bill.

That is why you should not use a prepaid card unless it is absolutely necessary. Prepaid cards come with their own set of troubles. So if you can avoid the prepaid cards, please do.

There is a hold on prepaid cards and really any other form of payment methods that are not credit cards.

Can I Get a Rental Without Them Putting a Hold On My Card?

If you are doing a local move, there will likely and almost always be a hold on your card. Once you return all of the equipment, the exact amount to be charged will be taken from the amount that was withheld on your card. There may be some U Hauls that don’t require putting a hold on your account.

However, for the most part, you will have to get a hold put on your account. To think that there won’t be a hold put on your account is not reasonable. U Haul has its own ways of operating.

They have to make sure they get their money from you. So putting a hold on your account is maybe frustrating but definitely required. If you decided to not pay for the rental then U Haul would be out of money this way.

If there is a way for you to get a rental without them putting a hold on your card then by all means do it. Just be aware that this may not be the actual outcome for you. They are more than likely going to want to put a hold on your card.

How to Get the Hold Released From My Card?

How Much Will U Haul Hold On My Credit Card

There are some ways for you to get the hold released from your card. You may or may not be able to get the hold removed but if you can there are a few things to try. The first thing you should try is to fill out a hold release request.

Once you fill out this request, the money will be returned to your account within 5 business days of the final transaction. You’ll probably only need this if your financial institution or bank refuses to release the money back into your account. Sometimes they just need extra information to release the funds back into the right account.

So it is your bank or financial institutions responsibility to put the money back in your account. In most cases, this should not be an actual problem. But if it does become an issue just fill out the hold release request and you’ll be on your way to getting your money back.

U Haul is not going to keep all of your money unless the total or overall balance exceeds the amount that was withheld. In this case, no money will be released back into your bank account at all. If you think this is some sort of error, reach out to U Haul and allow them to help you.

How Much Will U Haul Hold On My Credit Card?

U Haul will hold different amounts on your credit card. It really depends on what you are renting and if you’ve added any protection to your rental. There will also be taxes and fees charged and the estimated rental amount.

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