How to Join Planet Fitness Without Checking Account?

If you want to get a gym membership to Planet Fitness, you may be wondering how to join without having a checking account. This is a very common question as many do not have a checking account but still want to join this gym.

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You probably already know that paying through a checking account is the most common way to join Planet Fitness, but are there other options? Are you able to join Planet Fitness with a different kind of payment method instead?

Keep reading to find out whether or not Planet Fitness will accept other forms of payment rather than a checking account.

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How Can I Join Planet Fitness Without a Checking Account?

Most Planet Fitness locations will not allow you to get a membership if you do not have a checking account. This can change according to the location, but this is a very common policy that is a huge turn-off for many potential customers.

Most Planet Fitness locations have a strict policy of only accepting electronic funds transfers through a checking account. Its reason for this is that this gives a better guarantee that customers will actually pay the fees.

With the information tied to a checking account, Planet Fitness can charge you for your membership fee whether you want to pay or not. If it were to accept another form of payment, it may be harder to get the money that it is owed.

Planet Fitness also sees this as a more secure way of paying if your credit card information were to change. Though many potential customers are not impressed by these excuses as other payment forms are just as secure.

This has resulted in Planet Fitness losing potential customers as they may not have access to a checking account. Many people also do not want to have to open a checking account just to get a gym membership.

Can I Pay Cash for Planet Fitness?

Most Planet Fitness locations will not accept cash as they only accept checking account payments. Though you may be able to do a one-time payment to just get into the gym with cash.

How to Join Planet Fitness Without Checking Account

Some locations may allow you to pay with cash or other payment methods, but this is not very common. Most Planet Fitness locations will have the checking account policy, and it will only receive payment from that kind of account.

You can always call up your location directly to ask them if they will take other forms of payment, however. It is not common, but some locations may accept other forms of payment to help customers out and provide better flexibility.

What Happens If I Owe Planet Fitness Money?

If you owe Planet Fitness money, you will eventually not be allowed into the gym. If you are repeatedly late for payments and have stopped paying them at all, this will show up when you try to check in.

Once it is clear that you are no longer submitting your payments, you will not be allowed to enter your Planet Fitness gym.

You will be charged late fees each time you do not submit a membership payment, and eventually Planet Fitness will have to take drastic measures. It will do this by sending your unpaid balance to a collection agency.

One way or another, you will have to pay for your Planet Fitness membership. This is not something that you can just stop paying.

If you want to cancel your Planet Fitness membership, you will need to do so in the correct way. You cannot do this over the phone, but you can send your Planet Fitness gym a letter asking to cancel your membership.

That or you can fill out a cancellation form at the gym if you ask for the form at the front desk. Just keep in mind that the cancellation process can take as long as 30 days to fully complete.

You will also want to start this process before you are billed for that month to avoid paying for a month that you do not use Planet Fitness.

Can I Join Planet Fitness Without a Checking Account?

You typically cannot join Planet Fitness without a checking account, as that is where it bills you for your membership. There is the occasional location that accepts other forms of payment, but it is not very common.

Most Planet Fitness locations will only accept payment through a checking account making it impossible to join without one. This is a huge downside for most people as not everyone has a checking account.

Though it is easy to create one, not everyone is going to want to do that just for a gym membership. This can negatively impact Planet Fitness and result in it losing potential customers.

You may be able to pay with cash for a one-time entrance into the gym. This gives you the opportunity to workout one day or have a look around. Though most locations will not accept cash for any kind of membership.

This is an important detail to know about if you are looking into getting a Planet Fitness membership. Most places will only accept a checking account form of payment, severely limiting your payment options.

Its reasons behind doing this are that it creates a more secure way of making monthly payments. As well as guaranteeing that there will be no hassles or delays if your credit card information were to change or be stolen.

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