How to Rate DoorDash Driver

How to Rate DoorDash Driver

When you order from DoorDash, you get the unique opportunity to rate your delivery driver. This is a great way to leave your opinion as to how you feel you were served.

This is then used by DoorDash to create an overall rating for that driver. An overall rating is used to show how well that Dasher works with all of their deliveries.

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How Can I Rate a DoorDash Driver?

If you wish to leave a rating for your order, you can easily do so by going to your Orders tab within DoorDash. This will give you the option to leave a review or rating.

This is a great place to comment on exceptional service or any issues you experienced.

Once you are in the Orders tab, you will be able to choose which order you want to rate. There should be a rate button next to each order that has not already been rated.

From there, you can go on to rate how you feel the delivery went. Make sure to highlight any issues that came up if they were something that could have been avoided.

Try to avoid leaving poor ratings on things that the driver could not have changed. Such as your food being prepared slowly or them being late because they were stuck in traffic.

Keep your order rating focused on the delivery, communication, and handoff. Featuring any direct issues that you saw with the deliverer or anything that they did that was exemplary.

If your driver handled your delivery very badly and made a big mistake, try to contact customer support first. These kinds of larger issues are best addressed directly instead of through a review.

Do Ratings Affect Their Pay?

leave a rating doordash

DoorDash ratings do not affect the pay of the driver in any way even if it is a particularly negative review.

If you are very unhappy with your service, there is very little you can do to affect the driver’s pay. They will be paid whether the delivery went poorly or not.

Ratings are used more as a way for DoorDash to track its drivers. So that they can see which ones are doing an exemplary job or which ones are falling behind.

Eventually, if a driver does have a habit of getting bad ratings, they will be removed from the site. Or occasionally, if a delivery goes very poorly and a customer complains, they might be terminated there and there.

If you are very unhappy with the service of a Dasher, you can contact DoorDash support to explain the issue. Sometimes a very bad delivery experience can result in a refund from DoorDash, depending on the circumstances.

Can a DoorDash Driver Rate The Customer?

As of right now, Dashers do not have the option to provide ratings about customers. The only thing that they can do is leave feedback about the delivery itself.

This could eventually change, however, in order to help drivers avoid difficult customers. Just like deliverers, sometimes you can have bad customers as well.

Will A DoorDash Driver See My Rating?

DoorDash drivers cannot see individually left ratings. Instead, they only see the final rating outcome from all of their combined ratings.

This helps to keep the identity of the customer safe if they choose to leave a poor rating.

The only downside to this is Dashers might still be able to tell what kind of rating you left if they check their overall rating after a delivery. This could give them a pretty accurate guess of whether or not you left a bad or good rating.

But overall, most drivers are far too busy to go to such lengths and rarely check their rating anyway. DoorDash has made it so that you can safely rate Dashers without worrying that they can see your rating.

How Does Rating a DoorDasher Work?

If you want to rate a DoorDash driver, you can easily do so within the DoorDash app. It is set up in a way that makes it very easy to leave ratings for each order.

All you have to do is go onto your account and go to the Orders tab. From there, you will be able to see all of your orders and click on the one that you want to rate.

It is best to try to focus on just three things when leaving a rating. Such as delivery, handoff, and communication. These are the most important points of any DoorDash delivery.

This is a great way to leave feedback for DoorDash to know what positives and negatives there are about that driver. Making it easier for it to sift through DoorDash drivers that are very good at their job and those that aren’t.

And the best part about this rating system is that DoorDash allows customers to do so in complete secrecy. So you can confidently leave a rating for a driver without worrying that they may see it.

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  1. lol…. you have no clue how it works…… for one thing, the whole point of a rating system should be to improve the quality of future service…… a numerical system does not accomplish that….. for one thing, the dasher has no real way to know which customer left a rating lower than 5 stars, therefore, he has no way to know what he could have done better ….. how is a person supposed to improve the quality of his performance if he isn’t made aware of what he did wrong ?? here’s another problem….. people are more likely to complain than they are to praise, and only about 1 in 4 people even bother to leave feedback…… but there’s another problem — the average person believes that 3 stars is for average quality of service — in doordash, any rating under 5 is eventually harmful to the dasher……. an average of 4.7 is required to qualify as a top dasher, and if the dasher drops below 4.2, he can be ‘ fired ‘…….. the point is, the rating system currently being used by doordash is worthless — it does not lead to better quality of service, and it puts the dasher under sufficient pressure which might lead to even worse service, not better service…….

  2. The comprehensive assessment above sums up just about everything I’ve thought about many times over the years as a driver! For example, a couple of months ago I when from a 4.96 to 4.86 ( the difference two 3s instead of 5s ) in like two days and I don’t even even know why! Meaning, absolutely reference to any particular delivery in question on order to learn from our at least comment on any misunderstanding that may be present.. For example, many times to restaurants package the meal so bad the food items shift awkwardly no matter how well you handle them and of course occasionally they assume the driver mishandled..

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