DoorDash Issues and Errors

DoorDash Issues and Errors

Issues and errors are a normal part of everyday life, even more so with DoorDash. When things go wrong you probably do research to try and fix the problem. It helps to have resources such as this one to help you figure out a certain issue or error that you may be having on the DoorDash platform.

Some issues and errors can appear to be unfixable but most times there is some sort of fix. Even if you have to call and get help from DoorDash support, your issue will likely be fixed soon.

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DoorDash Can’t Verify Payment

When your order is denied because the payment can’t be verified by DoorDash, you should check that you have entered your credit or debit card information the right way. If you enter just one wrong number it will automatically kick the order out. The fact that it says it can’t verify payment shows that the issue is with the card information you have entered.

You may find that your payment information is entered wrongly. Or you may learn that your information is all correct. Even then, a recommended fix for this error is to delete the card information and re-enter it again.

I Can’t Order/DoorDash Blocking My Orders

This is a common error that a lot of people are receiving. Usually, DoorDash blocks orders when the information on the customer’s profile isn’t the same as the card information that you are trying to order with.

If the zipcode on the card is different from the zipcode used on your profile then your order will be blocked and not processed. The fix for this is to go and update your information to make sure the information on your card is the same information reflected on your profile.

DoorDash 2-Step Verification Not Working

Part of 2-step verification is to send you a text message with a code so you can confirm that it is you signing into the account. It is a lot harder to get into your account when 2-step verification is turned on and you’re not getting the text messages that are being sent out to you. So what do you do?

If you aren’t getting text messages, check your wifi and internet connection. Make sure you have a good signal and that the internet connection is working properly. You may have unsubscribed from receiving text messages from DoorDash.

In this case, you can choose to resend the code by email or you can contact DoorDash support and resubscribe to text messages.

You can also try resending the code to your phone if you’d like. It may just be a glitch in the system that is preventing the six-digit code from going through.

You’ll actually need this code to be able to sign into your account. That is why it is so important for this to be working. 2-step verification tends to have problems on a regular basis.

It may be worth it to try to uninstall the app altogether and re-install it to see if you can get the code this time. If all your attempts to fix the issue of not receiving your 2-step verification codes fails, you need to get in touch with DoorDash support.

DoorDash 401 Error

The DoorDash 401 error often occurs when some information has been entered incorrectly. To fix this issue you will need to call support. There is no other way to rectify the issue.

Sometimes, DoorDash support can be hard to get in touch with but you should keep calling until you get someone to help. If the representative tells you that the 401 error code will go away in 2 days, this is not always the case. There are reports of people being told this and the error in fact does not go away in 2 days.

The error will stay around until someone from support goes in and enters the correct info. For example, you may get this code when you enter the wrong phone number. You’ll continue to see the 401 error code until it is fixed by DoorDash support.

DoorDash Verify Phone Number Greyed Out/ DoorDash Can’t Reach Customer

When you are creating a new DoorDash account you will be asked for your number and then you will be required to verify that number. Sometimes the verify phone number option is greyed out and you can’t do anything to move forward. You must first verify your phone number before you can officially create your account.

DoorDash may be unable to reach customers after they have placed an order. This could be because the wrong phone number has been entered in the account or the phone number that was originally on the account is no longer active.

If you are a Dasher, you should have access to contacting the customer about their order in the Dasher app. When you get near the customer’s location or arrive at the home or business, you should swipe to let the customer know that you are there. If you are having trouble reaching the customer or finding them then you should call or text them to say you have arrived.

It also couldn’t hurt to ask for clarification of the address, exactly where the house is located or some kind of markers that would help you identify the place such as a unique car, or a statue in the front yard. Do whatever you have to do to get the customer’s order delivered.

If the customer doesn’t respond after all your attempts then you should click the  “customer unavailable” button in the Dasher app. Then the next best thing is to move on.

Can DoorDash Reactivate Your Account

Dashers sometimes get their account deactivated. The good news is that unlike other delivery apps, DoorDash has an appeals option for deactivation that can help you to get your account reactivated after it has been deactivated. So, yes, DoorDash can reactivate your account upon request after going through the appeals process.

One reason you may get deactivated as a Dasher is that you received too many low ratings from customers. Your completion rate could be below 80% because you’ve accepted orders that you didn’t complete. Another reason you may be deactivated is because you failed a background check.

Can’t Remember DoorDash Password

When you forget your DoorDash password, it’s as easy as resetting the password. This is a fairly easy and simple process to go through. Just go to the page that allows you to reset your password.

You must remember the email address that is linked to your account and this is the email that you will use to reset your password. Enter this email on the password reset page and then click reset password. You’ll receive an email from DoorDash with specific instructions on how to successfully reset your password.

Simply click on the link inside the email and choose a strong password. If you don’t receive the email with the reset information you can submit a case to DoorDash support by clicking the link that says “Still Need Help?” This will allow you to reach support and get the help and assistance you need with resetting your password.

DoorDash Can Never Find My Apartment/House

It’s possible that you live in an area that makes it hard to find your apartment or house. Some apartment units are designed in a confusing way for people who are not familiar with them. DoorDash may be having issues locating your apartment or house because you didn’t leave enough specific information on how to find the place.

Or it could be because they aren’t allowed entrance for one reason or another. So when placing a DoorDash order, offer to pick the order up in the lobby or at the front desk to save the dasher the hassle of trying to find a place that is easy to miss or overlook. Or give more specific directions and explain how to get to your house or apartment.

I’m sure the dasher would greatly appreciate your help in this aspect. Some places are just simply difficult to find and locate.

DoorDash Can’t Load Nearby Stores

There could be a glitch in the system that is not allowing DoorDash to load nearby stores. It could be that delivery is not currently available from these stores due to a lack of dashers in the area. Or it may be that the restaurants nearby aren’t accepting any DoorDash orders.

A DoorDash outage would be another reason why DoorDash can’t load nearby stores. In the case of an outage the best thing one can do is wait for the problem to be fixed and the system to come back up. Or you could order from another delivery app.

The issue is that the DoorDash system crashes much too often leaving people hungry and frustrated. If you know that there are nearby stores accepting orders from DoorDash you may simply need to restart the app and see if that works out.

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