How to Return U Haul?

Ever tried to figure out how to return a U-Haul? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Many of us have been there, blinking in the U-Haul parking lot, unsure of the next steps.

U-Haul rentals simplify our lives, helping us move cross-country, haul big items or assist with home improvements.

But what about when it’s time to say goodbye?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to return your U-Haul with confidence and ease?

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How Do I Return a U Haul?

You can return a U Haul by signing into your online account or your U Haul app and following the onscreen prompts. Take pictures of the truck and report any new damages. Once finished, you’ll turn off the truck and drop the key in the drop box or slot.

Do I Have to Return a U Haul at a Certain Time?

It depends on your reservation requirements. If you made a reservation and was given a certain time to have the truck back by then you will want to return it at that particular time. However, there are some times when they will allow you to return it anytime within a certain time frame or window.

What to Expect When Returning a U Haul

If you have to return the U Haul after hours then you should follow the steps necessary to sign a truck back in properly. Not signing a truck back in properly could lead to extra charges or penalties. Yes, sometimes you do have to return a U Haul at a certain time.

What Happens If I’m Late Returning a U Haul?

If you are late returning a U Haul or don’t turn it in properly, you may be charged extra for the trouble. U Haul may charge a late fee and depending on if it is during business hours or not, they may call you and ask about the truck.

How to Return U Haul

If they call you and you still don’t return the U Haul truck, U Haul may come looking for you. You don’t want U Hau to have to go out of their way to come looking for you. Or U Haul may even press charges and report the U Haul truck missing or stolen. This could get you in some legal trouble.

You do not want to be accused of stealing a U Haul truck. Therefore, you should arrange ahead of time to turn the truck in on time. This is the only way to avoid trouble of this kind.

Also, you may not be allowed to rent more U Haul trucks in the future if you make it too hard to get the truck back. Think about it, U Haul is not going to keep lending their vehicles and equipment to someone that is proving to be a risk to business.

Can Someone Else Return a U Haul In My Name?

If someone else, such as a relative or friend, has the information needed to return a U Haul, some locations may allow them to return the U Haul. However, some locations will require that the person whose name is on the truck or rental agreements, to be the one to turn the truck back in. In most cases, no one else is allowed to return a U Haul in your name.

How Do I Return a U Haul After Normal Business Hours?

You can first park the U Haul and keep the keys in the ignition. Next, go to your online U Haul account or go to the U Haul app and sign in. Once you have logged into your U Haul account, you should select the “Return My Truck” botton within the app or online account.

You’ll simply follow the on-screen instructions so that you can make sure you are parked in the correct area. There will be some questions for you to answer as far as the cleanliness, mileage and truck performance. This is the point in the process where you will report any new damages to the vehicle.

Even if you have new damages and choose not to report them, you will still be held responsible and charged accordingly. They will require you to take some photos of the truck. You should include photos of any new damage as well.

You’re going to review the charges and then you’ll lock the truck and drop your key in the drop box or slot. These are the steps  taken when returning the truck without assistance or after hours. There are other ways to return a U Haul.

What to Expect When Returning a U Haul?

When returning a U Haul, you should expect the U Haul employee to do a walk through or once-over on the truck to check for any damages. They are also going to check the mileage to make sure you are charged the correct amount. You may also be required to take pictures of certain parts of the truck if you are signing the truck back in with the app.

You can expect to be charged so I would be ready to pay in full when I get there. When you return after normal business hours, you should expect to leave the key in a drop box or designated slot. There will likely be some kind of sign with instructions letting you know where to leave the key.

How Can I Return a U Haul?

You can return a U Haul by signing into your account, answering some questions, and taking some photos. This is the time that you’ll also want to report any new damages. Lastly, you’ll take the key and place it in the drop box or slot.

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