What Size Ball Do I Need for U Haul Trailer?

You have rented a U Haul trailer but you don’t know what size ball you need for the hitch. Let’s take a look at the different size balls for the trailer hitch to see what size you will be needing.

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What Size Ball Will I Need for U Haul Trailer?

All U Haul trailers can be towed using a 2” ball. So this is the size that I would shoot for when deciding on a ball to use on the hitch of a U Haul trailer. To get a different size is taking a risk that it may not fit.

How Do I Know What Size Trailer Ball I Need?

You can find out what size trailer ball you need by doing some measurements. This may have you feeling lost and confused already and throwing math in there doesn’t make things any better. I say this not to make matters worse for you but to truly help you.

What Size Ball Do I Need for U Haul Trailer

If you are wanting the correct size ball for the hitch on your trailer then you need to take the time to get the proper measurements. You will measure the size ball you need by starting with the diameter of the ball and then you will use the diameter to match the trailer coupler. There are other ways of going by measuring this but this is the way that I researched and came across.

If you want to know more about how to measure a trailer hitch to find the right size ball, you will want to do a Google search. A Google search should pull up some information on how to measure the trailer hitch to get the correct ball size. Always do your research even if its just online, when trying to figure out something new.

Do Different Size Balls Fit the Same Trailer?

Different size balls can definitely fit the same trailer. With U Haul, they have different kinds and different size trailers but they are able to fit the same size ball. If you have one size ball already purchased and in your possession, don’t just assume it won’t fit because it was for a different trailer.

What If I’m Not Good At Measuring

I would actually try it on the trailer hitch to see if it will fit after all. If it doesn’t you can always go out and purchase the right size. But you may be surprised that it actually fits the trailer hitch.

So you may have two different trailers but they both fit the same size ball hitch. This is because some trailers are made to fit more than one ball hitch. This is especially the case with U Haul trailers.

You do have to be careful when measuring the ball hitch size because if you are off by too much this could lead to you purchasing the wrong size ball hitch. You could always return the ball hitch to the store and get the right size. However, it is best to get it right the first time and save time, energy and effort.

What If My Trailer Ball Doesn’t Fit?

If your trailer ball doesn’t fit you should redo the measurements. It is very possible that you measured the hitch of the trailer incorrectly. You’ll want to get the proper measurements.

So if you think you measured correctly and your ball hitch still doesn’t fit, try to come up with solutions as to why the ball hitch isn’t fitting the trailer. Could it be that you read the size wrong and actually got the wrong size ball hitch? If this is the case, go back to the store and exchange the ball hitch you have for the right size ball hitch.

Or if you think the size you currently have may come in handy in the future, I would hold on to it. But still go purchase the correct size ball hitch for the trailer. This time, pay careful attention to the size ball hitch that you are grabbing.

The sizes could be mixed up or in the wrong spot. If you got the right size according to your measurements, measure again and pay attention that you are spot on and very accurate with those measurements. If you aren’t sure you measured correctly, get some help from someone.

What If I’m Not Good At Measuring?

If you aren’t good at measuring I would maybe download an app from the app store. There are some really good apps that will help you measure certain things. It may be kind of hard to find an app that helps you measure for a ball hitch. There is only one good thing left to do.

Ask for help from someone who has done this kind of measuring before or someone who is good at measuring in general. A person that is good at match is usually a good place to start. You may be surprised that you have a friend or family member who knows how to measure and can help you accurately measure your ball hitch.

What Size Ball Do I Need With a U Haul Trailer?

You will need a 2” ball or slightly smaller ball than that to haul a U Haul trailer. If your ball is too big for the hitch it is not going to fit and therefore you won’t be able to tow the U Haul trailer after all.

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