How to Skip Doordash Orientation

If you are just starting out as a dasher, you may be wondering if you can skip Doordash orientation. This is something that most dashers want to do in order to save time and get to work as quickly as possible.

To find out how you can skip orientation and get right to dashing, keep reading to find out.

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How To Skip Doordash Orientation?

To skip Doordash orientation, all you have to do is order an Activation Kit, this kit will allow you to skip straight to dashing. You will know that your orientation has been skipped once you receive your Activation Kit and an email from Doordash.

The Doordash email will help you to activate your dasher app and register the red card that you received in your kit. Once you have completed these steps, you can get straight to dashing.

This is an extremely easy process that helps to start working much faster without orientation.

What Is Doordash Orientation?

The Doordash orientation is an online orientation session where you may be required to do some basic paperwork. This sometimes involves personal information or tax information.

Overall, the orientation is just a time where a Doordash employee will go over the job with you. This is usually very simple as there is not much to go over as dashing is very straightforward.

Because the orientation process is so simple, this is why Doordash makes it easy for dashers to skip it to begin working.

Dashers will also have the option of having an in-person orientation, but this can be more complicated and take longer. This is why Doordash offers an online option instead.

How Long Is Doordash Orientation?

How to Skip Doordash Orientation_

There is really no set time that an orientation session will take, it really depends on the person. With orientation now online rather than in person, it is an even faster process.

Generally, it is just an overview of the work you will be doing and not much else. Dashers are generally finished within 10 to 20 minutes.

How Can I Skip Doordash Orientation?

You can skip Doordash orientation by ordering your Activation Kit, this will help to prepare you for dashing. Doordash will also send you an email that will allow you to activate your dasher app and register your red card.

Once you have completed these steps, you will be ready to hit the road and start accepting Doordash orders. You can do all of this without having to do the orientation session that is really just an overview of the job itself.

Dashing is pretty straightforward as far as jobs go, so you can start very quickly and learn as you go. Orientation sessions generally don’t help drivers much anyways, which is why Doordash just decided to provide the option to skip it altogether for convenience’s sake.

This way, you can get to dashing as quickly as possible and learn on your feet. This is really the best way for dashers to get the hang of dashing after all.

How to Skip Doordash Orientation

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