How Wide is a U-Haul Car Dolly?

If you are interested in renting from U-Haul, you may be wondering about the U-Haul car dolly and how large it is. This is very important as it needs to be able to fit what you are hauling and not be too small.

Little details like this can be very important, which is why it is a good idea to find out any necessary measurements. This can save you time and help you to rent the items that you need from U-Haul.

To find out just how big U-Haul’s car dolly is, keep reading for more information.

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How Wide is a U-Haul Tow Dolly?

The U-Haul car dolly is 77.25 inches wide from the outside of the vehicle platform. The width between the fenders is 83.5 inches wide. These measurements should fit most kinds of car so that you can safely tow them.

This is slightly smaller than most tow or car dollys, but it can usually still get the job done. U-Haul has its own tow dollys that it makes according to the size that fit its vehicles the best.

Whether or not your vehicle will fit on these dolly factors in more than just size, the weight of your vehicle is also important. You should be able to check if your vehicle will fit on a U-Haul dolly on the website.

This will ask you various questions to determine if your vehicle can safely fit onto a car dolly. This is very important as you risk damaging your vehicle if you tow it incorrectly with a dolly that isn’t the right size.

If you are not sure if your vehicle will fit on a U-Haul tow dolly, you can always call U-Haul or visit a U-Haul location. U-Haul employees will be able to help you figure out if a U-Haul dolly is a right size for your vehicle.

How Wide is The U-Haul Car Hauler?

A U-Haul car hauler is 79.25 inches wide and comes with a long ramp that helps you to get your vehicle onto the hauler. This makes the process as simple and safe as it can be.

This is also referred to as an auto transport trailer and can haul slightly larger vehicles than a car dolly. It adds an extra level of security and can help to better protect your vehicle.

If you do not know if this is the right fit for your vehicle, you could always discuss it with U-Haul employees. They should be able to help you decide if a car hauler is a right fit for you.

They will judge this by multiple factors, not just the width of your vehicle, as weight matters as well.

Will My Car Fit on a U-Haul Tow Dolly?

How Wide is a U-Haul Car Dolly

A U-Haul car dolly is designed to fit most front-wheel-drive cars that weigh 5000 pounds or less. This pretty much applies to all average-sized cars but it can vary occasionally from one car to the next.

Most front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive cars are under 5000 pounds and can safely fit onto a dolly. But every model is going to be ever so slightly different, so you always want to double-check.

This is also something that U-Haul may even enforce in order to keep you safe and its gear from being damaged.

It is important to note that U-Haul does not always cover damage that happens when you are using its gear or rentals. Oftentimes this falls to your responsibility as you are the one operating the rentals.

That is just part of why it is so important to make sure your car will fit on a U-Haul car dolly. You don’t want to risk damaging your car or the dolly in the process of towing it.

Will My Truck Fit on a U-Haul Dolly?

Though the U-Haul tow dollys are not necessarily designed to hold a truck, they oftentimes can. As long as your truck is within the weight limit and isn’t wider than the dolly, it should fit.

This is trickier than fitting a car, however, so you will want to be certain of it fitting. You can do this by adding your truck’s information on the U-Haul website.

You can also as U-Haul employees as they are trained to help with these kinds of rental matters.

Can I Use a U-Haul Tow Dolly Long Distance?

A tow dolly is not technically made to be used for long distances, that is because it can start to put wear on your vehicle. If you are towing your car, this could beat up your car significantly the longer the drive is.

This is not something that you want when you are towing your car from one place to the next.

Tow dollys are really a short-distance solution and are not meant to be used for any kind of long-distance driving. Doing this can really add wear and tear to your vehicle’s rear wheels as well as increase the risk of damaging it.

Can I Use a U-Haul Tow Dolly Long Distance

How Wide is U-Haul’s Car Dolly?

A U-Haul car dolly is 77.25 inches on the outside width of the vehicle and is 83.5 inches between the fenders. This is a great size for most cars as well as other types of vehicles.

It is important that you know U-Haul’s specific dolly sizes as they are not the same as a generic car dolly. U-Haul owns these specific tow dollys, so they are made by U-Haul’s measurements and standards.

It is very important to make sure that your vehicle will fit onto this kind of car dolly before renting it. You do not want to rent it only to find out that it is not the right size to tow your vehicle.

You never want to use a dolly that is an incorrect size as this can result in damage to the dolly or to your vehicle. It also just isn’t safe and could result in a serious accident or injury while towing your vehicle.

Keep in mind that dollys also should not be used for long-distance towing. This is hard on your vehicle and can cause unwanted wear and tear.

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