How Long Does it Take for DoorDash to Refund?

If you need a refund from DoorDash, you may be wondering just how long this process will take before you get the money back. This is a good question to ask if you are in the process of getting a DoorDash refund.

This can be important to know since many companies have different wait times for refunds. You will want to know just how long it will take, especially if you need that money in your account as soon as possible.

To find out how long DoorDash refunds take to get to you, keep reading for more information.

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How Long Does a DoorDash Refund Take?

DoorDash processes refunds immediately, though you will experience a wait time before you see the money in your bank account. This processing time between being refunded by DoorDash and seeing the money in your account typically takes 5 to 7 business days.

Keep in mind that this may take longer if your refund is being sent during a holiday when the bank is not operating. It will also take longer if it is being refunded over the weekend.

This is generally a decent amount of time to wait and is not exceptionally fast or slow. You can usually expect to wait this long no matter where you are getting a refund from, so DoorDash is no faster or slower than most companies.

DoorDash will also refund your money to the payment method that you used. This is typically a credit card, so you can expect the refund to go back to that card that you used to pay.

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When Does DoorDash Give Out Refunds?

DoorDash has very little responsibility when it comes to giving out refunds, though it has a good record for doing so. Because DoorDash is only the middle man, it is not required to refund for orders that are unsatisfactory. Doordash is actually leading when it comes to the overall market share in the US. They have a really good marketing strategy that beats the competitions. This is how they beat Grubhub.

That being said, DoorDash will generally give refunds for orders that are not good or when the customer is understandably unhappy. This can be due to their food arriving significantly later than expected or it arriving damaged.

DoorDash will generally give refunds for orders delivered cold or damaged in any way. This includes orders that arrive with missing items that you have already paid for.

If you experience any of these issues, DoorDash will usually issue you a partial or full refund promptly. It may even offer to process the order all over again if your food arrives inedible.

Though you will want to keep in mind that it may take some time to get a hold of DoorDash support for help[ getting a refund. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

It is usually good at getting back to you quickly, but there are instances where it may take longer.

Do I Get a Refund if DoorDash Cancels My Order?

How Long Before I Get My DoorDash Refund

If your DoorDash order is canceled for some reason, DoorDash will almost always refund you for that order. This is rare, but if it does happen, DoorDash usually wants to make sure that you get your money back.

Once you place your order, you will not be charged until after the restaurant accepts it. Once this happens, the money will be charged to you, and the order put into process.

If either the driver or the restaurant cancels your order at this point, DoorDash will refund you your money, as this is not your fault. It will not make you pay for an order that you never received.

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If you decide to cancel your order after the restaurant has accepted it, you will not get a refund. This is because the restaurant has already accepted your money and started preparing your food.

If you wish to cancel your order and get a refund, you will need to do so before the restaurant accepts your order. This typically gives you a 3 to 5-minute window to change your mind and cancel the order.

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How Long Before I Get My DoorDash Refund?

If you have asked for a refund and DoorDash has accepted, it will immediately process the refund within its system. Then you will have to wait for 5 to 7 days for the refund to actually make it to your bank account.

How Long Does it Take for DoorDash to Refund

This processing time is only for business days, if you get a refund over the weekend, you will most likely receive it later. The same goes for when you get a refund over the courtesy of a holiday, your wait will be longer.

Most DoorDash customers have had good experience getting refunds from DoorDash. Though it is not obligated to give out many refunds, it is very good at giving them out regardless.

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You can usually expect to get a refund if your order arrives damaged, inedible, very late, or incorrect. If you are unhappy with your order, DoorDash will usualy try to make it right by issuing you a full or partial refund.

You will also get a refund if your order is canceled either by the restaurant or the driver, even after the payment has been processed. This is usual, but it can happen in special instances for different reasons.

Though, you will not get a refund if you decide to cancel your order after the payment has gone through. To get a refund after canceling. You must cancel it before the restaurant accepts the order.

If you don’t, DoorDash will not give you a refund as your food is already in the process of being prepared.

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