Instant Pot Meal Kits

If you are struggling to find time to whip up a healthy and delicious dinner, you may need to consider instant pot meal kits. This is something that can make your life easier and keep your family feeling well fed.

Cooking meals with an instant pot is already a great way to cut your cooking time in half. This allows dinner to simmer away as you focus on other responsibilities that need to be addressed.

Now it is easier than ever as many companies have started to come out with their very own instant pot meal kits. This takes all of the work out of cooking and allows you to get dinner on the table with no extra fuss.

This is an amazing option that anyone could appreciate, whether you are a working mom, a single person, or just don’t enjoy cooking. This is a great option to make cooking easier than ever.

Keep reading to find out where you can pick up some of these instant pot meal kits for yourself.

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Tiller & Hatch

Tiller and Hatch are one of the only meal delivery services that specialize in instant pot meals that are ready to go. Most meal delivery services don’t have instant pot meals, making it more difficult to adapt them to your instant pot.

Tiller and Hatch also provide much more options than many instant pot meal kit companies offer. This gives you the diversity that you need to find meals that everyone will love.

This also allows you to use several Tiller and Hatch meals without creating the same food over and over again. It also doesn’t hurt that Tiller and Hatch meals are very affordable, being only $2.85 per serving.

This is a very competitive price when compared to other meal delivery kits that charge as much as $14 or $15 per serving of food. This makes it more realistic for all kinds of people, no matter what your budget looks like.

Tiller and Hatch have it set up so that you can easily pick through its menu to find exactly what you want. Then you just place the order and have your easy meals shipped straight to your door, no grocery trips required.


  • Affordable servings
  • Fresh ingredients that have been flash frozen
  • New items are regularly added for diversity
  • No commitment plan options when ordering
  • Simple web design

What a Crock

What a Crock is another meal delivery company that offers fully prepared slow cooker meals that are ready to go. Though these are slow cooker meals, they also include instant pot instructions so that you can cook them in your instant pot instead.

Instant Pot Meal Kits

Not all of the meals at What a Crock have been tested with an instant pot, but you could always test it yourself. Slow cookers and instant pots aren’t too different, and recipes can be safely adapted according to what you are using.

What a Crock has several kinds of meals to try so that you don’t get too tired of a few options. It also has the option where you can order the portion that you want when you place an order.

This allows you to customize the meal so that you only buy the amount that you need. It also allows for other customization to help you get exactly what you want in your meal.

This includes healthier alternatives such as cauliflower rice in the place of normal white rice. You can look through the options for other customization choices as well.

Though the What the Crock menu isn’t updated as regularly as the Tiller and Hatch menu. It is updated seasonally, so that you have access to seasonal dishes throughout the year.


  • Customization for portions
  • Customization for healthier ingredients
  • Seasonally updated menu items
  • Shipped frozen for easy storage
  • Regular sales to lower prices

Seeti Indian Meal Kits

Seeti Indian Meal Kits are specially created one-pot meals that can be ordered and delivered straight to your door. This fun company gives you Indian options that are bursting with flavor and culture so that your instant pot meals never get boring.

Tiller & Hatch

This company also offers vegan and vegetarian dishes, so you can get the meals that are best suited to your family’s diet. This also allows you to participate in Meatless Mondays to cut back on your family’s meat consumption.

All Seeti Indian Meal Kits consist of 3 to 4 servings and are priced at $11.99, though they can be more expensive depending on the meal. There are also many nut-free options in case a family member has a nut allergy.

As far as instant pot meal kits go, Seeti Indian Meal Kits has a very diverse selection. It allows you to get specialty meals to suit your family’s dietary restrictions if they have any.

You can also add extra sauces to your order if you are a fan of the bright and flavorful Indian flavors that the sauces bring.


  • Unique flavors
  • Nut-free options
  • Additional sauces for meals
  • Vegan and vegetarian options
  • Organic ingredients

Tyson Instant Pot Meals

Tyson Instant Pot Meals is one of the most popular instant pot meal kit companies that people buy from. This brand can be found at your local grocery store or ordered online for the ultimate convenience.

Tyson Instant Pot Meals come in one package that can be added to your instant pot for a quick and delicious meal. Most of the meals feature Tyson’s all-natural chicken, though beef and pork options have been added as well.

You have the option of several flavorful and unique meat-based dishes that will fill your entire family. These are nutritionally dense and are made entirely from fresh ingredients and the most natural meat options.

All of the Tyson Instant Pot Meals are ready to eat in under 30 minutes and contain four to six servings. Plenty for a large family or for a few days of leftovers afterward.

Most of the entrees from Tyson Instant Pot Meals also fall under 500 calories, making them very healthy options. This is great if you are trying to cut back and eat leaner foods.


  • Fresh and all-natural ingredients
  • Available locally at grocery stores
  • Ready to eat in 30 minutes or less
  • Specifically made for instant pots
  • Entrees under 500 calories for lighter meals

Home Chef

Home Chef has many meals that are designed to be used in a slow cooker, though they can be adapted for an instant pot. This is simple to do as both devices are similar, and you can just change up the cooking instructions a bit.

Home Chef supplies you with packages for the meal with all of the ingredients that you need. Everything is fresh and can be kept in the fridge until you are ready to use it, ideally within 4 days for optimal freshness.

A small bit of preparation is required, but it can all be done within a few minutes of chopping and cutting. Many Home Chef meals also come with fresh garnishes so that you can make your meals look enticing and fancy.

Even visitors would never suspect that these meals were made from a meal kit. Home Chef also supplies all of the nutritional information so that you can pick options that are lean and healthy if you are trying to eat better.

Most serving feeds 6 people or can be made in smaller batches as the meals come to you fresh. You can also see the chef who created your meal on the website when you go to order your Home Chef meals.

This is another no-commitment company where you can order meals when you want them without any long-term commitment or plan.


  • Nutritional info clear and easy to understand
  • Everything is fresh and not frozen
  • You get garnishes to touch up each meal with
  • Each meal is designed by one of Home Chef’s specialty chefs


Sunbasket is another meal delivery service that offers all kinds of delicious and healthy meal options. Though these are typically oven-prepared meals, you can easily adapt them to go into your instant pot for fantastic results.

You also have the option of ordering fresh meals that are already prepared for the easiest option or fresh meal kits. These meal kits are made up of entirely fresh ingredients that are ready to be cooked for a healthy meal in a pinch.

Sunbasket also has vegan options that are loaded with fresh and tender veggies that are especially easy to make in an instant pot. Ut also has other specialty options, including dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free meals.

Some meals that Sunbasket offers that would work in an instant pot include the Butter chicken, Turkey Chili Mac and Cheddar, and the Cheesy Chicken Tetrazzini, just to name a few.

It also has vegetarian options if you want to skip the meat but still want to have some dairy in your meals.


  • Fresh meal kits that are never frozen
  • Vegan and vegetarian meal options
  • Allergy-friendly meals
  • Ready-to-eat options that don’t need to be cooked
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