Will Taco Bell Bring Back Taco Salad?

If you got a chance to try the taco salad at Taco Bell before it was removed, you may be wondering if it will be added back to the menu. This is a good question to ask since some menu items seem to come and go quite regularly.

It can be hard to know when items are really removed from the menu or just gone temporarily. Especially since Taco Bell quite regularly puts out limited-time options that could possibly come back later on to the menu.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Taco Bell will be bringing back the taco salad for its customers.

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Will the Taco Salad Come Back to Taco Bell Restaurants?

As far as we know, Taco Bell has no intentions of bringing back its Taco Salad that was once on the official menu. This is most likely due to the fact that it was not very popular and puts strain on the restaurants to make.

The reason Taco Bell first gave for making this decision was that it wanted to streamline its production services. Doing this to make it easier on its employees and more time efficient for its customers.

This was just one of several menu items to be removed as Taco Bell was trying to simplify its menu options. Because of this, the taco salad may be gone for good.

The taco salad was also not met with as much popularity as the restaurant had originally thought that it would. This is yet another reason why the salad was cut from the menu.

This is unfortunate news for Taco Bell fans as there were several people who did really enjoy this fresher option. When it comes to salads, Taco Bell is very limited, making this loss even greater.

Why Was the Taco Bell Taco Salad Removed?

The taco salad was removed for a number of reasons, though it may have never been meant to be a permanent menu item. It was removed from the menu in 2020 when Taco Bell was making big changes to its existing menu.

Will Taco Bell Bring Back Taco Salad

The taco salad was just one of many items to be kicked to the curb during this process. It was also no secret that the taco salad had not necessarily taken off after its initial release.

Despite being a salad, it was not a very healthy option and was really no better than any other Taco Bell menu item. This made it less appealing to people who had originally expected a healthier option.

The taco salad was composed of ingredients like:

  • Taco shell
  • Ground beef
  • Cheese
  • Onions
  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes

These were some of the main ingredients, along with the customer’s choice of additional toppings. Though it included lettuce and some veggies, it was still a fatty option, making it not very healthy for the health crowd.

This is just part of why it faded into the background, which resulted in it being discontinued from the menu altogether.

Does Taco Bell Have Any Other Salad Options?

Since the taco salad is no longer available, you may be wondering if Taco Bell has other salad options. The unfortunate truth, is that Taco Bell has no salad options remaining on its menu.

The taco salad was the last option to go and before that, Taco Bell only ever had a seafood salad, which was also discontinued. This has left its menu completely bare of any salad options.

This is a shame as many Tavi bell fans have eagerly asked for salad options at this popular restaurant chain. Especially as healthier foods are becoming more and more desirable in today’s crowd.

Will Taco Bell’s Taco Salad Ever Be Available Again?

As far as we are aware, Taco Bell has made no hint of adding the taco salad back to its menu. It was removed in 2020, along with several other Taco Bell menu items, as it was trying to streamline its operations.

The taco salad was not extremely popular, and it took a bit more preparation time, resulting in it getting the boot. And despite many people asking for that taco salad to come back, Taco Bell has shown no signs of doing so.

This has resulted in Taco Bell having no salad options on its menu. This has been a common complaint amongst its fans who have wanted salad options for a long time.

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