Is Chipotle Low-Carb?

If you want to eat out at Chipotle but follow a low-carb diet, you may be wondering if Chipotle has low-carb options. This is a common question as many people tend to try to stay away from too many carbs in their diet.

Chipotle caters to all kinds of dietary needs as it offers a wide selection of meals you can get. It has vegan, vegetarian, and keto options as well as offering special paleo and whole30 bowls.

Keep reading to find out if there are any low-carb options at Chipotle that you can order.

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Does Chipotle Have Low-Carb Options?

Chipotle is a great place to go to eat if you want access to low-carb options. Despite having copious amounts of rice and beans, Chipotle also caters to those who follow low-carb diets. Because of this, you can choose from several low-carb options.

The keto salad bowl is the best low carbon option as it is guaranteed to be low in carbs as it is designed for the keto diet. This bowl is abundant in supergreens, chicken, salsa, guacamole, and cheese.

You clouds also design your own low-carb option by choosing the best ingredient options at Chipotle. Its menu is highly versatile and can be mixed and matched to create your desired low-carb meal.

This is part of why Chipotle is so popular as it is easy to customize to fit any kind of dietary needs. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, paleo, or keto, or simply want to watch your carbs.

Chipotle is a great place to go to find all of these options and more.

Are Chipotle Bowls Low-Carb?

Though Chipotle has several bowl options that can be low carb, not every bowl at Chipotle is going to be low carb. Many of them contain generous amounts of beans and rice, which are not low carb-friendly.

Is Chipotle Low-Carb

The easiest low-carb bowl option is the keto salad bowl which is naturally low in carbs. The meat options at Chipotle are all low in carbs, with the most carb-heavy option being the vegetarian sofritas.

Fajita vegetables and lettuce are also low-carb options that can add freshness to your bowl. If you aren’t worried about dairy products, you can also add sour cream, cheese, and queso dip to your bowl.

For extra flavor in your low-carb bowl, you can add guacamole for richness and plenty of healthy fats. Fresh tomato salsa, tomatillo red-chili salsa, tomatillo green-chili salsa, and roasted chili corn salsa are great options as well.

These are all the low-carb ingredients at Chipotle that you can use to make a delicious and filling bowl at Chipotle.

Can You Eat Low-Carb at Chipotle?

You can most certainly eat low carb at Chipotle as long as you keep an eye on your options. Chipotle has several low-carb options that you can pair together to make a delicious meal.

The keto salad bowl is the easiest low-carb option as it is already created to be low in carbs to fit the keto diet. Though you can just as easily create your own Chipotle bowl that is low in carbs.

Part of why Chipotle has gotten so popular so fast is that it caters to a wide range of diets. This allows all kinds of customers to be able to enjoy the food at Chipotle.

It is known for offering delicious vegan and vegetarian options that are easy to make into a filling meal. Though it now also offers keto, paleo, and whole30 options for these types of special diets.

That is why it is incredibly easy to create a filling and low-carb meal from the Chipotle menu.

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