What Kind of Sour Cream Does Chipotle Use?

If you like the sour cream at Chipotle, you may wonder where it gets it and if it makes it itself. These are good questions to ask since many restaurants use ingredients that cannot be bought elsewhere.

So if you really like something, you may want to know if you can buy it to use at home. Sometimes you can’t, as many restaurants use special ingredients, but every once in a while, you can buy the ingredient that you want.

Keep reading to find out what kind of sour cream Chipotle uses and if you can get it for yourself.

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What Sour Cream Does Chipotle Use?

Chipotle uses the Daisy brand of sour cream, the exact same kind that you might even have in your fridge right now. This is a healthy and dependable brand that creates high-quality sour cream to make the perfect condiment for Mexican food.

What Kind of Sour Cream Does Chipotle Use

This is surprisingly a common brand used by restaurants as it can be bought in bulk and always provides exceptional quality. It is made with the best ingredients and always tastes great, no matter what you eat it with.

This means that you could literally go to the store right now and get the same kind of sour cream that chipotle uses. If you like the way it tastes, you can get some to use at home, there are no secret ingredients or special ways of making it.

This delicious and simple ingredient is available to anyone who enjoys the sour cream at Chipotle. Unlike many of its other ingredients that are much harder to find, such as its flour tortillas that are made specifically for Chipotle.

This is one of the few ingredients that are not made fresh by Chipotle. Almost all of its food is made from scratch at peak freshness, but some ingredients do have to be bought pre-made.

This is why Chipotle chose Daisy, as it is a trustworthy and delicious brand of sour cream.

What is The Chipotle Sour Cream Made of?

The sour cream that Chipotle uses is the Daisy brand, so you can very easily find the ingredients. Daisy prides itself on being preservative-free, so it has a very minimal list of ingredients included.

Why is Chipotle Sour Cream Runny

Daisy sour cream is made of cultured cream, skim milk, and vitamin A palmitate. Very simple and healthy ingredients that perfectly compliment Chipotle’s mission to provide high-quality and healthy food.

Chipotle also has a special blended sour cream that is packed with flavor. This is often used as a condiment on food or as a dipping sauce for tacos, burritos, and chips.

No one knows what exactly is in this recipe as it is not clearly stated by Chipotle, but many have given it a good guess. Some say that you can recreate this sour cream blend by blending sour cream, salt, garlic, lime juice, and chipotle.

This creates a vibrant sour cream sauce that is spicy, sour, and full of garlic flavor. If you really want it to be like the original, you can add a dash of milk to thin it down as well.

This goes great with all kinds of Mexican food, but it also pairs nicely with other foods as well. This would go great on a salad as a creamy dressing or as a condiment for a veggie wrap. It is very versatile and full of flavor.

What Makes Chipotle Sour Cream Different?

The Chipotle sour cream is a great deal thinner than most sour creams, this is why many customers would never expect it to be Daisy sour cream.

Chipotle likes its sour cream to be thin as it imitates Mexican crema much better and provides a better customer experience. It can be used more easily and in smaller servings, as you don’t need as much when it is thinner.

Overall, Chipotle likes its thinner sour cream as it makes it unique and helps it to create a more authentic experience for the customers.

Why is Chipotle Sour Cream Runny?

Many people would be surprised to hear that Chipotle uses Daisy brand sour cream in its restaurant. This is because Daisy is known for having very thick sour cream, while the Chipotle sour cream is thinner.

Chipotle purposefully thins down its sour cream in order to better imitate Mexican crema. This also makes it easier to drizzle and incorporate into your food, giving you tangy, creamy bites all throughout the meal.

Chipotle makes its sour cream runny by adding a little bit of milk until it is the right consistency. This gives it that runniness that Chipotle sour cream is known for.

If you like the sour cream at Chipotle, you can recreate it by buying Daisy brand sour cream and thinning it out with milk. This creates the exact same effect, and it will taste the same since it is the same brand.

What Kind of Sour Cream is Served at Chipotle?

Chipotle serves the Daisy brand sour cream in all of its restaurant locations. It chose to do this because it would be far too difficult to make its own sour cream within its restaurants.

It chose Daisy because this is a very reputable brand that is free of preservatives and unnecessary additives. This helps it to better align with Chipotle’s goal of only serving high-quality food that is healthy and sustainable.

Chipotle also sets its sour cream apart from other restaurants by thinning it down with milk to be more similar to Mexican crema. This gives it a more authentic feel and allows you to get more sour cream over your food and incorporate it better.

Chipotle also makes a sour cream blend that is spicy and sour, perfect for dipping a burrito into or dolloping on a taco. Many believe you can recreate the flavors of this by blending sour cream, garlic, chipotle, lime juice, and salt.

This creates a flavorful condiment that is very similar to what Chipotle makes. You can also make your sour cream more like Chipotle’s sour cream by thinning it with milk or water.

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