Is It Hard to Cancel a Planet Fitness Membership?

Joining Planet Fitness is pretty easy since you just need to have a checking account. But if you decide to stop going, you don’t want to waste your money on membership fees.

You should know if it will be difficult to cancel your membership. Then, you can switch to another gym or simply work out at home.

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Is Canceling a Planet Fitness Membership Hard?

Canceling a Planet Fitness membership isn’t necessarily difficult. However, you have to do it in one of two ways. You either have to visit your home club in person or send a cancellation letter, ideally via certified mail.

If you don’t need to cancel completely, you can pause your membership. You can also downgrade or upgrade based on your needs.

How to Cancel a Planet Fitness Membership

If you’re ready to cancel your Planet Fitness membership, you have two options. Depending on the club, you may be able to do it in other ways.

Is Canceling Your Planet Fitness Account Hard

However, the following are relatively standard regardless of the club location. Consider what you’ll need to do to cancel a membership in a certain way.

In Person

Canceling your membership in person requires you to visit your home club. You can go to the front desk and ask for a cancellation form.

Is It Hard to Cancel a Planet Fitness Membership

Be sure you have your Planet Fitness key tag number and any other important details. Then, you’ll be able to fill out the form completely.

Via Mail

If you don’t have time to visit your Planet Fitness location, you can cancel through the mail. You will need to write a letter of cancellation, which should include your:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Planet Fitness membership number

Be sure to send it to the address of your home club. If you want to be extra secure, you can send it through certified mail, but that costs a bit more. However, it will help you prove you sent the letter.

You can also ask for a signature upon delivery, and you will see when the postal service delivers it or attempts to. Even if you pay for certified mail, you may want to contact the club after the delivery to make sure they process the cancellation.

How to Pause a Planet Fitness Membership

If you aren’t ready to cancel everything but need time off, you can pause your account. The rules vary between locations, so contact your club for specifics. Many clubs will let you pause for up to three months if you have a medical reason for pausing.

You can pause your account by going to the front desk or by calling the club. Pausing is an excellent option if you need to recover from surgery or if you’ll be busy for some other reason.

How to Change Your Planet Fitness Membership

Sometimes, the Planet Fitness membership you sign up for may not be the right fit. The gym offers two membership options, so you can downgrade or upgrade.

The steps for making those changes are different. Consider what you’ll need to do based on the change you want to make.


If you want to downgrade from the PF Black Card tier to the Classic tier, you’ll need to go in person. You can go to the front desk and ask to talk to someone about changing memberships.

Downgrading may be necessary if you want to save money. It’s also a good choice if you find that you aren’t using all of the perks that come with the higher-cost option. Maybe you always go to the same club, and you never use the massage chairs, so it makes sense to save money.


Upgrading your Planet Fitness membership is a lot easier than downgrading. Planet Fitness has a web page specifically for upgrades. You’ll need to give your key tag number and select your current club to switch to a PF Black Card membership.

Another option is to go to your local Planet Fitness. You can head to the front desk and ask an employee to help you with your upgrade. Upgrading is a great option if you want to visit another club location or enjoy other perks.

How to Move Your Planet Fitness Membership

Maybe you don’t want to upgrade your membership, but you want or need to access another Planet Fitness club. If you know you’ll only need to go to that new location, you can move your membership.

You’ll need to go online and provide your key tag number. Before you transfer, you must be a member at your current club for 90 days or more. You also need to pay monthly instead of annually, and you can’t owe anything to your current club.

Why Can’t You Cancel Planet Fitness Online?

Planet Fitness doesn’t explain why you can’t cancel your membership online or over the phone. It’s possible their system doesn’t allow for cancellation this way. They may also want to have paper documentation of your intent to cancel.

Another theory is that they may want to try and convince you to keep your membership. This isn’t an official reason, but it’s a good reason why they’d want you to go in person.

Is Canceling Your Planet Fitness Account Hard?

Canceling your Planet Fitness account is relatively straightforward since you can go in person or send a letter. However, both of those options can cost money or time. But if you don’t use your membership, spending that time on canceling is well worth it.

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