Does Planet Fitness Have Mats?

Planet Fitness doesn’t have as much gear as some gyms. But with low membership fees, it makes sense that they’d keep the gym pretty simple.

If you want to use mats during your workouts, though, you should consider that. Then, you can decide if joining Planet Fitness is the right choice for you.

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Are There Mats at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness has floor mats in the special room for ab workouts. However, they don’t keep yoga mats in the clubs. If you want to use a yoga mat, you can buy one through the Planet Fitness store, and you can bring it with you to the gym.

When you use your own mat, be sure to keep it with you. That way, you can keep from losing it or confusing it with a mat that stays at the gym.

Why Use a Mat at Planet Fitness

Using a mat at Planet Fitness or wherever you work out is great. You can enjoy a lot of benefits that you may not get when you work out right on the floor.

Does Planet Fitness Provide Mats

Consider the following reasons you should use a mat.


Especially if you bring your own mat, you’ll know you can lay on a clean surface. Planet Fitness doesn’t get to clean the floor between each workout session. So unless you go first thing in the morning, you can expect the floor to be dirty.

Does Planet Fitness Have Mats

If you don’t want to deal with that, it makes sense to use a mat. Even if you use a mat at Planet Fitness, you can wipe it down before and after you use it. Then, you won’t have to worry as much about germs.


The right mat can also help you be more comfortable during a workout. If you lay on the floor, it can be hard, so it can hurt your hands and joints. Even if you don’t develop pain quickly, you may start to hurt after a long workout.

Some mats are pretty soft, so they can cushion your hands and other joints. That way, you can work out for as long as you want and be safe. You won’t have to move to a different position to keep from hurting yourself.


Depending on where you set up to work out, the floor may be slippery. A good workout mat can keep you from sliding around. Some mats have anti-slip materials on the bottom to help with this.

Stability is vital for some exercises, from yoga to strength training. Be sure to look into a good mat if you want to keep yourself in the right position during an exercise session.

Floor Mat vs. Yoga Mat

Planet Fitness has floor mats, but you’ll have to bring your own yoga mat if you want to use one. The mats have a few differences that you should know.

Then, you can decide which type of mat is better for your next workout.


Floor mats tend to be much thicker than yoga mats. That helps you feel further from the ground, and it can offer more support than a yoga mat or no mat at all.

These mats also absorb more shock if you slip or fall. Plus, the thickness helps reduce the risk of certain injuries. If you were to work out on the floor, you may get hurt more easily.


Yoga mats are usually softer, and they’re thinner. That combination allows you to still feel the floor beneath you, which comes in handy during yoga.

However, you get enough of a cushion to protect your body from the hard floor. It’s a great choice for yoga and other low-impact workouts.


Of course, the purpose of both types of mats differs. As the name suggests, a yoga mat is best for yoga, but you can use it for other things.

Floor mats are better for ab workouts, strength training, and gymnastics. Keep that in mind when deciding if you want to get a mat or use one at Planet Fitness.

Does Planet Fitness Provide Mats?

Planet Fitness provides floor mats for members, which come in handy for ab workouts. However, if you want to practice yoga or something similar, you’ll want to bring your own yoga mat. Planet Fitness sells yoga mats in its online store.

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