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Many retailers make it difficult to return something or get an exchange, but some Kroger stores have flexible policies to make it easier.  There are multiple ways to find your Kroger receipt, whether you need to return something to Kroger and want a refund or you simply want to look over your purchases.

Keep reading this post to learn all about the Kroger receipt policy, returning a purchase, getting a refund, finding your receipt online, and more.

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What Is The Kroger Receipt Lookup Policy?

Kroger can look up your receipt if you used a debit or credit card and/or used a Kroger Plus Card. You can also view and print your receipt on the Kroger app or website. Some Kroger stores can find receipts with the order number or the card originally used.

Each location may have different policies and requirements, but Kroger generally has an easy return/refund process. Whether you have a receipt or not, they should be able to issue a refund or return as long as other requirements in the return policy are met.

If you don’t want to waste time figuring out your local Kroger policy in person, you can always call them with your questions or concerns.

Can I Find My Kroger Receipt Online?

You can easily view a digital copy of your Kroger receipt online and even print a copy of it from home. Additionally, you can use your digital receipt for a refund/return if you need to show a receipt to the cashier but don’t have a physical copy.

Can I See My Entire Kroger Purchase History

How to view your Kroger receipt online:

  1. Create or log in to your Kroger account on the app or website
  2. Go to the “My Account” tab
  3. Select “Purchase History”
  4. Find the order you want a receipt for and choose “Receipt”
  5. View and/or print

The Kroger online receipt lookup tool is incredibly easy to navigate and can be used at any time. As long as you have a Kroger account you can look up your receipt online.

Can You Get a Printed Receipt With Kroger Pickup?

Most Kroger stores won’t bring a physical receipt out with your groceries at pickup. However, you can request a physical copy of your receipt either when you place your order or pick it up.

If you want to make a refund or return your Kroger Pickup order you should be able to follow the same steps from above.

Can You Get a Printed Receipt With Kroger Pickup

Can I See My Entire Kroger Purchase History?

You can see your Kroger purchase history on the app or website. Fortunately, finding your Kroger purchase history is just as easy as viewing your receipts.

How to view your Kroger purchase history:

  1. Log in to your Kroger account, either on the website or in the app
  2. Click the drop-down menu under your profile icon
  3. Select “My Purchases”

You will be able to go through multiple pages of your purchase history and view more details on each order, including savings and fuel points.

Does Kroger Accept Returns or Offer Refunds Without A Receipt?

Based on our research, some Kroger stores will accept a return without a receipt as long as you have something to reference. For example, you may be able to give the cashier the order number, your Kroger Plus Card, or even the payment method (other than cash) that was used.

Kroger Receipt Lookup

As long as they can trace your order back to your purchase and you can prove you’re the original customer, you should be able to return something. You may also be asked to show your ID, especially if the item is age-restricted.

Even if the cashier can’t find your receipt the store will usually offer store credit or exchange in place of a refund.

Can I Get a Refund or Make a Return Anytime While the Store Is Open?

Every Kroger will have their own policies for looking up receipts and issuing refunds or returns. Some stores say that any cashier can do this during normal store hours, while others require a manager at specific times.

Kroger Receipt Lookup Explained

Some Kroger stores can find your receipt even if you didn’t use a Kroger Plus Card. The cashier may be able to find your receipt with your debit/credit card that was used or the order number. You can also view your receipt on Kroger’s website or app.

It goes without saying, but some items can’t be returned or refunded depending on what they are.

Overall, Kroger’s return policy is fairly lenient and makes it easy to make a return or get a refund even if you don’t have a physical receipt. You can expect store credit or an exchange if your purchase doesn’t qualify for a refund/return.

With that said, the process of finding your receipt and making a return will be much easier if you bring your Kroger Plus Card with you.

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