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Are you looking to return your most recent pair of shoes from Macy’s but not sure what the policies are or how to go about it? Every return policy is different from store to store, and even the type of item from the same retailer can have different return policies.

This post covers everything you want to make sense of Macy’s own shoe return policy, how to make a return in-store or online, and more.

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What Is Macy’s Shoe Return Policy?

Macy’s will accept shoe returns up to 90 days from their purchase date with or without receipts. To be eligible for a full refund the shoes should be in original condition with tags and packaging intact. Returns can be made at any Macy’s store or by mail if bought online.

There are certain exceptions to this policy, based on the brand and whether the item was part of Macy’s Last Act section.

Macy’s has a fairly strict policy when it comes to the condition of the items, but is more lenient about the issue of receipts. However, each return is at the discretion of the store manager.

How Long Do You Have To Return Macy’s Shoes?

According to Macy’s return policy, you have up to 90 days from the purchase date to start the return process.

Macy's Return Policy

Purchases that were from a Macy’s Last Act sale need to be returned within 30 days of the purchase date.

Additionally, designer brands are subject to a different return window. Some need to be returned within 14 days of purchase, while others are 45 days from their purchase date.

You can look at your receipt, email with your order information, or call a Macy’s store to confirm the return window for your shoes or other items from Macy’s.

Can I Return Shoes To Macy’s Without A Receipt?

Yes, fortunately, you can return your shoes to Macy’s without a receipt as long as the original tags and packaging are intact.

If you don’t have a receipt you may only be able to get store credit, so keep that in mind.

The Store Colleague can use the card number that was used at purchase to find the order information instead. Likewise, they can also use your return label, packing slip, order or shipping confirmation email, or registry number.

Can I Return The Shoes To Macy’s Without The Box?

No, you can’t return shoes to Macy’s without the original box they came in.

What Is Macy's Shoe Return Policy

The packaging is an important part of the purchase and Macy’s policy states that the box needs to be in resellable condition just like the shoes.

Can I Return Macy’s Shoes After Wearing Them?

This one is a bit of a gray area in many cases, but in general, you can’t return shoes to Macy’s if they’ve clearly been worn.

Shoes can only be returned (and thus refunded or exchanged) if they’re in like-new condition, including the tags and packaging. This is why Macy’s official recommendation is to try on shoes in a soft and clean space like carpeted floor before making a decision to keep or return the shoes.

The condition of the shoes is up to the discretion of the store manager.

Can Macy’s Look Up My Receipt?

Even if you lost your receipt, it can be retrieved by Macy’s for up to two years after your purchase. The Store Colleague can find your purchase information from your account number, gift registry number, the credit card used at purchase, or your customer return label.

It’s also worth noting that you may have received an eReceipt to the email address on your Macy’s account or that you submitted when you checked out.

Do You Lose Macy’s Money If You Return?

According to the Macy’s Money policy, making a return may affect the total value of your Macy’s Money Reward Card or your refund amount.

The following information is from the Macy’s website;

“If a purchase used to accumulate Macy’s Money is returned, your return may result in a reduction of the value of your Macy’s Money Reward Card and/or a reduction of your total refund amount.

The remaining balance of your Macy’s Money Reward Card will reflect the Macy’s Money amount you qualify for after deducting the returned item(s) from your original purchase amount. See for more details.”

Can You Return Macy’s Online Purchases In-Store?

You can return online purchases to any Macy’s store or by sending them back through the mail, though the return process will be faster in-person.

How Long Do You Have To Return Macy's Shoes

Purchases bought in-store must be returned to a Macy’s store and can’t be shipped as an online order can. The good news is that any Macy’s store counts since it doesn’t matter if it’s the store the shoes were purchased at or not.

Can I Return An Item To A Different Macy’s Store?

Yes, you can return your shoes or other items to any Macy’s store regardless of which Macy’s you purchased them from.

Can I Return Macy’s Last Act After 30 Days?

Macy’s policy states that Last Act purchases must be returned within 30 days of their purchase. 

How Do I Return Shoes To Macy’s?

Returning shoes to Macy’s is straightforward and simple, whether you’re returning in-store or by mail.

How To Return Shoes To Macy’s (In-store)

You should be able to return shoes to Macy’s any time during regular hours.

Follow the steps below when returning your shoes to any Macy’s store.

  1. Bring the shoes in their original box with tags and any proof of purchase (receipt, original payment method, order number, etc.)
  2. Present everything at the customer service desk, where the Store Colleague or manager will look over the shoes and verify your purchase
  3. Receive a refund, exchange, or store credit if your return is accepted, otherwise, you may be able to discuss it with a manager directly

How To Return Shoes To Macy’s (Online)

Online returns are just as easy as in-stores ones, if not more convenient.

How Do I Return Shoes To Macy's

Here’s how to ship back your shoes to Macy’s and request a refund.

  1. Start your return on the Macy’s website (you will get a free return shipping label that will go on the packaging it came with)
  2. Find the order number that was emailed to you with your shipping confirmation (this number is different than the order number on the shipping invoice, which is attached to your package)
  3. Package up the shoes in their original box with the tags and anything else noted in Macy’s return instructions (and continue to seal up the shipping envelope it was delivered in with the new return label)
  4. Drop off the package at UPS or a Macy’s store (you can then track your return via the tracking number)

What Are Macy’s Return And Refund Processing Time Frames?

Every situation will be different and the process will depend on whether it’s an in-store or online return. Likewise, it will go much faster and easier if a paper copy is available.

The refund will be whatever form of payment was used at the time of purchase.

Refund Method General Refund Timeframe
Store credit Instant
Cash Instant
Credit or Debit Card Up to 7 days, depending on bank/credit company

What Is The Return Policy For Shoes At Macy’s?

Shoes in their original condition can be returned to Macy’s within 90 days of purchase. To be eligible for a full refund, they must be returned with the original tags and box, preferably with the receipt. Shoes can be returned to any Macy’s store or by mail if bought online.

Keep in mind that if your return is rejected or you’re not offered a full refund, you may be able to talk to a store manager or dispute it online.

Overall, Macy’s return policy is straightforward on their items, including their shoes.

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