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Lifetime Fitness is a great gym to check out, but it can also be expensive. If you’re already a Costco member, you can use it to save on a lot of things.

Some of the benefits are less obvious, such as discounts outside of the warehouse. Before you join Lifetime Fitness separately, consider if you should use your Costco card.

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Is There a Lifetime Fitness Costco Discount?

There’s not a Lifetime Fitness discount for Costco members. The bulk warehouse store has a partnership with 24 Hour Fitness if you want a gym discount. However, Lifetime Fitness has discounts for certain types of people, such as younger and older adults.

If you’d prefer to go to Lifetime Fitness over 24 Hour Fitness, consider those discounts. Then, you can save money and go to a gym you enjoy.

lifetime fitness discount

Lifetime Fitness Memberships

While you can’t use your Costco membership to save money at Lifetime Fitness, you have a few membership options to consider. Then, you may be able to save money in other ways.

Whether Lifetime is your closest gym or you like the service, consider how you can join. Unfortunately, you’ll need to look at your nearest club for pricing details.

Standard Membership

The Standard Membership gets you access to your nearest Lifetime Fitness location. You can get childcare for up to two and a half hours per day so that you can work out in peace.

This tier also comes with things like yoga classes and other special events. Of course, you can just use the gym equipment.

It also covers the virtual options, such as on-demand workouts and weight loss programs. So if you can’t make it to the gym, you’ll be able to stay active.

Ultimate Membership

The Ultimate Membership comes with everything the Standard tier offers. You’ll also get early access to reserve infant care at the gym as well as class reservations.

It comes with unlimited group training. Plus, you can spend as much time using the indoor tennis courts as you want.

This tier is best for people who use the gym a lot. It’s also nice for parents or people with less flexible schedules who want to take classes at a specific time.

indoor tennis lifetime fitness

Digital Membership

One easy way to save money at Lifetime Fitness is to get the Digital Membership. You don’t get to access any of the clubs, but you’ll get all of the virtual features.

Those include things like Apple Fitness+, on-demand classes, and livestream classes. You can even get discounts on nutritional products and equipment for your use.

It’s a great membership option if you’re on a tight budget. But it’s also nice if you don’t have time to go to the gym or if Lifetime Fitness is a bit too far from where you live.

26 and Under

If you’re 26 years old or younger, you can get the 26 and Under plan. This is an excellent choice for college students and recent graduates who might not have a ton of money.

Sadly, Lifetime Fitness doesn’t state what amenities this plan includes. The only thing they mention is that you get the most popular amenities.

lifetime fitness 65 plus

65 Plus Membership

On the other end of the spectrum, Lifetime Fitness has a 65 Plus Membership. You can use one club, and you’ll also get access to the digital features.

The membership is great if you plan on using the same location. Of course, it’s not ideal if you tend to travel often, such as to see your kids or grandkids since you can’t go in person to a second club.

One-Day Membership

If you want to give Lifetime Fitness a try, you can get a one-day membership. Then, you’ll be able to test out the equipment and classes.

This membership is much more affordable than the monthly rate. Of course, it can quickly get more expensive if you go more than a couple of days a month.

You should really only use it as a trial method. Once you decide you like Lifetime Fitness, choose a monthly tier that suits your needs.

Corporate Memberships

Another option is to ask your employer if they have a corporate membership with Lifetime Fitness. If so, that means the company will subsidize your membership.

If your job doesn’t offer a corporate membership, talk to your coworkers. You could get multiple people interested in the option, and you might be able to convince your boss to sign up.

That way, you can all save, and Lifetime Fitness will match your employer’s membership contribution. To help convince your employer, explain that a gym can help keep everyone healthier and more able to work.

lifetime fitness corporate account

Medicare Memberships

If you’re on Medicare, you can look at your coverage network. Some Lifetime Fitness locations accept Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans.

The gym has five membership providers that can help you pay for your gym. So if the 65 Plus plan is too expensive, Medicare might be right for you.

Of course, if you’re younger and on Medicare for health reasons, you can also use it to join. Then, you won’t need to pay as much.

Does Costco Have a Lifetime Fitness Discount?

Costco doesn’t have a Lifetime Fitness discount, but it does work with 24 Hour Fitness. If you specifically want to save at Lifetime Fitness, consider their membership options. Some plans help you save, such as through your employer or if you just need digital access. Then, you can stay fit without breaking the bank.

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