My Lyft Account Was Deactivated?

Whether you drive for Lyft as a side hustle or your main gig, having an active account is crucial. So if you find your account was deactivated, it can be devastating.

Consider why Lyft may have deactivated your account and what you should do next.

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Why Is My Lyft Driver Account Deactivated?

Lyft may deactivate your driver account if your license expired. If you drive a minor without a parent, the rideshare app can also deactivate your account. Other reasons include driving while intoxicated or breaking the law or other Lyft policies to keep drivers and riders safe.

Luckily, you can get your account back if you think the deactivation was a mistake. If your passenger account was deactivated, the issue may also be a mistake. However, it’s possible you violated Lyft policies.

Lyft Account Suspended

If you find your Lyft account is suspended, you may wonder if this is the same as full deactivation. Fortunately, the two are different, so one doesn’t mean the other will necessarily occur later on.

A deactivation happens when you violate Lyft policies or the law. Depending on the violation, you may be able to reactivate your account.

Meanwhile, a suspension is a bit less serious though it still matters. A suspension can happen if you cancel rides too frequently or if passengers have other poor experiences riding with you.

How to Reactivate a Deactivated Account

My Lyft Account Was Deactivated

If Lyft deactivates your account, you may be able to get it back. Getting an account back can be tough for both drivers and riders.

You should take the following steps to try and resolve the situation.

Contact Lyft Support

First, you can try contacting Lyft support to learn why the company deactivated your account. Go to the support page and scroll to find the button that says “Contact Us”. Next, you will want to click on “I can’t access my account”.

Select if you’re a driver or rider and click on “Profile and account settings” then “Can’t log in”. The next page will show you options including “Received ‘account disabled’ message”.

If you’re going through the driver route, you may see buttons like “My account was deactivated”. You will then see a list of potential reasons, and you can click on one that you think is the reason.

Review the Reasoning

After you look at the potential reasons for the deactivation, you need to figure out which is the culprit. For drivers, reasons for deactivation include low ratings, missing or outdated driver documents, or being in an accident.

If you’re a passenger, Lyft should have sent you a text when deactivating your account. You can click on the link in that message to verify your identity. Lyft can deactivate passengers when it suspects fraudulent activity.

You can contact Lyft if the company deactivated you but you don’t have a text message to help resolve the problem. Then, you can get the assistance you need.

Fix the Problem

In some cases, you can quickly and easily fix the problem to get your Lyft account back. As a driver, you may need to update your licenses, registration, and insurance. If you bought a new car, you’ll need to update that documentation.

After an accident, you have to submit photos of your vehicle and close-ups of the damage. You also must include the rider’s name and information. If the issue is something else, you can contact Lyft support for more details.

Riders who receive a notification and deactivation due to fraud will need to confirm their identity. Unfortunately, riders and drivers may not always be able to reactivate a Lyft account. If you broke the law or violated company policies, Lyft most likely won’t react to you.

Reasons Lyft Won't Reactivate an Account

Why Is My Lyft Account on Hold?

Along with deactivation and suspension, Lyft may place your account on hold. This can happen if a passenger reports a driver for a safety violation. The suspension will give Lyft time to investigate the claim.

If you’re the driver, do your best to comply with the process. Give as much information as necessary to help Lyft. This can help speed up the process, so you can get back to driving as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, Lyft may still end up deactivating your account. The best way to avoid this is to drive as safely as possible when you have passengers in the car. Then, you can keep Lyft from placing a hold on your account in the first place.

Reasons Lyft Won’t Reactivate an Account

In many cases, drivers and riders can get Lyft to reactivate their accounts. However, there are a few scenarios that result in permanent deactivation.

Drivers who drive drunk or who break other laws, such as speeding, will no longer be able to drive for Lyft. The company may also deactivate you if you drive a minor who doesn’t have a parent or guardian with them.

Discriminating against riders can also result in permanent deactivation. Too many complaints and low ratings can also cause Lyft to deactivate your account.

As a rider, Lyft may deactivate your account if you don’t follow company policies. If you drink in a vehicle, even as a passenger, the driver can report you to Lyft. Any dangerous activity, in general, can also cause Lyft to deactivate a passenger account.

Why Did Lyft Deactivate My Account?

Lyft may have deactivated your account for many reasons, from an expired license to a serious traffic violation. If you’re a rider, partaking in unsafe practices during a ride can also result in deactivation. Be sure to contact Lyft support to learn why you were deactivated and if you can do anything to resolve the issue.

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