Remove Lyft From Google Maps

Google Maps is used by millions of users each day. Unfortunately, some users run into errors and issues during their trips. One common problem is only being shown Lyft services instead of directions. Here’s how you can resolve these issues and return your Google Maps software back to normal. Why is Google Maps Only Showing … Read moreRemove Lyft From Google Maps

Lyft Driver Never Showed Up

Lyft provides passengers with a safe, affordable, and convenient way to travel. In some cases, Lyft drivers will run into emergencies or situations where they can’t arrive at the pickup location. Although these situations are to be expected, they leave passengers confused and frustrated. Here’s what you need to know if your Lyft driver didn’t … Read moreLyft Driver Never Showed Up

Do Lyft Drivers Get Tips?

Lyft allows passengers an easy way to get around town without a vehicle. Trips through Lyft can vary in price and sometimes be incredibly expensive. This can make it tempting not to leave a tip after a successful trip. However, tipping your Lyft driver helps their income and offsets costs from gas, vehicle maintenance, and … Read moreDo Lyft Drivers Get Tips?

Long Distance Lyft Rides

Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft have created convenience and accessibility for passengers across the nation. Most passengers are taking short to medium-length rides in their cities. However, what options do passengers have when they’re seeking long-distance trips? Is long-distance Lyft rides a viable option? Are They Worth It for Customers? Long-distance Lyft trips can … Read moreLong Distance Lyft Rides

No Lyft Bonus This Week

Lyft provides its drivers with incentives to ensure they’re working during peak hours. However, this has led drivers to only work when incentives are available. This has caused a rift in the Lyft community, causing frustration for drivers and passengers alike. Many drivers feel it isn’t worth it to work without a bonus or pay … Read moreNo Lyft Bonus This Week

Lyft Sticker Replacement

You’ll receive a Welcome Kit when you get approved to drive for Lyft. One of the items you receive is the Lyft Sticker or Emblem. The Lyft Emblem is required by law in some states, cities, and locations. This makes it troubling for drivers when they lose or misplace their Lyft Stickers. Here’s how to … Read moreLyft Sticker Replacement

Lyft Scheduled Pickup Disappeared

Lyft allows passengers to schedule trips seven days in advance. This is great for customers and drivers alike. Drivers get to pre-accept rides creating routine, schedule, and structure for themselves. However, some Lyft drivers have reported their scheduled pickups disappearing from the app. This experience can be greatly frustrating and confusing. So, what gives? Why … Read moreLyft Scheduled Pickup Disappeared

Lyft Long Distance Pickup

Lyft and other rideshare services create accessibility and convenience for passengers across the nation. However, some passengers can end up waiting excessive amounts of time for their driver to arrive. The long-distance pickups and pickup times don’t only affect the customer. Lyft drivers also receive negative impacts for long-distance pickups. Here’s what you need to … Read moreLyft Long Distance Pickup