Lyft Driver Never Showed Up

Lyft provides passengers with a safe, affordable, and convenient way to travel. In some cases, Lyft drivers will run into emergencies or situations where they can’t arrive at the pickup location.

Although these situations are to be expected, they leave passengers confused and frustrated. Here’s what you need to know if your Lyft driver didn’t show up at the pickup location.

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My Lyft Driver Never Showed Up?

Your Lyft driver might not have shown up to the pickup location for several reasons, including ride cancellations, they got lost, and emergencies. Thankfully, Lyft will not charge your account if your driver doesn’t show up. However, there are some cases where another passenger claimed your ride.

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Lyft Refunds Explained

Lyft won’t charge your account or payment method until you reach your drop-off location. This means you won’t be required to request a complete refund if your driver never arrives. Canceled Lyft trips are free if you hit the ‘edit ride’ button and cancel the trip within the given timeframe.

However, there is a cancellation fee if you cancel a ride within 5 minutes of the drop-off time or if the cancellation timeframe has ended. You’ll also receive a $2 charge if you cancel three rides or more in a timeframe of fifteen minutes.

You’ll also receive a no-show fee that compensates the drive if you’re not present for the pickup window. However, you won’t have to pay for the entire ride during these instances.

Types of Refunds Available

Lyft offers two types of refunds: cashback or account credits. Here are some more details about these types of rebates:

  • Cash Back: Cashback refunds are full fare refunds to the connected debit, credit, or prepaid cards that you used to pay for the trip. You could not use cash back refunds if you paid using Lyft Cash.
  • Account Lyft Credit: This type of refund applies the refund to your account, giving you account credit that you can apply on future trips.

Common Reasons Why Lyft Driver Never Showed Up

There are several different possibilities for why your Lyft driver never showed up. But here are some of the common reasons why your driver didn’t show up and why Lyft passengers seek refunds.

Lyft Driver Abandons the Trip

Sometimes, Lyft drivers will have to cancel a trip after approving it. Your Lyft driver might cancel a ride due to an emergency, or they might realize you’re too far away. In other cases, a driver might cancel a ride because they can’t contact the passenger via text or phone call.

Thankfully, you won’t have to pay any cancellation fees, and your card will not be charged if a Lyft driver cancels your trip.

No-Show Lyft Driver

Sometimes, a Lyft driver will not show up at the pickup location. Lyft will not bill your account for the trip, as you didn’t reach your dropoff location. Unfortunately, there are some cases where another individual might claim to be you and steal your ride.

If someone else claims your ride and Lyft bills your account, your best course of action is to consult customer support and request a refund under ‘unauthorized account charges’.

Your Lyft Driver Got Lost

In some cases, a Lyft driver can get lost or use a poor route that has delays. In some instances, Lyft will overcharge your account if your driver gets lost or uses unnecessary routes while dropping you off. This might occur with new drivers, but you can contact customer support and request a fare adjustment.

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How to Request a Refund

Here are some straightforward steps if you need to request a refund while using the Lyft app.

  1. Select the Lyft software and select the menu button. Locate the Ride History option. Scroll through the tab until you locate the ride you want to be reimbursed.
  2. Select this ride and scroll down to the end of the app. Locate and select the ‘Get Help’ button.
  3. You’ll be directed to another page where you can determine what you need assistance with.
  4. Select ‘Dispute the fare or charge.’
  5. Provide the details of your ride and why you need a cancellation. Submit the request and wait.

The method above is the most straightforward option to request a refund in the Lyft app. You can choose to submit a customer support ticket if you require further assistance. Customer support tickets work well for cancellation fees, toll charges, or damages and repairs. You can start the process by visiting the official Lyft website.

What to Do if a Lyft Driver Never Showed Up

In some cases, a Lyft driver will not show up at the pickup location. A Lyft driver might not show up due to ride cancellations, they got lost, emergencies, and more. Thankfully, Lyft will not charge your account if your driver doesn’t show up.

However, you can request a refund by using the ‘Get Help’ button within the Lyft app. From there, you can enter the details for your cancellation and refund. You’ll have to wait for your refund to be approved through Lyft customer service.

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    We had to call another Lyft and were delayed an hour after Tassew left us

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