Lyft Driver Service Flag

If you are new to working as a Lyft driver, you may be wondering just what a Lyft driver service flag means. If it is a bad thing, and if so, just how bad is it for you as a driver?

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The driver service flag is just one way that Lyft uses to gain feedback from its customers to rate its drivers. If you are wondering just what this kind of flag means for you as a driver, keep reading to find out.

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Lyft Driver Service Flag Meaning

The Lyft driver service flag is a form of negative feedback from a Lyft customer after you have given them their ride. There are no restrictions on these flags, they can mean anything and be left for any reason by the passenger.

This can be very frustrating for Lyft drivers as you have no way of knowing why you were left a flag. It looks bad and can leave you wondering just what went wrong or what you might have done.

One of the biggest complaints amongst Lyft drivers is the inability to see why the passenger left you a driver service flag. This makes it a complete mystery and gives you no opportunity to take on any helpful feedback.

This is not the best arrangement as it leaves drivers in the dark and doesn’t allow them to adapt to suit the needs of the passenger. It can also make being a Lyft driver very disheartening, as you do not know why you are getting negative feedback.

These flags can be left for any reason that the passenger deems important. It could be due to a messy car, loud music, strange smell, or any other reason.

Number Service Flags You Can Have

There are no set amount of service flags that a driver can get before being deactivated, as a rule of thumb, it is best to keep a good star rating. If your rating slips under 4.8, you will need to try to raise your approval score.

That, as well as consistently poor ratings and service flags, will get Lyft’s attention and make you look like a bad driver. This can be bad for you and even end up in your account being deactivated.

Lyft drivers should do their best to keep their rating at 5 stars just to be safe and stay in Lyft’s good graces. However, this is not always possible, especially with negative feedback that you have no way of seeing.

It can be very frustrating as a Lyft driver to be getting service flags but not know why you are getting them. This is one of the most common complaints and concerns amongst Lyft drivers.

Many 5 star drivers have also had issues getting service flags and not knowing why.

Lyft passengers have 24 hours to leave their feedback, if they don’t, Lyft will automatically give the driver a 5-star rating. You can also rate the passenger if you have any criticism or thoughts as to their behavior.

Service Flag Get Your Lyft Account Deactivated


Lyft will not automatically deactivate any driver’s account just for receiving a driver service flag. Lyft understands that these things happen, and some passengers tend to nit-pick at issues that aren’t really a big deal.

That being said, it will deactivate your account if you regularly receive service flags, as this is not a good sign for you as a driver. It will also deactivate you if your rating drops too low or lingers under 4.8.

That is why it is so important to try to keep your passengers happy. There are some who will not be pleased, but you can try your best to be a pleasant and dependable Lyft driver.

If you believe that a rating is unfair, you can also report this to Lyft to see if it can be excluded from your ratings. This can help to keep unfair ratings from negative;y affecting your ability to work for Lyft.

Just keep in mind that Lyft won’t always exclude these ratings if it finds them to have any kind of grounds.

Many Drivers Do Not Like This Rating System

The Lyft driver service flag is a form of negative feedback that a Lyft passenger can leave with a driver. It is hidden from the driver so that you cannot see what the criticism was about.

Lyft Driver Service Flag

These flags can be left for any reason at all, whether it be about something in or out of your control. This is the reason why so many drivers do not like this rating system and find it to be unfair.

Some Lyft passengers just won’t be pleased, which can negatively impact a driver’s overall score. Putting them at risk of being deactivated as a driver if their score goes too far below a 5-star rating.

Drivers can report a rating as unfair to Lift in the hope of getting it excluded from their rating, but that doesn’t always work. It can also be frustrating for drivers to not be able to see why they are getting negative feedback.

Overall, many Lyft drivers believe that there should be a way for them to see why they got a service flag. Seeing the criticism could help them to improve or give them the ability to report the rating as unfair.

This is one of the biggest issues that drivers have with Lyft’s system, as it can often work against them. Putting their account at risk of being deactivated unfairly and without warning.

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5 thoughts on “Lyft Driver Service Flag”

  1. I dont think it’s right to not know what the service flag is for, you could be following the rules and the rider wants you to do something that is incorrect and you refuse to do so

  2. My driver rating has been a perfect 5 since I began driving back in 2016. I looked today because it dropped to 4.99 and I wondered why. Then I saw 2 service flags. I’m fairly certain when one came from; a person who I had to contact support over because they put in a bad address and demanded I take them to their actual destination and they refused to change the destination on the app. I’m pretty sure they were just trying to get a free ride. I sat in the middle of the road, on the pin where the ride was to end. She finally updated the trip with the correct address. I’m certain she was just looking for a free ride. But that should NOT be counted against me!

  3. I’ve been a lyft driver for nearly a year and I’m getting tired of going above and beyond yet getting a service flag. I am NOT going to make my car a perfect ten cleaning and get service flag for who knows what reason. And last time, after speaking to a lyft representative I was told it’d be off in a week and wasn’t for a month. We should be able to know what we’ve done to get that service flag, or how can we correct it?!

    I have never had service flags till recently and when the lyft rep tells me “oh its no big deal what they said”, to me, it is because I strive for as perfect of ride as possible.

    Lyft, yall need to change this cuz deactivating us for stuff we can’t know what it is to fix it is wrongful termination for deactivating us for something we can’t control to fix at all. We aren’t mind readers after all.

  4. People are so sneaky! Never trust the ones that are sitting quietly in the backseat. They’re looking for anything. Bunch of Moochers!

  5. I’ve been driving with Lyft and I try my best to make every passenger and comfortable as possible I have a 5 start rating and I look up and it went down due to service flag idk what I did I keep a clean car I drive safe and I always ask passengers “if there is anything I can do to make you more comfortable let me know” i would like to know what the service flag was for so I can do better and fix the problem is there was one I don’t think is fair one service flag can drop your ratings and you don’t even know why it’s like you can get kicked off Lyft for a service flag and you don’t know why

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