No Couriers Nearby Uber Eats Meaning

If you are new to ordering on Uber Eats, you may be wondering what the no couriers nearby notification means. This can be frustrating to get, especially if you are waiting for your order to be accepted.

This is a pretty common notification that you may get from Uber Eats and it could be caused by a few things. Here is everything that you need to know about this kind of problem on Uber Eats.

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What Does Uber Eats No Couriers Mean?

Uber Eats will say that it has no couriers nearby when there are no drivers to take your order. Or it could mean that no drivers wanted to accept your order for some reason.

This can happen if your order is too small, far away, or has a small tip.

These are the two reasons why you might get a notification saying that there are no couriers nearby. The most common reason for this, is that no drivers wanted to take your order.

This can happen if your order is from a restaurant far away from you, drivers generally like to take orders that don’t require much driving time. It could also mean that your tip wasn’t high enough.

Uber Eats drivers rely heavily on tips to help out their weekly income, so many will automatically decline orders with low tips or no tips. That is why you should try to tip at least 15% to 20% of your total bill.

If that is not the case, Uber Eats may not have enough delivery drivers working at the moment, resulting in shortages. This often happens in large cities where food delivery services are used more commonly.

This can also happen around lunch and dinner time as they are the busiest times of the day for food delivery services.

What is the Best Time to Order from Uber Eats?

No Couriers Nearby Uber Eats Meaning

If you want to make sure that your Uber Eats order gets picked up by an available driver, you should avoid the busiest times of the day. Not only are busy times of the day overcrowded with orders, but there is also traffic to contend with as well.

It is best to avoid lunch and dinner time since that is when the most food orders are made. Unless your order is very fast or has a high tip, it will most likely fall through the cracks during those busy times.

The best times to order would be in the morning when fewer people are placing orders or a few hours after lunch. You could also try to order a few hours after dinner, but it still may be busy as some people eat later.

Breakfast time and after lunch is generally the slowest times of the day to order, making your order more of a priority. These are the ideal times to make an Uber Eats order if you want it picked up and picked up quickly.

When Is The Worst Time to Order Uber Eats?

By far, the worst times that you could order from Uber Eats is right in the middle of lunch or dinner time. This would include 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

These are just general references, of course, as everyone may eat at different times, making the rush time different. But these are generally times of the day to hold off on making an Uber Eats order.

If you order during these times, you may not get your order picked up as drivers are usually already taking other orders as they come in.

This isn’t a good time to order unless you are able to get your order in quickly as a priority order.

Will Uber Eats Cancel My Order If No One Accepts It?

Uber Eats will cancel any order if no river accepts it or there are no drivers available. If this happens, this is when you will get a no courier nearby notification.

They will cancel your order within the hour if no driver has taken your order yet. You will be refunded, and you can either not order again or try to order a second time.

You can always try to order during a less busy time of the day, or you can add a bigger tip to temp more delivery drivers.

Can I Pick Up My Own Order?

You can actually pick up your own Uber Eats order if you want to, the Uber eats app has that option available.

If no one is picking up your order or if you just want to pick it up yourself, it is very simple to do. You will need to get into the Uber Eats app and go to your orders. You can go to the settings and change the order from delivery to pick up.

Once you do that, you can go and pick up your own Uber eats order whenever you like. The delivery fee will also be taken off of your order since you are the one going to get it.

This may not be the ideal option that you are wanting when you order from Uber Eats, but it can be a good solution. If no one picks up your order, this is a good way of still being able to get your food.

Plus, it makes your order cheaper as you no longer have to pay the delivery fee or a tip for the driver.

What Does Uber Eats Mean When It Says No Couriers Nearby?

If you get a no couriers nearby notification from Uber eats, it means that no drivers were available to pick up your order. That or no delivery drivers wanted to accept your order.

Uber eats does not force drivers to take on certain orders, that is entirely up to them. This means that sometimes orders can fall through the cracks if no driver wants to take them.

The most common reason for this is that the tip is not very good. Uber Eats driver depend heavily on tips to boost their daily earnings, so many will decline any order without a tip or with a small one.

Some drivers also decline orders that are small, as they have a lower payout than bigger orders. Even orders that require more driving time can be declined by the delivery drivers. This is because it is often more profitable for them to accept orders that are close by.

There are many reasons why delivery drivers may not accept your order, as well as the fact that they just might be too busy. If you order during the lunch and dinner rush, there just might not be enough delivery drivers.

Even holidays can become extra busy and crowded with Uber Eats orders, making it so that some orders cannot get picked up. You can try to avoid this problem by ordering during less busy times of the day as well as avoiding holidays altogether.

Tipping generously is also a great way to get your order picked up every time if there are any drivers available. Uber Eats is not expensive.

This can be a frustrating issue to have, but it does happen sometimes and you can’t always fix it. Sometimes the best option is to simply pick up your order yourself if no one else will.

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