Publix vs. Whole Foods

When choosing your primary grocery store, you may consider Publix and Whole Foods. The two stores are quite different, which could help you choose.

Be sure to consider which store might meet your needs better. Then, you’ll have a better time shopping for groceries.

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How Do Publix and Whole Foods Compare?

Publix is a regional grocery chain with prices for the average American. Whole Foods is nationwide, but it costs more due to organic ingredients and other benefits. Both grocery stores are great for certain people, and some shoppers may not want to choose one or the other.

Before you decide where to get groceries, consider the details of each store. That might help you narrow your search for the perfect store.

Store Brand Pricing

One of the most important factors in buying groceries is the total cost. Publix and Whole Foods have their store brands that you’ll only find at their respective stores. It may not surprise you to learn that Publix has lower prices on almost everything.

Whole Foods sells a lot of organic items, which can increase the price. They also have other specialized foods that many grocery stores don’t carry. From canned goods to produce to meat, you’ll need to pay more when shopping at Whole Foods.

However, that can be worth it if you care about the quality of your food. It’s also useful if you’re on a strict diet that can be hard to follow at other grocery chains.

Publix vs. Whole Foods

Number of Products

You can find around 30,000 different products at Publix and Whole Foods. However, the variety of products will depend on the store.

Publix carries more standard products that you’ll find at other grocery stores. You can buy common brands of dairy, bread, and snacks. On the other hand, Whole Foods tends to carry organic and other healthy brands.

So while both stores may have the same number of products, it’s not quite even. Visit both stores if you can to see which one has more of the brands you like.

Product Recalls

Some people care a lot about product quality and are willing to pay for it. While both stores haven’t had a ton of recalls, you should know the numbers. That way, you can determine which one is generally safer.

Publix has had to recall 14 food and beverage items. They’ve also recalled one item from the animal and vet section. However, Whole Foods has only had to recall two items, both from the food and beverage department.

Since both sell the same number of products, that means Publix has had over seven times as many recalls as Whole Foods. While 15 total recalls is still low, it’s worth keeping in mind if you want to ensure you get the best possible products for you and your family.


Publix has over 1,300 locations, which is pretty respectable. You’ll find stores throughout the southeast, from Alabama to Florida to North Carolina. Most of the stores are in Florida, with more than 850 locations.

You can shop at over 500 Whole Foods locations in 44 states and territories. The store is available in all of the same states as Publix, but it may not be in your city. For example, Florida has just over 30 Whole Foods locations.

Of course, if you live near both, you get to choose where to shop. However, for most Americans, the location will be the biggest determining factor in which store to use.

Is Publix Better Than Whole Foods

Rewards Programs

Publix offers the free rewards program Club Publix. You can join to get deals on your birthday and throughout the year. For example, you can pay for groceries using the Publix app so that you don’t have to bring cash or cards.

There are also weekly ad sneak peeks. That way, you can know ahead of time when to wait for something to come on sale before you buy it.

Whole Foods works with Amazon Prime to offer rewards, so you’ll need to join Prime. However, you get deals and free delivery on groceries. You can also use the program to save when you want to shop on Amazon.

Working There

Employees rate Publix and Whole Foods very similarly across the board. However, Whole Foods has a slight edge of a few points in most categories. That includes things like culture, diversity, and CEO approval.

On the other hand, Publix has a 14-point lead when it comes to benefits and perks. So you should consider what you prefer before you apply to both places. They can each be a good place to work.

Of course, it may also depend on the specific location and the management. Don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions about the environment if you get an interview at either or both stores.

How Do Publix and Whole Foods Compare

Shopping At Both

You can shop at both Publix and Whole Foods if you live near the stores. Whole Foods is better for organic ingredients and other health foods.

However, Publix is better for more of your everyday shopping needs. Be sure to join both rewards programs to save even more money on your groceries.

Is Publix Better Than Whole Foods?

Publix is usually better than Whole Foods because it’s cheaper. However, Whole Foods is in more states, so it might be your only option between the two. Be sure to look at your grocery list and budget to determine which store will meet your needs for your next shopping trip.

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