Walmart vs. HEB

Walmart and HEB are two well-known affordable places to shop for groceries. But they’re also quite different, so you might find one is better than the other.

If you live in Texas (home to both stores), you should compare the shops. That way, you can make the most of your grocery budget.

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Is Walmart Cheaper Than HEB?

Walmart is generally cheaper than HEB. The store brand products cost less, and there are also far more Walmart locations. However, HEB is a household name for many, and the higher prices can be worth it, especially if you live closer to an HEB than a Walmart.

Be sure to compare the two grocery chains. The details reveal the choice isn’t always as black and white as you expect.

Store Brand Pricing

The first thing you should consider is the cost of basic items from each chain’s house brand. You might prefer brand name items, but those don’t tend to vary between stores. So comparing the Walmart and HEB brands is a better gauge of the pricing.

Walmart prices tend to be lower across all categories, from dairy to frozen foods to beverages. But the difference in price varies between items. Some are only a few cents cheaper, while others are half the cost of what you’d pay at HEB.

To determine how much you could save, check out both stores. Then, you can determine what your grocery bill would look like at each chain.

Walmart vs. HEB

Number of Products

Another thing to compare is how many products you’ll find at the stores. It probably doesn’t surprise you to learn Walmart has more. After all, it carries department store items, while HEB mainly sells groceries.

Still, the difference is insane because HEB sells around 17,000 products. On the other hand, Walmart carries roughly 120,000 items. That’s about seven times as many products.

Even the Walmart Neighborhood Markets carry around 29,000 items. Those are smaller stores that focus on groceries. No matter where you shop, Walmart will have a broader variety of choices, but HEB may have brands that you prefer, so it’s not always the worst choice.

Product Recalls

Along with the number of products, you should look at the number of recalls. This number can tell you how risky it is to buy products from a specific company, especially if the number or ratio of products recalled vs. total products is high.

HEB has recalled 22 products. Twenty of those are food and beverage items, while there’s one each from the animal and vet section and the cosmetics section. Walmart has recalled 29 items, 21 from food and beverage, two from animal and vet, and six from drugs.

It may seem like Walmart is worse, but the percentage of products facing recalls is 0.02%, whereas 0.12% of HEB products have had recalls. That’s six times higher despite HEB being much smaller.


You’ll find 10,585 Walmart locations across the world in 46 countries. There are 4,735 locations in the United States. That includes all 50 states and Washington DC.

However, you’ll only find 340 HEB stores, all of which are in Texas. If you live in that state, you can shop at HEB or Walmart.

Otherwise, you’ll have to choose Walmart from these two options. Walmart is also better if you like to travel internationally.

Is Walmart Cheaper Than HEB

Rewards Programs

Another factor that can help you choose a good grocery store is the rewards programs. At Walmart, you can join Walmart+ to save money online and in stores. The program is free, and you can use the app to track your progress toward earning money or discounts.

There’s also a Walmart credit card where you get 5% cashback on your purchases. If you like to pay with a card, this is an excellent option. You’ll even earn 1% back when you shop at other retailers that accept Mastercard.

HEB also has a rewards program that’s free to join. You can shop online and get digital coupons to save money on your groceries. You’ll collect points with each purchase that can help you earn rewards and other benefits.

Working There

Maybe you’re more interested in getting a new job. Walmart and HEB can both be decent places to work, but there are differences. This is one area where HEB tends to shine above Walmart.

The smaller chain has a higher CEO approval rating, and employees are more satisfied with their salaries and hourly rates. Many of the roles pay about the same, though each store pays more for different roles.

Of course, you’ll also find more jobs available at Walmart at a given time. Be sure you apply to both stores and come up with questions for the managers. Then, you can determine where you’d prefer to work.

Shopping at Both Walmart and HEB

If you live in Texas, you can shop at both Walmart and HEB. You might get your groceries from HEB but shop at Walmart for other items that HEB doesn’t sell.

Can You Shop at Both Walmart and HEB

Be sure to join the rewards programs at both. And use your Walmart card at HEB to maximize your savings and rewards.

How Do Walmart and HEB Compare?

Walmart and HEB both offer great prices on groceries. However, Walmart is much larger and has more products and locations. If you’re looking for a job, though, HEB is probably the better store to apply to. Be sure you compare both options for yourself to choose which you prefer.

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