Return Stolen Items to Walmart

You may be wondering what you should do if you have stolen items that came from Walmart, can you return them to the store? This is a good question as you may find yourself needing to find a solution to this mess, whether you stole something or not.

Some people try to get around this by returning stolen items to make up for the issue. Though this doesn’t always work out in your favor depending on the items and the situation.

Keep reading to find out whether or not you can return stolen items to Walmart.

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Can I Return Stolen Items to Walmart?

You can return stolen items to Walmart, but this does not mean that you will get off the hook for stealing the items in the first place. Returning stolen items does not eliminate the crime, and Walmart still has the right to report the theft.

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There are some rare instances where you may have accidentally taken items that you did not pay for. This could happen if the cashier didn’t fully scan an item or if you left the store with items in your cart unpaid for.

There are a few things that you could do if this was all an accident:

  • Call Walmart support
  • Talk to a Walmart manager
  • Talk to someone at the Walmart return desk

If you have a good explanation, you may be let off the hook. If you purposefully stole an item and later felt bad and returned it, Walmart may not be so easy on you.

Whether you return stolen items or not, you have still committed theft. This is something that stores cannot tolerate as it is an immediate threat to their success.

Many would recommend simply holding on to the items and never stealing again to avoid getting into trouble. You will have to decide for yourself what the best course of action is.

Can Walmart Tell if Returned Items Are Stolen Items?

Though many people believe that Walmart cannot tell if returned items are stolen, it actually can. That is why an ID or receipt is required when making returns to Walmart.

Walmart does this because it can’t have anyone walking in to return items, especially since this could be taken advantage of. It would be too easy for people to steal things and return them in order to get cash.

To return a Walmart item, you must have a receipt for that item or a valid ID that will show that you made that purchase. If neither is adding up, this will show Walmart that you didn’t actually buy that item.

If that happens, you could find yourself in a world of trouble as you will start to look very suspicious. It is not worth the risk since Walmart has updated its returning policy.

Some Walmarts won’t even do returns if there is no receipt for the item, even if you give them your ID.

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What Happens If I Return Stolen Walmart Items?

If you return stolen Walmart items, you may be let off the hook if you were the one who stole them. Though this is not always the case, returning the items does not make you any less guilty of the crime.

Walmart still has every right to report the theft and press charges for the theft. This is because at the end of the day, showing remorse doesn’t really matter if the crime was still committed.

You could still face charges or even some jail time if Walmart presses charges against you. This will most likely have to do with the item that you stole. Walmart may be more heavy-handed for higher-value items.

This is why it just isn’t worth stealing items, even if you later feel bad about it. You could easily end up in a world of trouble for this mistake.

Can Stolen Items be Returned to Walmart?

You can try to return stolen items to Walmart, but Walmart will be able to identify stolen items quickly. You have to have a recipe or ID, and if you have neither, this will show that you didn’t make that purchase.

This could easily backfire on you and result in Walmart pressing charges. Even if you feel remorse and return stolen items because of that, Walmart can still report the theft and take legal action against you.

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