Amazon Return Without Original Packaging

If you have ever wanted to make an Amazon return, you may have realized that you didn’t keep the original packaging.

Does this mean that Amazon won’t accept your return? Or will it give you a partial refund because of this problem?

These are all commonly asked questions, as customers often need to remember to hold onto their Amazon packaging. This is bound to happen at some point, leaving shoppers to wonder if they can still make their Amazon return regardless.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Amazon will accept your return if it isn’t in the original packaging.

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Returns Without the Original Packaging

Amazon is known for its exceptional return policy, which makes handling things like Amazon returns easy. One of these things is that you do not have to return your Amazon package in its original packaging for it to be accepted.

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This is something that many Amazon customers worry about as they believe Amazon won’t refund them otherwise.

  • Amazon does state to bring packages in their original packaging, but this rule is not set in stone.
  • Amazon is aware that only some people are going to keep its original packaging.
  • You may plan to keep your order and throw the box or envelope away without a second thought.

Then later, realize you don’t like the product you bought or have found a better option elsewhere. What do you do then? You need the original packaging to make your Amazon return.

Original Packaging Is Not A Requirement

Though Amazon does prefer that customers make their returns in the original packaging, this is not a requirement. Some people believe they won’t get a full refund, but that doesn’t seem to be true.

As long as the packaging keeps the item safe and it hasn’t been damaged from poor packing, you will still receive your refund.

Amazon Return Packaging Requirements

Since you do not have to return an Amazon package in the original packaging, you may wonder if it must be packed. While Amazon doesn’t have any guidelines for this, it is considered best to bring some packaging.

This could be all kinds of packaging, including:

  • Boxes
  • Envelopes
  • Bags
  • Packing tubes

It is best to find something that fits the item well and can be used to transport it safely. Some places that accept Amazon returns may be more strict and require certain kinds of packaging.

You can always call ahead to ask about this, but it can usually be avoided by picking good packaging alternatives. Boxes are the most common as most items are shipped in boxes.

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How Long Do I Have to Make an Amazon Return?

Amazon returns a pretty generous time period for you to get your returns to a drop-off location. Like many online companies, Amazon asks that you mail the return within 30 days.

This time does not include the time it takes for the shipped item to get back to Amazon. The 30 days are for you so that you have plenty of time to get your packages to a drop-off point.

You Get The Refund Later

Remember that you won’t get your refund until you do this, so it is best to do it as soon as possible. If you are using a return code, you should get your refund that day within 30 minutes to a few hours.

If you use a return label, some items are immediately refunded, while others may wait until they get to Amazon. In the last few years, Amazon has shortened the time customers have to wait to get their refund.

This is ideal as many companies could take several weeks to give you your refund back.

Printing an Amazon Return Label

Having to print Amazon return labels used to be required for most packages to be returned. The good thing is that now, Amazon offers a better option called a return code.

This return code will be given to you once your return is finalized. It is one of the options that you can choose when creating the return. This allows you to skip printing out a return label to make the return.

All you have to do is show the return code when you drop off your Amazon package. The code will be scanned to let Amazon know that the return is in progress and that this is your item to return.

This way, the drop-off location will take care of the shipping and will create its return label.

Edit Amazon Return Details

If you have created an Amazon return because you didn’t want to keep an item you bought, this is usually final. You cannot edit a return that has already started, as everything is finalized once it is complete.

If you need to change a detail of your return, the best way to do this is to cancel the return and choose to return it. This erases your previous return, and you can create a new one without issue.

  • You may want to wait a day or two until the item is marked as not being returned before starting a new return.
  • You can start a new return for the same item to correct any details you wanted to before.

Or you could contact Amazon support to have them change your return details. This is a more complex option but can work if you wait longer.

I Received My Product Without Packaging

This is fine unless there was damage to the product upon receipt. Some sellers do not ship their products in boxes, but some do.

Contact the seller if you have any questions regarding the item’s condition, the packaging, or anything else.


If you want to return an Amazon package but don’t have the original packing anymore, you can still make your return. Thankfully, Amazon does not require that all packages come in their original packaging.

This is only sometimes possible if you have already thrown the packaging away or if it is badly damaged. Though Amazon says to bring it in the original packaging, this is optional and can be overlooked.

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