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If you are trying to eat better, salads might have become your go-to meal to keep up this healthy eating habit. After all, salads are made up of fresh ingredients and are light options that won’t weigh you down.

These are great options for anyone, whether you are trying to lose weight or want to eat more vegetables. Salads are easy to prepare and can be changed up to fit what you are craving that day.

The downside to salads, however, is that they do take time to prepare since they can be complex and should be made fresh. You can’t just meal prep a bunch of salad for the week because it will wilt and end up going bad before you eat it.

This means that you often have to prepare your salads daily if you want them to be fresh and tasty. This can be an issue for many people as they just can’t find the time to do this kind of meal prep so frequently.

That is where salad meal delivery comes in to save the day and lend you a hand. This is a great option to help you get in those leafy greens without all of the work.

Keep reading to find out what salad meal delivery options you should try out.

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1.  Urban Remedy

Urban Remedy is a meal delivery company that offers organic foods that are already prepared and ready to go. These ready-to-eat meals are delivered right to your door so that you can have fresh and healthy food to eat all week long.

Most of the Urban Remedy meals are composed of salads that are all unique and tasty with their own twist. This includes some popular options like the green goddess salad and a rainbow salad.

All of the Urban Remedy meals are vegan, but there are protein options that you can add as a side to your meal. This can help you to bulk it up and make your salad more filling and hearty.

You can also get other items from Urban Remedy, such as beverages, snacks, and breakfast options. All of the meal plans include food for up to twelve weeks, but you can add your own options on to that if you want a drink or snack as well.

All of the Urban Remedy meals are gluten-free, dairy-free, corn-free, peanut-free, and free of refined sugars and preservatives. Basically, anything that you would find in processed foods won’t be in any Urban Remedy meals.

All of the packaging is also 100% recycled, and you can recycle it once you are no longer using it. Though it is a bit pricey compared to other options as a salad is $12.99 usually but could be more depending on what kind it is.

2.  Inspired Go

Inspired Go is a healthy meal delivery service that is driven to provide its customers with the healthiest options available. These options are also ready to eat, so no cooking is required on your part, just grab and eat.

Salad Meal Delivery

Though Inspired Go has an assortment of menu options, it focuses its energy mainly on its salads. These salads can stay fresh for up to seven days with Inspired Go’s special packaging that keeps everything fresh and vibrant.

All Inspired Go food is also Canadian grown in a greenhouse that uses no pesticides. So you can rest easy knowing that your salads are clean and not tainted with harmful chemicals.

All of the salads come to you already assembled and chopped up so that you can eat them right away. Though it is also arranged so that you could easily remove certain items if you do not want to eat them.

Inspired Go also has breakfast options in the form of kits that you can order and prepare yourself. It has omelet kits that allow you to have a wholesome breakfast option that you can quickly whip up in your own kitchen.

The Inspired Go website is also set up so that it is easy to find what options you need when ordering. Such as dietary restrictions and calorie counts for each meal.

The Inspired Go salads start at $9.99, making them very affordable and comparable to other salad options.

3.  Thistle

Thistle is a meal delivery company that is known for offering some of the most delicious and healthiest options. The entire company is committed to supplying healthier options in a fast and easy way for its customers.

Urban Remedy

Most of the meals that Thistle sells are salads that come ready to be assembled with just a little prep work involved. Thought Thistle also sells some heat and eat meals that come fully prepared and ready to be warmed up.

You can also order juices, sides, and some breakfast options if you want the extra additions. All of the meals at Thistle are gluten-free and dairy-free, making them suitable for many different dietary preferences.

Most of the meals are entirely plant-based, with the exception of a few lean protein options. These can be added to a meal if you want a meat option but otherwise, everything will be vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Thistle also uses organic produce when possible to keep everything as healthy as it can. All of the meals are also carefully portioned out so that each meal is the right number of calories.

The meals start out at a price of $11.50 per serving, depending on what you are getting.

4.  Sunbasket

Sun Basket is a meal delivery service that specializes in meal kits instead of ready-to-eat meals. This allows you to have the recipe and ingredients that you need, but you prepare the food yourself.

Though Sunbasket specializes in meal kits, it does offer a small selection of ready-to-eat meals. This gives you the option to order both kinds of meals so that you have diversity throughout the week.

Though Sun Basket is not a company that makes only salads, it does provide plenty of tasty salad options. These usually involve a basic salad with some kind of cooked grain or protein to elevate it and make it more hearty.

Sunbasket gives you the options of eating vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free, pescatarian, and many other diets. This makes Sunbasket a great option for anyone with dietary or allergy restrictions.

Many of the salads will not be vegetarian as they do tend to have a source of meat protein. But you could possibly leave that off or find an option that doesn’t have meat added directly.

Sunbasket also has carb-conscious options to help you limit your carb intake in your meals. This is a great option for weight loss or if you are focusing more on eating lean protein.

You can also order extra options, such as soups, snacks, breakfast options, more protein, and whole grains. The meal plans are flexible, allowing you to pick the best option for you, and the price per serving starts at $10.99.

5.  Sakara

Sakara is an organic and healthy eating meal delivery service that focuses on fresh and balanced breaks. These options are nutritious and filled with healthy and fresh ingredients that center mostly on fresh produce.

You can find all kinds of salads here that are unique and fun, such as the rose and watermelon salad or the Middle Eastern bowl. It also has tags on the meals to help you know what is spicy and what contains nuts and possible allergens.

Sakara sources its produce from sustainable farms to help support more responsible eating. Everything on the menu is also created by trained chefs so that you get the best flavor and preparation.

There are two different meal plans, and you can add extras if you want to bulk up your order. The price starts at a sum of $239 per week that comes with three meals per day, which is reasonable when you think of the quality you are getting.

6.  Farmer’s Fridge

Farmer’s Fridge is a healthy eating meal delivery company that delivers fresh and ready-to-eat meals right to your home. This is a flexible company as you don’t have to have a subscription and can pick exactly what you want to order when you want to order it.

Everything is made from scratch and lasts for four to five days, even the salads stay fresh for this long. Though it offers several different healthy food options, Farmer’s Fridge has a lot of salads to choose from.

These are fun and flavorful concoctions that will completely change your opinion on how salads taste. It also sells bowls that are similar to salads, only they are heartier with more ingredients added to the mix.

Farmer’s Fridge also has a wide variety of healthy and handmade snacks. These aren’t your typical snacks, they are healthy and made from clean ingredients.

If you are looking for a healthy breakfast option, Farmer’s Fridge has those as well. It is very reasonably priced, with the average price per salad being $9.99, though some are as cheap as $6.99 per bowl or salad.

All of the meals are also clearly marked with how many calories they have to help you pick what’s best for your diet.

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