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If you are a ramen lover, you should consider getting a ramen subscription box to tempt your taste buds. This is a necessity for anyone who truly loves their ramen and likes to try out new flavors.

There are so many different kinds of ramen out there, but you would never know it by the options grocery stores have. These selections are incredibly limited and usually only include one to two different brands.

The world of ramen is much more expensive than that and includes all kinds of different brands and totally unique flavors. You don’t have to be limited to just beef or chicken ramen anymore, now you can try all kinds of ramen.

This is also a great way to stock up on ramen so that you never run out and have to run to the grocery store. Not only is ramen tasty, but it is also a very easy meal to whip up in a pinch.

Ramen can also be customized to suit your taste and to make it a healthier and more balanced meal. Many people do this by adding vegetables, a boiled egg, or by adding more meat or some tofu.

Keep reading to find out what ramen subscription boxes you need to try out.

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1.  Zenpop Ramen Pack

The Zenpop Ramen Pack is a fun box filled with ramen options that you can try out to see what you prefer. You get 7 full-sized ramen bowls in various flavors, with every pack being different each month.

These ramen bowls are authentic, unlike the kinds of ramen that you might find at your local grocery store. These include noodles that are authentic and take on a flavor of their own, such as udon, soba, and yakisoba noodles.

Each box of noodles has a theme so you can have an idea of what to expect each time you get a delivery. This is a monthly subscription that comes on the first of every month, like clockwork, until you cancel it.

It is entirely free for international shipping, and the box itself costs $31 a month. This may seem steep, but these are unique ramen options that would be hard to find elsewhere.

You may be able to order them online somewhere, but you would be expected to pay much more. Plus the excitement of receiving the box full of goodies each month is well worth the price.

2.  Umai Crate

The Umai Crate is another ramen noodle box that is a subscription-based company. This allows you to sign up to receive a box of unique ramen noodles on a monthly basis as a gift to yourself.

Ramen Subscription Box

You get 8 to 10 ramen noodles in each box, with every box being different, so you get to try new kinds of ramen each time. This allows you to experience new brands and different flavors that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to test out for yourself.

Most of these noodles are Japanese noodles, though ramen noodles are also included in each box. Along with these noodles, you also get bonus culinary items and instructions that have been translated into English.

This allows you to make the noodles exactly how they should be made with accurately translated details, ingredients, and instructions. You never know what kind of culinary items you may receive, which is part of the fun.

This box costs $30 a month, this being a pretty normal price for ramen subscription boxes that you can get online. Your box should be shipped out to you every month unless you decide to cancel your subscription.

3.  Exotic Noodles

Exotic Noodles is another subscription box that happens to be one of the most popular boxes. This subscription box delivers premium ramen as well as other noodles dishes that it thinks its customers might enjoy.

All of the noodles are unique and come in all kinds of flavors, many being from around the world. Unlike the other ramen noodle boxes, you have more options with an Exotic Noodles box.

This is because the company offers four subscription options to its customers. This includes a three-pack, four-pack, four bowl, or an eight deluxe pack of ramen noodle options.

Along with the noodle options for your box, you will get a pamphlet in English describing the products. This way, you know exactly what is in each box and what you should expect with each noodle dish.

Every noodle option that is sent is also taste-tested and picked out by a curator before it ever gets to you. This ensures that you won’t get any low-quality ramens that lack flavor or texture.

Each plan for an Exotic Noodles box can be between $14.81 to $36.33, which is very reasonable. As far as ramen boxes go, this is a high-quality box that is well worth the price.

4.  Ramen Hero

Ramen Hero is a meal kit subscription box that offers ramen options so that you can make it from scratch at home. This isn’t necessarily a ramen box, but it still provides the same thing if you are interested in learning how to make ramen.

This is a box for the true ramen lover who also wants rto learn how to make good ramen noodles. Ramen Hero ships you everything you need, and all you have to do is cook the noodles and combine everything.

There are all kinds of different ramen to choose from to suit your taste and what you are craving. You have the option of ordering boxes of ramen recipes or individual servings just to try out the many different options.

One unique feature about Ramen Hero is that it also offers vegan options, making it a great choice for any vegans or vegetarians. Most ramen is not vegan, so this could be a real treat.

When you receive fresh ingredients from Ramen Hero, you can also freeze these for later in order to keep them fresh. Most ramen kits are made up of dry goods, so this is easy to do if your kit comes with fresh ingredients that could go bad before you use them.

You can also know that each and every ramen kit is carefully created by real ramen chefs who know exactly what they are doing. So each recipe will taste original and have the perfect blend of flavors.

Each serving from Ramen Hero costs $17.49, which is one of the most expensive options in terms of ramen subscription boxes.

5.  World Ramens

World Ramens is a box that allows ramen lovers to experience all kinds of ramen noodle options from around the world. This includes some of the most popular and tasty instant noodles that you might otherwise not have access to.

Every box includes exactly eight gourmet packets of ramen noodles that have been hand-picked for each box. They are all taste-tested before being selected to ensure they are at the standards of World Ramens.

You also have the rare option of being able to pay monthly like usual or quarterly with a nice discount on the overall price. Each World Ramens box is valued to be over $60, though you will only have to pay $36.99, which is reasonable.

This is a delicious option for anyone looking to try new kinds of ramen but doesn’t know where to find the options. These noodles are of the highest quality and are guaranteed to be delicious and unique.

World Ramens focuses on bringing you interesting and hard-to-find options so that you stay interested in the delicious options in each box. This gives you something to look forward to every month.

The price for World Ramens boxes is a little higher than the other options, but you are paying for the high-quality standards.

6.  My Japan Box

My Japan Box offers all kinds of specialty subscription boxes for those who love all kinds of Japanese cuisines. This includes ramen boxes that are centered solely on delivering the best of the best ramen op[tions to your doorstep.

This box is filled with noodle options, from traditional interment ramen to ramen bowls and other noodle options. So this wouldn’t just be a good fit for ramen lovers, noodle lovers, in general, could appreciate this box.

Unlike many other subscription boxes, you are not restricted to having a monthly subscription with My Japan Box. You can order a one-time box to try out or have a monthly plan that also gives you a generous discount.

Each box that you receive will have five to seven different noodle options to choose from. This will depend on how valuable each noodle product is as some will cost more than others, making your box a bit bigger or smaller.

The noodle options for each box are constantly changing, so that you don’t have to worry about repeat products. This gives you plenty of options, so that you are always trying new brands and flavors.

Though you, can also reorder previous boxes if you like a specific selection and want to buy them again. A one-time ramen box will cost $29.99, or a monthly subscription box costs $25.99 with free shipping no matter where you are.

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